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Official complaint 4 May 2017

Visited Keighley, West Yorkshire, store on 2 May 2017 to purchase a pair of shoes, asked the assistant about paying by cash and that I just needed to nip out to cash point, she went on to say to me cant you pay by card, I found myself explaining myself to her, when I turned and said I do not need to explain my finances to you. Most of the cash points were down that day, so I eventually found one and went back to the shop to find the shutter half down and assumed they were closing, I went on in to another shop, when your assistant rudely followed me and humiliated me in front of staff and customers in that shop, saying I was rude to her and that she had waited for me to return to the shop to get the shoes.
I reported this incident by telephone to your customer services, I was given a reference 002119758A and was told they would contact the Manager of the said store and the area manager and that they would get back to me.. I was contacted on 3 May by the same person to say she had spoke to the manager and that they would be dealing with the complaint internally, I asked about feedback and she said they didn't pass on my details and it would be dealt with internally, and indication that my complaint was not going to be followed up, I telephoned you customer services again on the 4 May and spoke with Ian, I asked about feedback and was told it was a mark against the store so it had been recorded, he went on to say if I wanted the shoes he would ring the said store to see if they still had them, and would I call in the shop and pick them up pay for them, whilst the manager is there on Saturday or Monday when the said assistant is not in the store, I was then told not to say anything to the Manager about the altercation as she would not know anything, another indication that nothing was to be done about my complaint, did he really think I was going to go in the said store pick up the shoes and pay for them after I had been insulted and humiliated by your store assistant, I would find it hard to ever go in that shop again. When making my complaint I asked if they wanted the name of the shop that I was followed in to and that the assistant there could vouch for what had been said by your member of staff, the reply was point blank, they don't need to know, yet another indication that my complaint was not going to be followed up, no apology, no nothing..I will be writing further to the ombudsmen, should I not get a satisfactory out come ...

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    Complaint made 4 May 2017, , , ,

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    Complaint from 4 May 2017
    Further to the information already given, I passed the said store today, I was told the said assistant would be spoken to by the manager regarding the altercation this weekend as she would not be in store until then, the assistant was there today...I was previously told not to speak with the manager as she would know nothing about it, then why had the complaints dept told me that the manager would be speaking to her, , I personaly think I am b eing told anything that suits the time I contact them..

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    Complaint made 4 May 2017

    Would like an answer, some feedeback to my complaint, why does it keep saying, was the above complaint useful... I need you to tell me what is going to be done about it...

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    4 May complaint about a staff member in keighley store.

    Does any one actually look at this site...

May 04, 2017

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