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Complaints & Reviews

Resolved failure to release funds due

My feeling is they have the check you put the roof on because we put the roof on, and they have the money. We received an insurance check made out to me and CitiMortgage for loss of our roof. They have delayed and stone walled with paper work, many different answers, inspections, everything that happens requires 3-7 business days. They are in fact delaying payments because every day they have all this money is another day for them to collect interest from your money. AND THEY HAVE A JOB BECAUSE OF OUR TAXES. IT IS THE POOREST CUSTOMER SERVICE I HAVE EXPERIENCED IN 50 YEARS. WE HAVE PAYED FOR THE ROOF, AND THEY HAVE THE MONEY. NEXT TIME . . . WE WILL HAVE ANOTHER MORTGAGE COMPANY OR THEY MAKE THE NECESSARY REPAIRS -- THEIR BUSINESS PRACTICES CAN PUT YOU IN THE HOSPITAL.

  • So
    souce Jul 30, 2009

    Check out this free service


    they handle the checks and you don't have to call the mortgage company once!

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  • Mh
    M Howard Dec 09, 2009

    I have a similar problem with CityMortgage. I started my claim in July of 2009 and as of today, December 8, 2009 the contractor who roofed my house and the painting company who painted my house after a major hail storm have still not been paid. It is almost laughable because each time I call them they say that they need another paper which they say they do not have. These are papers I have already sent them, and of which I have a copy. They keep asking for small changes to be made and the papers sent again on the pages they do have.

    I feel sorry for my contractors because they have done the work expecting to get paid, and the mortgage company refuses to pay them. In this case, the mortgage company does not even need to send me money, just pay the contractor...yet they stall and delay.

    Very unfortunate situation! If there is an option out there to NOT use CityMortgage, I highly recommend you look there first.

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  • Ha
    HailinColorado Oct 02, 2011

    I received an insurance check made out to me and CitiMortgage for loss of my roof and other hail damage which occurred in July, 2011. They have delayed and stone walled with paper work, many different answers, inspections, outright lies, and everything that happens requires 3-7 business days. They are in fact delaying payments because every day they have all this money is another day for them to collect interest from your money. AND THEY HAVE A JOB BECAUSE OF OUR TAXES. IT IS THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I HAVE EXPERIENCED. I HAVE PAYED FOR THE ROOF AND OTHER REPAIRS, AND YET THEY REFUSE TO RELEASE THE MONEY. I had the same problem with them in 2009, and did not get a check for over 6 months. I am contacting my Senator and my Representative. I want to know which Federal agency has oversight on a company that the American Taxpayer had to bailout, and one which is an "International financial conglomerate" according to their own website.

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Resolved bad faith, holding my check hostage

These horrible, horrible, people! I can't possibly tell you what we've been through and there is NO help. They are holding my insurance check hostage. My repairs are going to be complete tomorrow morning and I haven't the money to pay the contractor! At least I had the money to get them started! What if I didn't??? They have played games with me now multiple times, delaying and telling lies. I send what they request and then there's always "something else". They never tell you the full story. NOW, they indicate that an inspector must come to our home (on THEIR own timeframe, of course... no rush!) to inspect our repairs and then write a report and then maybe a couple of weeks later... maybe, we'll get our check. BAD FAITH dealing! What if we didn't have any money to start our repairs? Then they'd never be done, I guess as Citimortgage apparently expect that you pay for your damages and then they'll torture you and toy with you until you have health issues. Dispicable. AND I'm in a hote right now!!! These people are cruel and horrible. Logic and compassion should enter the equation. No wonder their company is in the toilet.

  • Ja
    Jane J Mar 19, 2009

    My experience has been EXACTLY the same. In December I was required to forward my endorsed insurance check from damanges due to Hurricane Ike to them, which they have held since then. I have complied with every form, every requirement, and they have continued to either require additional documentation (the roofer's proposal then became a "signed" contract with both our signatures); they denied a signed form because I forgot to enter the date, then never bothered to inform me that the process had stopped because of that. I have kept a massive journal of the phone calls and supervisors I have spoken with. I was told that as soon as the inspection and repairs (all of which were completed weeks ago) were complete, the funds would be released, and that a check would be issued to both the roofing company and me to endorse, and I assume the remaining balance to me (I had already done the repairs with my own money, had their inspector verify that 95% of the work was complete, another requirement to release the funds), overnighted. As of last Friday (March 13) I was told that the claim was complete but that it would take 3-5 more working days to process (that's what they call overnight?), then sent out FedEx, meaning as early as yesterday, or as late as tomorrow. This morning, after calling to check on the progress, I am told that the claim was approved 3/13, sent to accounting in Maryland, cut on 3/17 and has to be sent back to the Ohio claims office for MORE approval, and hopefully FedExed then, and it could be next week before it is received. In my furor, I forgot to ask why they are only referencing ONE check. I asked the supervisor to please personally follow up to make sure it is not held up again, and she offered to call me as soon as it is overnighted. Big help. It's misleading, fraudulent and bordering on criminal. I have yet to have a conversation in which more delay, more processing, more forms, and more requirements are not the case. This is a HORRIBLE HORRIBLE company and I would like to be a part of any lawsuit or complaints to the FTC, for what it's worth.

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  • Ci
    citifedup Apr 02, 2009

    i can copy jane j's comments to the letter and be writing about my experience. i would also like to file a bad faith claim against crummymortgage. any help out there?

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  • Ji
    JIM LARUE May 19, 2009

    I live in Houston as well and I have been given no help from this group of SH*t bags. Prior to my claim check arriving I called and was told that they would only pay half out on the first draw. That did not cover the cost of the roof and as a contractor and inspector I put it on the back burner till I could get my company back together. When I did send them the check with a letter bagging for the total cost of the roof I was told that after completion of my roof that they would pay out the rest and we would be done... I later received a call from my insurance company telling me that they had tried to get the check cut directly to them.

    Today I was told that in five to seven day I could expect a call from the inspector to set up am appointment to look at my roof. I fund this over the top and asked to speak with a supervisor. I was told that I had only called in 5 times prior and that he did not feel I was receiving poor service. After reading others I can say he was right about that. They then told me that the job was not 95% complete and that the inspector would have to let then know what was done. Now for the good part… I can ask for an other exception for some more founds (maybe I will get the money? Maybe I will not). I pointed out that I paid for this insurance and after checking with the insurance company I was told there is no law requiring the check to be made out to both party’s
    I have had it with this company… I plan to file complaints with the BBB… and write the state about this... This is un-real.

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Resolved awful company

I have Citimortgage, but I pay my own property taxes and I have my own insurance company that I have been dealing with for years. I have never had an escrow account.

I have never had issues with my flood insurance until they decided in July 2008 to send me an insurance policy for excess flood insurance. I contacted my insurance company right away. I have a 30, 000 dollar mortgage, Citimortgage said that I did not have adequate flood insurance, they wanted me to raise my flood insurance 170, 000 more. I am now up to a total of 220, 000 in coverage.

Citimortgage created an escrow acct, which I am still trying to resolve since last year. They keep sending me letters threatening foreclosure if I do not pay on my escrow. This is all due to flood insurance and that the reps there cannot resolve any issues. I am re-routed to India, then they transfer me to someone else. My husband, my insurance company and myself have been on the phone with them constantly telling them that I have adequate insurance. We have faxed them policies, spoken to reps, they keep telling us that it has been corrected and the policy canceled, I will be receiving a confirmation letter. Guess what, I never receive it.

My most recent call was today and the rep says it will be resolved, my insurance company needs to re-fax the policy (the 10th time or more, I lost count). This has not been resolved, I will still be waiting.

This has caused such aggravation in my household that my children are beginning to feel it. They have started to hit our credit, they are charging late payments (which are not late), and we can't forget they are also charging to send an inspector to the home to see if it is vacant. There has to be something that we can do to stop this harrassment. It is not fair, everyone is feeling this not just the banks. Hopefully someone can read our letters and resolve these issues before they get worse and more families become homeless.. Thanks for reading.

  • Ra
    Randy drown Aug 05, 2009

    I also had problems with Citimortgage they returned checks to me saying that that account did not exsist so and that my named did not either so I would use my social security and that also came up non exsisting .For over a year I dealt with this problem I spoke to various of people on the phone and all from different states and none of them could get the problem solve I have been with this company for only four years and it has been nothing but problems I did not exsist for over a year and know all of a sudden they get a big chunk of change from the government and know I exsist and my house went into forclosure I have had medical problems I have a brain tumor and MY partner went through quadruple bypass surgery a couple of years ago, this problems with citimortygage do not help our physical problems we have a daughter who is 9years old she is seeing all the stress that we are going through someone needs to do something about this .

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  • Tg
    tgwgws Oct 15, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Citimortgage did the same thing to us. We pay our own taxes and insurance. We had $170, 000 in flood insurance on a house worth $125, 000 (by County tax appraisal) and a loan balance of $30, 000. They insisted we raise our insurance to $225, 000, but with two hurricanes in the Gulf, one right after the other, there was no way to increase insurance amount. Citimortgage took out a separate polity and is still trying to get us to pay the $72 in premiums. We have refused to pay the additional escrow amount each month, so they count our payment late each month and have threatened to return our payments until we pay the $72. The next thing will probably be an attempt to foreclose...

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  • Md
    mdvt Jan 26, 2010

    We have just joined the Citimortgage Flood insurance scam group (victims)...policy charges just quadrupled. Low loan balance (45, 000), no real problems for years with them, and bang! here they come with this.

    I've been reading now lots of accounts of very similar circumstances...but no mention of recourse taken, solutions found/made.

    Any advice to the best course to get these criminals off our backs? It's frightening, as it seems they're capable of doing a lot of damage.

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  • Ci
    Citimortgagefraud Mar 13, 2010

    Having the exact same problem with citimortgage. How do we get help?

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  • Be
    Beijing and Beyond Jun 07, 2010

    I am searching for a mortgage to turn my HEL into a fixed rate mortgage. I have looked @ BOA, BankAtlantic and Citibank. They all pretty much the same, but when I googled problems with each one of those banks, they ALL have compliants in the hundreds. Any suggestions?

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  • We
    Wellsville NY Jun 07, 2010

    I have my mortgage with Citi. It is not by Choice, my mortgage was bought by them. Well anyhow long story short, my flood insurance was at 52, 000 of coverage, the house is only assesed for 47, 500. This insurance has been inplaced since i purchased the house in 1994. Citi made me increase my flood insurance to 140, 000, which by far is way to much for flood insrance. The only thing that it covers is water clean up, and the furnace if it is in the basement, and it has to be documented that the river is what flood my home, it cannot be back up of ground water that caused it, which in the area that I live in is going to be what happens anyhow, the river is over 1/2 mile away, and will never back up to my house. But from the flood of 1972 FEMA came in and said that the property that I now own is in flood zone A. but my backdoor neighbor is not, they are in flood zone B and do not have to carry flood insurance. and that house is with in 50 feet of my house and the land is flat. I did call Senators office, and they said if I want to hire a survey crew and do the paper work with FEMA I could possible get my home removed from the flood zone. Like i really have the money to do that, not. I also did ask them if they have the right to set the amount of flood insurance on a home and they said that there really is not Federal law under FEMA that limits them to the min amount, but they can set there own guide lines for the amount that you must carry, up to 250, 000 is the max flood insurance that you can have. Now Citi has increased my mortgage to the point that my escrow account is 2 times what my actual morgtage payment is. My wife and I talked, and decided that we must either sell the house, or try to find a mortgage company with different guide lines for flood insurance. I cannot afford this much each month, the thing about it, is that citi does not even get any of that money for the flood insurance because the rates are set by FEMA and all of the money goes to them, because I got my extra insurance though my private insurance company. If anyone knows any federal laws or state laws for New York that can limit this from happening please post a blog here I will be checking back, and if I learn more I will post again

    Wellsville NY

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  • Pl
    plsallowguestpost Jun 24, 2010

    Wellsville, get your property off FEMA. It's not that expensive. You get a survey, send it into FEMA. they remove you. Here's a response from another forum:
    /URL removed/

    In case you haven't already, this issue does not get resolved unless you apply for this Letter of Map Amendment from FEMA. You have the biggest headache out of the way (the elevation certificate), so file this with FEMA and you should get an answer back within two months. The surveyor is not liable if your property is flood damaged; the lender is. If Citimortgage has any question about whether its collateral is at risk, it will protect its investments until a higher authority (in this case FEMA) states flood insurance is unnecessary. Many surveyors also incorrectly state the flood risk of the property. Also, once you get this LOMA, speak with the insurance company about getting reimbursed for some of your premiums paid.

    Finally, a WYO policy will be cheaper than the force-placed policy from your lender. They are required to rate to the maximum risk. Your agent should write a policy matching the lender's finding until a LOMA is produced. This is all covered in the Mandatory Purchasing Guidelines that lenders follow.


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  • Rg
    R.G. Aug 19, 2010

    I had the same issue with Bank of America. Every year I would have to fax documents about 5 to 6 times every year and be on the phone for hours until months later they would finnaly get my flood insurance squared away. Just to find out I would have to do it again year after year. I finally got a LOMA (Letter of Map Amendment) which will cost you around $300 dollars (for a Proffesional engineer land surveyor) and a little running around town to get some local maps. But its was worth the $600 flood insurance bill I had to pay every year, every since they decided to triple my coverage!! I believe the banks and flood insurance companies have come up with a good scam to empty the home owners pockets legally??!!

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  • Ro
    Robbie Werner Feb 23, 2011

    This company's customer service line is the absolute worst. I have tried to speak to someone about signatures that were forged on a recent mortgage re-modification but I was transfered 6 times and each time the person was ruder than the previous person. None of the 6 gave me any kind of customer satisfaction. I guess they don't acre whether they are getting my money illegally, just as long as they are getting it. Just another scam. Thanks Citi-Mortgage!

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  • Pe
    Peg R Dec 17, 2014

    I had this issue in 2008 and CitiMortgage is attempting to force flood insurance again at the end 2014, due in January 2015.. I also have a letter from FEMA and CitiMortgage agreeing that I am not in a flood zone. Is anyone else getting these letters again from CitiMortgage again?

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non endorsment of check

On Aug 25th of 2008 I faxed an Affidavit of Non-Endorsement of a check issued to me by CitiMortgage. The check issued to me by them was never endorsed by me but was endorsed by a Contracter who deposited it in his account at Bank of America. I am out this money and can not seem to get any result from anyone at CitiMortgage
or the Bank of America since then.

  • Ph
    phyllism Jun 08, 2011

    I have an ins check to fix the roof on my house.. I have to send it to citi mort ..but because I am in bankrupcy and its not on the house I have to down load some papers off this site to send in with the check Then the check is going to be held for a while until approved by someone?????? I cant find the forms on this site that they want.. does anyone know how to find them?? I need help..

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Resolved over payments

My name is Sam Bowman, and I have account with CitiMortgage. I have been trying to pay off my mortgage and...

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Resolved constant collection calls but I have no late payments and they cannot get their system to stop calling me

The auto system calls every day and has for weeks. Never have been late on mtg. they know that they system should not be phoning me and they are unable to get me out of their auto call records.

  • Je
    Jennifer Mar 12, 2009

    Same here. Citimortgage constantly calls us, even though the payments are not late. Plus the try to over charge us for escrows. They have sent me an escrow notice stating my payments are going up effective April 1st by $110.00. My insurance increased by $13.00 a year and my real estate taxes have not increased. How can my payments go up by $110.00 a month for a $13.00 year increase? This is similar to what they did last year and it took me 6 months to get it straight. I have asked to opt out of the escrows - but I have yet to receive a phone call regarding this option. We shall see.

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  • Je
    Jen May 11, 2009

    Same problem here! They are driving me nuts. Half the time the recorded message hangs up on me, like they know they shouldn't be calling. I have called customer service several times, one person said the phone calls would stop, yet after 4 calls, I had to call again to complain. I was told there was nothing they could do. I am currenltly trying to refi out of Citi - I can't stand it anymore. Go bother someone who has had a late payment and leave the good customers alone!

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  • Mc
    mcoug May 24, 2009

    These guys are HORRIBLE. I will NEVER have any dealings with any branch of Citi as long as I live...and I intend to close my Bank of America accounts as well. I've been out of work since Jan 1...this is the first month that I haven't been able to make my payment - 3 DAYS after my payment was due, the phone started ringing and hasn't stopped! Multiple hangups...calling at all hours...just had another call today (SUNDAY!) and another hangup. Nice that they disturb my Sunday with a hangup. Thing that infuriates me is that I have been COMPETELY upfront from the beginning - told them that I am out of work, don't know when (or if) I can make the payment - I'm trying the best I can. You would think with that info, they would call off the dogs, at least for a week or so...the phone RINGS and RINGS and RINGS and RINGS. Like they're expecting the story to change 40 minutes later. Then give me the BS line that "they can't stop the automated system". BULL!! Someone designed and maintains the system...FIX IT! Give me a break...I'm not even 30 days behind. Can't wait to see what happens with these jokers then. I'm going to complain to the FTC, FCC, Atty General and anyone else that will listen. This is nothing more than HARRASSMENT. I wish I could find a lawyer to go after these vampires.

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  • Lr
    lrn2009 Jun 11, 2009

    we to have never been late, spent 75 min on phone trying to resolve it I asked that a copy of my conversation be sent to me after the 4th person a Nicki employee # nl86247 did I get some place I said these calls started after I had asked about refinancing with them she slipped up and said that triggered the calls I responded you are profiling me because I asked for a lower rate she became quiet I said maybe congress will like this I told her to be sure our taped conversation to be sent to me she said they do not send copies of calls I said we will ask for the tape in a discovery motion for 24 mo my payments have been made eft on the 13th of the mo just like it was with AB Amro were my mortgage started we all need to come together and make congress stop all companies from doing this Larry

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Resolved very rude!

The people who work for Citi are nasty and very rude to deal with. I am doing everything in my power to get out of that bank. I feel they are way too big and don't need to be polite to the people who feed them. They constantly call me several times a day whether I'm late or not. They are relentless in getting their money. When I have called, I usually get someone who cannot speak the "English" language. They ought to be glad people are struggling to feed their faces. I'm out of their "SOON"!!!

Resolved terrible company

I purchased my first home (condo) in 2017 and lived in it for one year, and then got married and purchased...

Resolved refinance

I started my refinance at the beginning of Dec. Citi charged my Credit Card on 12/16 for $480.00 to lock...

Resolved beware

In Nov 08 I decided to try and get my interest rate reduced by submitting a workable solutions package. I wa...

Resolved refinance hassle

I attempted to refinance with citi mortgage, and I had a bad experience. I was assured I had received "final"...

Resolved defer a payment

I am so happy to hear that I'm no the only person that is feeling like Citimortgage is the worst lender to do biz with. I have great credit and I still can't defer a payment. I have ask several people over the last few weeks to help me in a serious time of need and I can't get any help! My developer went bankrupt and left me with major problems in my house and I need to fix them. But rather than going into my savings, silly me, I was thinking that I could defer my mortgage for two months to take care of the problems. Guess that works with some banks, not with Citi! Oh they mention having a "hardship" plan, but it doesn't work for everyone. Guess bail outs are only for the big guys, not the small guys that fuel big biz. What a world we live in!

  • Ye
    YesWeCan Jun 16, 2009

    Give them enough rope and they will hang themselves. A class action suit could very well occur like this:

    United States of America


    v. Citigroup (aka Citi) Headquarters: 399 Park Ave. New York, NY 10043 United States and Chairman Richard D. (Dick) Parsons CEO and Director Vikram S. Pandit CFO Edward J. (Ned) Kelly III


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  • Re
    rexalator Aug 23, 2010

    Beware !!- Citi-Mortgage has seen the enemy and it them. Trying to receive a payment deferment- HAS BEEN A NIGHTMARE.

    There is not a single person for two weeks that can tell me what my deferment status is. Some do not know, others have said its approved and other Citi Mortgage operators say it been denied.
    Citi, mortgage has perfected " Catch 22". This company knows as much about customer service, as a pig knows about Sunday.

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  • Be
    Bergstrom Sep 11, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Well, I am just getting started on my CitiMortgage -no service, rude deferment request. I too have never been late, I have good credit, but due to job loss, no unemployment income and no more savings, I was told that I could not get a deferment. Yesterday I was refused a deferment via phone by the most rude and information grabbing, trying to get money bank associate on the phone. I felt as if I were a deadbeat talking to a collection agency and not a bank associate offering assistance. I know that Fannie Mae allows banks to make deferments, and I do not know where to go for help. I need an attorney, I am ready to join any class action effort in IL (Chicago)

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Resolved scam and cheating

Due to my paycheck schedule, I decided to start making two monthly payments to CitiMortgage for my loan...

Resolved fraud, mis placement of funds.. you name it!!!

I sit and read all of these complaints and shake my head, as my family has been a victim of each instance! Missing money from escrow, how about $5800! Needless to say no-one in any of the departments we were transferred to repeatedly could tell us where exactly it went. Ahh yes, and an insurance claim. We had some pretty serious water damage to our bathroom, and they had an adjuster come out who stated it'd be a short time to receive the claim check. This was on September 6th 2008, we got a check November 10th 2008 made out to us and the mortgage company and were told to endorse it and they would distribute funds and they deemed necessary. Meanwhile a family of 4 and sometimes 5 is without a functioning bathroom. It's damn sad when you call and you get someone in the Philippines who is absolutely clueless as to what you are saying, let alone access your account and possibly answer your questions. ABN Amro was a great compant to deal with, when they sold our mortgage to Citi Mortgage it was like stepping right into the bowels of HELL. I empathize with all of you who wrote a complaint here. Every day you just never know what the mail will bring, the emotional and physical stress of it has really taken it's toll on my family. Flipping Frenzy.com was the only place I found that would listen to my complaints and sound as though they can possibly help. Send your stories to [protected]@ralphroberts.com. If enough of us are saying the same thing, the Government can not keep turning a blind eye. Every aspect of Citi Mortgage is a joke, they are repeat offenders from what I have read here today, and need to be stopped. They have gotten $5800 of my families money, not to mention another $1503 that was never applied properly, my taxes have been paid incorrectly causing yet another whirlwind of POO for my family . The insurance company they deal with (Assurant out of florida)even told me today on the phone that they can not even handle the calls because it is a branch of Citi Mortgage, so when Citi mortgage sent $837 three times in 1 year for my 1 year policy, they were conveniently over paying themselves. These people, this company are #[email protected]##$%^ THIEVES!!!

  • Fr
    Frustrated Jan 24, 2009

    We are having a similar problem with Citimortgage. They made several adjustment to our escrow account, which is resulting in them taking appox. $1, 700 of our excrow money. I have called numerous times and even talked to managers and have been given "so-called" work order or claim number claims and they would get back to me. I have even got transfered and no one would ever pick up. I was actually given a fax number to send my request to, I doubt it is going to help, but I told the girl that I spoke to that I will fax my request in Monday and that by Friday if I don't have any response and fix to my account, that I will have the Attorney General's office investigate.

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  • Gr
    GRW2022 Jan 24, 2010

    My sister and her husband are going through it right now with Citi mortgage, they just learned from a real estate agent that their home is being sold on Feb 4 at an auction and they are being forclosed on. Now ther are behind in their payments, her husband has been out of work but they received no notification from Citi? What's up with that? Now after reading all the other comments about how this company has burned people I see what's up? They are trying to work with a lawyer or company to try and save their home please keep them in your prayers and I am all for a class action law suit!!! Bring it on, what they are doing is so wrong!!

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  • Gr
    GRW2022 Jan 24, 2010

    Lawsuit is needed at this point.

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  • Jl
    J. Liebahrt May 12, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I've been dealing with CitiMortgage since November 2009, I had called them after my mother past away to find out what the monthly payments where and to catch up on the payments since her death. She and I had purchased the home together in 1985 she primarily lived in the home. Every time I called I was told I wasn't legally liable for this loan, never could get an answer of why, since she and I signed the papers. I contacted CitiMortgage from November 2009 thru May 2010. Was told to go online to do a loan modification, in May I was told I couldn't do a Loan Modification cause my name waan't on the loan. Now during this time I was told to hold off on making any payments until the loan modification was completed. In the middle of May 2010 after being told I wasn't on the loan that my mother had refinanced the home in 2004 that I would have to assume the loan over. Filled out the paper work, then the next thing I get is Foreclosure papers in my mothers' name, around the first of June 2010.I contacted the Law Firm explained what I've been going through, went and filled the response at the court. During November 2009 thru May 2010 I had talked to over 50 CSR at CitiMortgage getting different answers. I contacted CitiMortgage asking them what was going on, since I had filled out the Assumption papers to get the loan modification finally going. Upper management informed me they had stopped all work on the Loan Modification and the assumption has been stopped. From June 2010 til September 8th, 2010 I didn't hear a word from CitiMortgage until September 8th, 2010 when they had called. I returned the call on September 9th, 2010 giving them my mothers' last four digits of her SS number as I've done on numerous times. Being told that as of August 28th, 2010 the loan was placed into my name and that I should be happy so that I can get the Loan Modification going again. I was applaud to the fact I never informed of this until after the fact. Again started the loan modification again, having CitiMortgage dropping the ball, requesting information that I had already submitted in several times. Then was informed in November 2010 that I wasn't approved for the HAM program, I wasn't even doing that I was told I was doing a Traditional Modification. So again had to restart all over again. Then the case manager dropped the ball, and again had to restart the process again. I've have jumped through hoops, I fell as if I've been on a roller coaster, during all this. Was told that it went to final underwriters on April 3, 2011, would call in get a message "We are please to announce your papers have been sent please review, sign and send back in" and the CSR couldn't find anything in the notes, to that fact. On May 2, 2011 had to send in my daughters Birth Certificate and a letter from SS on her award letter, being told on May 6, 2011 it's gone back into final underwriter, on May 11, 2011 getting a message left on my cell phone "We are please to announce your papers have been sent please review, sign and send back in", I call and talk to a CSR I'm being told that isn’t correct actually something about I was sending in $325.00 for what she couldn't tell me, then a note that they have started Foreclosure oh but what no they placed that on hold. I get home and call the one person at CitiMortgage that I semi trust and she couldn't believe what they are doing, it stated something about $325.00 but she couldn't see what it was in regards to not unless that is what I'm needing to put down as a payment. Then a note about Foreclosure, but it's still in the Final Approval for Loan Modification. She emailed three different parties within the company and ask that I call back on May 12, 2011. Called talked to her today, no answers to any of our questions except it's in Pending Review, was told to call back at 7:00 since she was going to talk to her manager about this. Now since I've been told prior to not make any payment and the back balance was going up every month, I told them back in December that I'm tired of being told prior to this that I wasn't legally liable to make payments that I was going to since I do want o keep this house. So I made a payment that I was told the amount needed and that it would go towards December 2010, another lie. When I called to make January payment I was informed that the payment went towards the back balance and oh by the way either in June or July 2010 the payments have gone up, but just keep making the regular payments, once you have caught up on that you can start making the new payment amount. Now dong that the back balance keeps going up, instead of $5000.00 behind I'm now $15, 000 plus. I had a loan placed into my name without my knowledge ruining my credit showing late payments. And being screwed around by CitiMortgage. What is it going to take to stop theses people, from there lying to people, and to actually start doing the correct thing. I had asked them on numerous times to send me out a letter that they stated they had sent to me back in early September 2010 regarding the name changed it took them over 5 months to do that, what funny they have the date on the letter as August 28, 2010, this is how stupid they are there's a print on the outside of the letter of when it was mailed. All I wanted it to get the payments lowered since I new they should have been $624.00, and couldn't understand why they jumped up to over $800.00 and now $900.00. In the papers that I finally got which was only half, then finally went to the actual closing company, I found a fraudulent Quick Claim Deed, dated in 2002 or 2003 with my signature. But as CitiMortgage put it I should be happy they placed the loan under my name, no I'm not happy it's a complete nightmare.
    A house my mother and I bought for $65, 000.00, she refinanced for $90, 000.00 without me even knowing about that. I can’t change that but I’m not able to sleep, without waking up having panic attach. CitiMortage need to stop ruining people’s lives, and to get things straightened up and do the correct thing without making it difficult. Or placing names unto a loan without notifying.

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Resolved no assistance 4 customer

Citi bought my loan 3 yrs ago. Since then I have had ZERO customer service. No one is ever available to talk...

getting insurance money

I am having great difficulty getting the insurance money I sent Citimortgage, along with a whole ream of forms. They basically took the check and are sitting on it. Meanwhile, I have a house with a damaged roof from Hurricane Ike that I can not get repaired after almost 3 months because the money is being held hostage by the mortgage company. Each time I call, I get a different run-around. They tell me they are protecting their investment, but they are keeping me from repairing my house. Is there no one who can do anything about this?

  • Ke
    Kelli Dec 09, 2008

    We have rec. our first draw, but now we are fighting for our second draw so we can get our roof on. I have been fighting back and forth with them since 11/22/08 and we still have nothing. So now we are taking it a step futher and hiring and attorney to help us out. Everyday that I called I got a different story and a different lie. So it only gets worse.

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  • La
    Larry Jones Feb 10, 2009

    I live in Nassau Bay Texas a few blocks from Clear Lake. I am one of the lucky ones that did not loose my home to Herricane Ike however I did have sever roof damage and damage to other things as well.

    I received the Insurance claim checks from the insurance company and in accordance with the directions I receivbed on the WWW.mylossdraft.com website, I sent the check to CITIMortgage Inc. and now I cannot find out anything about what is going on with the Insurance Money from the Policy I pay for (NOT CITI MORTGAGE).

    It feels like I just threw the check away when I sent it to CITI. I have six written estimates to accomplish repair of my roof, fence and lighting systems. I am ready to negotiate with the roofers and start the job. CITI is holding up the repair in their infinate wisdom, demagogery and incompetance.

    Does anyone know a phone number to call and obtain status?

    Please advise.

    Larry Jones

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  • La
    Larry Jones Feb 10, 2009

    I'm pissed! !!!

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  • Ta
    Tanja McMillan Dec 06, 2010

    Can not get an inspection done on my partially repaired house. House was damaged by fire. 1st inspection was asked for on 11-22-10 and ordered on 11-23-10. As of 12-6-10 there has been no inspection and I have called several times and all I get is how sorry everyone at Citimortgage is but it just doesn't get done. Meanwhile the contractor has pulled his crew off the job site because he just cannot stick anymore money into the project without getting some payment. While this is all happening, I am living in cramped rented quarters with 3 children and now it seems it is going to take even longerto get back in my house. Isn't there someone at Citimortgage that can get this done? HELP ME! Tanja McMillan Jamestown, ND

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  • Re
    Rebekah Fox Mar 03, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I just received a check from my insurance to fix my roof. I have had to have an attorney to fight Citi on another matter, and was not about to send them this check. Guess its back to my attorney, because I know exactly what these people meant about all Citi's promises, double talk, lies, and silence. Why with all the other things our government buts into, do they do nothing to control these parasites!!! Oh, maybe they(including the insurances companies) are all getting our money. We sure aren't!!!

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loss draft dept

I suffered a plumbing failure and subsequent flooding in my house in Florida while I was away on vacation...


Citimortgage is either an extremely inept company with terrible customer service or thieves. I sent them $30, 000 to apply to my mortgage. they removed the money from my bank account the day they got the check. A month later I got my mortgage payment and no mention of the money I sent. When I called to find out why, they told me to prove I sent the money with a canceled check. After I did, they applied it to my mortgage the day they got my proof, but they kept the months worth of interest I paid on my own money even after I complained. Plus, they charge me $500 to refinance my mortgage but never sent the paper work. That was 2 months ago. I have also applied to have my PMI ended, but they are stalling on that too. I get to pay for more PMI even though I jumped through all of their hoops.
Their customer service is a joke. Good luck getting someone who can speak English and answer a question or fix anything.

I would be in terrible trouble if I was late on a payment, but they seem to do anything they want and get away with it.

  • Be
    bertha Dec 02, 2008
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    Verified customer

    thats cause they get their hand slapped by the ots.treas.gov. the smae people that handed them $45billion in one month for breaking RESPA laws. If we could only find an honest lawyer to get some of the money back

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  • De
    denise Feb 10, 2009

    I agree, since I have been with them, my escrow has been short ( SO they say, such liars) twice, since 1 year ago my payment is now 40 dollars more a month...I know its not a huge jump, but there has been NO change in my insurance or property taxes..BEWARE people...I am looking into refinancing through a reputable company, does one exist??

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Resolved overcharged

I have a second mortgage with these bandits in the amount of $82, 616.49 which I think my wife arranged several years a go. I'm not sure what the beginning amount was, because she paid all the bills. She has recently passed away and now I am paying the bills. The interest rate on this note is 9.9% which is a total scam. My payment is $736.54 of which $48.76 is for principle and the rest is interest. I have tried every way possible to reach Citimortgage without any result. I spent 28 minutes on hold today after which they disconnected me, I also tried their Web site which they say is not working at this time. All I am trying to do is possibly refinancing this note to a more reasonable interest rate. The problem is that they do not respond to any inquires.

  • Be
    bertha Dec 02, 2008
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    Verified customer

    You don't have to refinance with them. Go to a local bank get the money from them and pay off the loan. See how they contact you when they lose all that interest.

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  • Mc
    MC1 Dec 29, 2008

    CitiMortgage doesn't refi second mortgages, it never has. They only do first.
    Your loan was written with another mortgage company and then sold to CitiMortgage.
    If you are looking to refi a second mortgage, you'll need to contact their sister company, CitiBank. Under the Citigroup umbrella they're the main ones to contact. or goto CitiBank.com and fill out an application there.

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inaccurate mortgage statements

Citimortgage took over our account in June of 2008 from CitiFinancial Mortgage. Since then we have not ben...