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Failed to complete home per contract, No deck as per contract and blueprints, cracked basement wall with leakage, stairwell not complete per prints, roof leaks, many moreSee Top 10 Worst Companies in Festus, MO.

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      Mar 25, 2011

    REf. : Mr. Rix, I am in total agreement with you. These guy's sell to you no matter what it takes. I am telling you as a contractor that did work for them.I t was a shame the way they take advantage of people. Both purchasing & contracting. They would have us bid the work, say that the customer couldn't afford it. Have us drop items from bid to lower cost, ( so that they could keep there%of mark up)then we do the job and the customer expecting the work to be done that they where promised. The contractors would have to eat it or just walk away. I dealt with M.H.(who was terminated) @ the Festus store and am looking for more customers & contractors who have same experience Please feel free to send me any info that mite help me expose this problem.rga573 @ yahoo dot com Thanks

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