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Amerisave MortgageRefinance

Similar experience to other reviews though am still hoping that I can work with them on a 2nd attempt. Basically excellent credit, quick turn-around on paperwork, then a massive wait of 3 months and loan never closed- though my choice. Initial terms included credits that covered most of the loan costs. Then processing delays, more paperwork and the final result was: charged a $500 fee upfront which almost starts to feel like theft; multiple credit pulls and payoff statements at $30 each; The revised terms & conditions came in DOUBLE of what they initially quoted. They claimed the fmac point change in Oct 2020 and something about the lock had raised costs, but this was at the end as the big surprise for the loan. I has asked multiple times about some of the changes during the process and only got fluff answers- it will work out, wait for the final paperwork, etc... Very very frustrating experience, no refinance, and customer bears the cost of their delays.

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    Dec 21, 2020

    Amerisave Mortgage — Refinance

    Via e-mail To whom it may concern: December 21, 2020 On October 20th I contacted Courtland Patterson with...

    Dec 08, 2020

    Amerisave Mortgage — Mortgage refinance

    I applied for a no cash out mortgage refinance on October 6, 2020 with Isiah Simpson. On November 24, I...


    Over 5 months for remortgage. Still not complete. Now have been trying to have my appraisal, that I paid for, transferred - this has been over a month. Promised call backs, messages, ect. Nothing. Filing complaint with bbb, and if necessary will get attorney involved.

    Worst customer service ever. Try getting thru to management, reception will do everything possible to avoid transferring calls. And when you finally get firm, have audacity to say if i'm rude she will not help. Seriously?

    Again loan process started in june. In october i'm still receiving requests for additional information. No accountability, no explanations, nothing.

    Changed companies. Now trying to obtain my appraisal. 3 weeks, still not completed, run around, not until I got firm & demanded to speak to management did they transfer me. But not to manager above last one who had been emailing me.

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      Amerisave MortgageMortgage

      After 5 months my loan still was not closed, and was now being asked for information regarding an 11 year old divorce.

      Stopped dealing with them, and found another company.

      Have been requesting my appraisal, which I paid, transferred to new company. I've called, emailed, my new loan officer has reached out... No response

      cannot get return calls, run around, ect...

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        Nov 20, 2020

        Amerisave Mortgage — Inability to contact co denied need for appraisal then after months have gone by they want one.

        I applied for a non cash out refinance months ago. I was told that because I had so much equity in my home it...

        Nov 13, 2020

        Amerisave Mortgage — Customer services department only

        You have the absolutely worst customer service department I have dealt with in the last 20 years! I did...

        Nov 06, 2020

        Amerisave Mortgage — Refi existing home

        I have been trying to refi on a house for 4 months. The employees do not contact you ever. If you do speak...

        Aug 07, 2020

        Amerisave Mortgage Corporation — Refinance - loss of application fee

        I was looking to refinance my home, Amerisave had pretty good numbers and was competitive. They charged my...

        Amerisave Mortgage CorporationUnpaid loan proceeds

        My loan funded on 7/14/20, portion of the proceeds were paid. 2 weeks later nearly $37k of the proceeds remains unpaid. Money to be paid to Bank of America to apply to credit cards. No response after several contacts with company, including email and voicemail contacts. Loan processor told me to contact loan originator, who was copied on that email. Also left email and voicemail for originator. Attempted to contact through "My Amerisave", also no response.

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          Amerisave Mortgage CorporationUnethical behavior

          I went through the application process and had the documents in place to finalize my refinancing my home loan. I was at work and unable to view the documents so I requested the closing costs from the agent. He notified me that the information was in the documents. I again asked for the closing cost information. He told me I was being stubborn and I had everything I needed. I responded that if this was the case then forget the loan. He then called me a spade and told me to do what I wanted. My request was simple and the agents reaction led me to believe that there was something to hide. I am very disappointed in this entire process.

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            Amerisave Mortgage CorporationRefinance

            First, there was a lot of screwing around on their part, Amerisave. Next, I was charged far too much in fees for a VA streamline. They dickered with the numbers so many times, I have no idea what they did in the end. Last, they sold the loan before I had made the first payment, which is common practice, but it is a practice that I am not fond of since they have just walked away with thousands of dollars in fees that should have been nothing. since they should have been getting the interest which is hundreds of thousands at the end of the day. Would not recommend, if you are a Veteran, then find 1st Rate Home Mortgage, they are rated top notch and Veteran owned. I wish I had found them several months ago. I learned an expensive lesson.

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              Jul 14, 2019

              Amerisave Mortgage Corporation — Mortgage loan

              Loan # 9340136, Started working with Rafael Sanchez, on May 31, 2019. We, jack and Beatrice Tullis, wanted to...

              Amerisave Mortgage CorporationHome mortgage

              I refinanced my loan which finally closed in November of 2017. I had at least three conversations with the loan officer about the PMI that showed up on my documentation. I was told over the phone and even have an email from him that states "Your loan is not allowed to change.  You finished with a loan without PMI, it’ll stay that way." My loan was immediately sold to another mortgage company and has since been sold again. This appears to be how they typically operate as the communication from them quickly stopped. Those involved should lose their license to sell and transact banking products. They appear to provide false information to a consumer with the knowledge that the loan will be immediately sold and that you can distance yourself from the transaction? My expectation is simple: Fix the loan at your cost and refund me for any PMI paid both past and future.

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                Amerisave Mortgage CorporationHow not to get a loan

                Let call this how not to get a home loan!!! We started the loan process with Amerisave Mortgage by securing a pre-approval followed up by a pre-qual and receiving a ready buyer certificate. This certificate states we had passed all requirements to get a loan, Preliminary doc has been submitted and reviewed along with credit worthiness.

                The process started with our first contact Jessica Gibson who appeared to be our blocker. The original GATE KEEPER! Her job was misinformation and deflection. Jessica submitted our package to UNDERWRITING 2 days after receiving the loan contract from our agent. This packet went to their underwriting department which consisted of a person called Randy who was always gone on personal days. When he was in office he only returned call infrequently.

                Randy sent us a list in the PORTAL of no less than 26 beginning items to collect and provide. We accomplished that task in 2 days. Randy continued to send list even though the list began to repeat it self. After notifying Jessica of the concern keeping in mind you could never speak directly to Randy, Jessica again was the blocker. Anoyed that we questioned his tactics he stepped up the reduclous by questioning us asking for letters stating why were actually planning to move. He then asked for a letter asking why I divorced 41 years ago, . I guess he ran out of legitimate question to stall with. 58 days and 78 docs later we still were in a holding pattern.

                The seller pulled out due to extreme delays. We lost our dream home and were in a holding pattern selling our home due again to delays. We switched to a reputable loan company who closed the loan in 18 day with a minimum of docs. We shared some of the list of request and emailed comments from Amerisave and his response was Discrimination. Our new loan agent who has been in business for more than 30 years stated were singled out and discriminated against based on age and race. He stated we should pursue it legally. Run do not walk away from this company!!!

                Leslie P

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                  Amerisave Mortgage CorporationRefinance loan & appraisal

                  We applied for a cash-out refinance loan through Amerisave Mortgage Corp. on 7/20/2016.
                  Credit score 826, debt to income ratio 25%, employed at same job 16.5 & 30+ yrs.
                  After MONTHS of extensions, errors, & incompetence, were denied 11/2/2016 for a Small Business (SBA) FEMA loan lien that was known by the lender from day one. We were NEVER told it may be an issue. Instead, they took our money & wasted our time; THEN told us what they knew & should have discussed before money was given. I believe they intentionally get low appraisals through their own NOVO Appraisal service, which is supposed to be a 3rd party company that has no link to the lender or the buyer, but is ACTUALLY OWNED by Amerisave.
                  On 7/22/16, we were asked day/times available for appraiser to come. On 7/24/16, I received a date/time that was obviously NOT one I had ok’d. Was told 7/25 I would be contacted 7/26 with time that fits my (very open) schedule, was not contacted until 7/28. Had appraisal done 8/8/16. Although lender claims report would be available 2 days, we didn’t get the report until 8/31/16. It came back WAY too low. He had numerous errors in it, did not add upgrades, got addresses, date & sqft wrong, used comps in other towns (I could go on). We obtained a dispute form late afternoon 8/31 & was told to get own comps, photos & be very detailed with discrepancies. I was then asked less than 29 hrs later - at 7:58 AM on 9/2 if I was finished. They asked for my dispute back in ONE DAY, but allowed the appraiser over THREE WEEKS to get his in. I filed dispute 9/2/16, in one day, I did research, comps, photos, etc. spoke with local realtors who said appraisal was way off & a bank lending officer told me they refuse to use that appraiser due to incompetence. It took them 25 days to respond - Dispute denied, 9/27/16
                  We continued to work with them since we were out credit report ($29), appraisal ($440), & two payoff statement fees ($60). Was assured everything looked fine & my rate lock was extended. Due to appraisal, we were sent new disclosure with all the wrong info. Requested corrections, waited for updates. Not once did anyone mention the SBA loan may be an issue. We were concerned so 10/28/16 I contacted SBA. SBA said lender should have provided paperwork for a subordination agreement & I was told we could not get a cash-out refi. I told lender what SBA said so we switched to standard refi. New disclosures came back completely wrong AGAIN; it looked like someone else’s income, debts, assets & liabilities.
                  Amerisave kept stringing this along, got money, & now after 3 months & 3 weeks, they claim they can't lend to us due to an issue that should have been a red flag in the very beginning – the SBA loan. I am out money, but that's not the worst part. Because of how long they took, the interest rates are way higher should we want to refinance elsewhere!
                  I have e-mails of all the errors, the apologies, the excuses. The communication & writing skills of the processor were that of 14 yr old.
                  A senior manager called & said they could go on with the loan if I paid $3, 800 off on the SBA loan, but their figures didn’t add up. I believe the company is a scam. The fact that they are allowed to use their own 3rd party company for appraisal & Title & Escrow should be against the law. They were sued in the past, & I think they are up to their old tricks again. (see link below)
                  DO NOT use Amerisave! DO NOT let anyone use NOVO Appraisal Services!

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                    Amerisave Mortgage CorporationRefi loan

                    What can I say that hasn't been said about this company already by the numerous reviews below.I started with a refi inquiry on Lending Tree and was immediately contacted by Salvador Ortiz.

                    He said he would run my credit report and see where we were at. After running the report, he said everything looked good and we could start the process by ordering an appraisal that I would have to pay for. He said that he didn't see anything that would prevent a fast approval. I'm at almost six months and it's been one excuse after another.

                    Oh we need this document or we are working as fast as we can. They know that they have my appraisal money and can string me along for as long as they want. They are hoping I get so fed up that I cancel so they can keep that money is what I'm assuming.

                    Run away from this company.

                    I've already filed a complaint with the BBB of Atlanta.I'm also going to write a letter to the Attorney General of Georgia about this rip off of a company.

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                      Amerisave Mortgage — Refinance/mortgage

                      SCAM!!! Buyer Beware! I have a 782 credit score, had $50, 000 in equity on my home and shouldn't have been a...


                      The complaint has been investigated and
                      resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                      Amerisave Loan — Loan

                      AmeriSave has the worst customer service correspondence. They say they strive to put their customer first but...

                      Amerisave Mortgage RefinanceWe received the &reason& for our loan denial. &shhh&... We weren't supposed to find out.

                      Same story as others... perfect credit over 800, mortgage loan request under 50% value of our home, appraisal completed and paid for, etc. We were told everything looked great (after weeks of providing additional documents.) But, when the closing date kept dragging out, our loan officer told us "something she wasn't allowed to share with us"... we didn't own the mining rights on our property. Not a big surprise because Alabama is an old Steel industry state, almost all surface rights ownership is separate from mining rights since the 1800's AND it's documented in our deed and current title policy. Amerisave should have communicated their policy to us immediately after receiving a copy of this information and saved us the cost of the home appraisal and weeks of this process. Amersave's policy is: they will not approve a loan unless the title company insures against damages resulting from a mining rights owner destroying your property. And, no title company will insure against that. Our home in a year old in a newly built subdivision; with businesses, homes and a mall surrounding the area. Our previous closing attorney called Amerisave to try and help explain the legal aspects of this and his words to me were "You can't fix stupidity, Amerisave doesn't understand this isn't an issue. Local laws would never allow damage to people's property." We will only be using local Mortgage companies in the future - dealing with Amerisave was a real pain.

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