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In the last 3 years citi mortgage has been an absolute nightmare to deal with. In the last segment of the disaster to get a Home Modification approval we finally got a huge package to fill out and send back with a timeline of 4 days to complete. I did so and was very excited about the lowered payment and gathered every thing requested.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Perrysburg, OHAfter contacting the company Citi hired to handle this to see if everything is ok and if they need anything else I was told each time they need this, they need that, they did not get this... so and so forth. Stalling tactics. Only do I find out if I call. We never get any info unless we call. Hours upon hours spent on phone and nothing ever gets done. Then, the last straw came today, when I called citi they told me to disreguard the payment they agreeed on for us that is must be an error and our new payment will be such and such. About $700.00 more than the agreed amount THEY sent us. I am so devasted I cant function today. We need help from the GOv!!!

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  • Mi
      Aug 13, 2009

    its been a year now that I have been calling and trying programs for re modifiying my current home loan. I had the same experience. I complete the forms necessary as instructed, mail, fax and get no response until I hunt them down for an answer. Then the same thing happens, they say they need time to get back to me, are not clear if they received the paper work when I ask for a confirmation, months later get a denial letter. I wnet thru just about every program they rolled out, spoke with every tema they have, called all numbers and departments. I leanrned they pocketed all of our current and future tax dollars, the gov. loans or bailouts where not to help us, the primary home owner, and will only entend the help if your request is presented or represented legaly. This is done to retain the highest of the dollars and dispurse the least amount they can in order to stay afloat. I think the media should take my phone recordings and throw it back in their face for what they are doing to hard working and struggling american fathers like me and every other family or home owner out there going thru what they call hardship. I spoke with the HAT team for the HAM program, loss and litigation team, was assigned a councler without an extension, got the name Don Alexander but good luck getting in touch with the wiZard of Oz. I have sent in applications twice for hardship, given my hud for all the new tools as they roll them out for a over the phone approval, and get denied every request. They seem to find a excuse from any angle they can. I am up to 100+ pages of notes now, sent them everything but blood samples and sick to my sould as to what they are getting away with. The classic move & I know anyone who experiences this is going to get a chill down there back when I say this is "WAITING ON HOLD AFTER THE PHONE BLENDER & THEN THEY HANG UP ON YOU", THEM CALLING YOUR HOUSE TO SPEAK WITH YOU & HANGING UP ON YOU WHEN YOU ASK IF THEY CAN UPDATE YOU WITH YOUR CASE.

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  • Ms
      Dec 17, 2009

    I have been trying to get a modification since March 09. When working with them on my own they turned me down said I didn't have enough income. I got a HUD Counselor and 2 weeks after he contacted them I got my trial packet. It said pay this amount for 3 months then you are approved, well it's 6 months now and I get excuse after excuse. In November they said I don't have enough income, I corrected that, then they said they found something in my credit report, I confronted them on this and they said it was probably an error but the real reason is I need 9 months left on my unemployment, and they stated they want me to pay back all the money for the last 6 months ( the difference between the new and the old mortgage) but the letter they sent that said I was in default demanding payment did not even deduct what I had paid over the last 6 months.

    This week 12/14/2009 when I called to get an update THEY HUNG UP ON ME TOO?

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  • Pr
      Dec 23, 2009

    this is true .i provided citimortgage with all documentation 4 times certified mail and faxed -i kept track of it and they still say they never got it and sent me a letter stating help would be canceled under the hamp program if they did not receive, -i wrote my senator, congressman, attorney general and made complaints citimortgage.i kept the pressue on till i was too weak mentally to continue-these people are ###! i believe they do not want to participate in this it is costing them billions.there customer service (before their dropped calls, mistatements, and lies w/names ), were all carefully documented -i have a file of over 200 pages since my ordeal started-not until you hound the ### out of them -call them on their own mistakes, record and document everything do you even have less than half a chance to get loan mod completed that you qualify by law.everyone keep the pressure on complaincomplain complain to every government entity-most of complaints can be done on line.

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  • Kk
      Jan 13, 2010

    I can't even begin to say how frustrated I am. I have been in this process since February 2009! 2 programs...of course after I completed the first one they said this one is no longer active I had to start another one! I completed the second program in November '09 and finally receive my final modification letter today (1/13/10). And guess what they did for us! Our mortgage has been reduced by $227 per month and my principle balance is now $9100 more than when I started. I have 5 late payments on my credit report and the mortgage is still more than we can afford. I have done everything I was suppose to. Sent in documents multiple times, made every payment on time and it has gotten us nowhere but further in debt. I have no idea what to do now. Maybe if I would have done what people who don't give a crap do and just not pay my mortgage, save my money, live in my house for free and wait for them to kick me out We'd be better off now! Thanks!

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  • Pm
      Jan 15, 2010

    My husband lost his job 10-08 due to the economy. We were not late on our mortgage or any of our bills. We were being proactive in March 2009 when we applied for our Mortgage Modification. It has been a nightmare. I just got off the phone with them, after sendin documents by fax and mail six times, they are requesting them again! Our credit which was excellent has taken a dive even though we were assured in the beginning that our credit would not be effected. I am not sure what to do that this point. I know people that don't care about their credit that now has better credit scores than us. I am so upset.

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  • La
      Jan 29, 2010

    I have just received at least the fourth request to send documents to CitiMorgage. They are also asking for documents that do not even exist center as the tax records for 2009. I have tried to call there on several occasions and there is no answer. I also received a letter from CitiMorgage not the ham program, saying that I was in forbearance in foreclosure was eminent. I have made my monthly payments timely and I have done it a electronic flight so there is a document trail showing that. When I called them and they said all year in the modification program just disregard the letter there sent out by computers. I don't know who to call about this horrendous mess or whom to write. I don't know if the congresspeople or the secretary in Washington would do any good. I am just so frustrated and ticked off that consumers are getting shafted this way. If I was on Wall Street I could get a bonus for this ignorant behavior.

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  • La
      Mar 20, 2010

    i sympathize with all of posts. I began the ham (home assistance modification program) in May 09. After sending in every document, paying every bill, and calling repeatedly, I got absolutely nowhere. In fact, I ended up worse off than when i began the process.

    When I started, I was current on my payments. I had taken in a roommate to make ends meet. I had good credit and a tiny bit of savings in my account. Still, my job cut my pay and I had a super bad loan (10 years interest only @ nearly 7% interest rate).

    On March 15, I checked my account online. A message read "Your account is in the final stages of review. We expect to approve your modification in three business days." I phoned on March 19th and discover that my modification had been denied.

    The denial was rough enough. But, on top of that, I now 0we $20k for the reduced payments that I made while on the trial period, my credit score dropped more than 50 points and I have NO recourse. Plus, since I am still behind on payments and now have bad credit I can't even b e considered for a refinance with another company.

    On top of all of this, the Citimortgage rep that I spoke with recommended that I put my home on the market as a short sale.


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  • Mi
      Apr 07, 2010

    All of these Citimortgage HAM complaints are legit! I have been dealing with Citimortgage since the program began last year (over a year) and still have not been accepted. Just recently, they said that I was $5.00 over the limit and didn't qualify. After I got layed off from work and started to receive unemployment. ... they said that I still didn't qualify.

    Citimortgage is so dishonest to work with... I will not get another mortgage with them in the future!

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