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excessive flood insurance and poor customer service

Citimortgage is requiring me to carry flood insurance 4x's the amount of the remaining balance of the mortgage, which is 4x's over what is required by federal law. The loan document generically says they require flood insurance, but doesn't say the amount - so there was no way to know that they would require more than what federal law requires. The additional insurance will cost me over $1k/year, which amounts to $28k over the remaining life of the loan. The Citimortgage loan is only $50k and the property alone with no house is worth more than that, so there's no risk to their investment. I've got 5x's what Citimortgage has invested in this property, so I have an obvious interest in making sure I carry adequate flood insurance (there is little risk for flood damage and, if it does happen, the damage would be $10k max).

I've gotten nowhere with the insurance division - I can only get ahold of box checkers that say "this is the amount we require". When I try other divisions they just transfer me back to insurance. The supervisor (Constance) who was supposed to call back in 5 minutes never called me back. The next day I finally got ahold of her and as I was explaining the situation she hung up on me. She had my phone number, so if it was accidental, I assume she would have called me back - she didn't call back. Nice customer service! Are they actively trying to make me hate them more?

I'm considering refinancing to another company, but Citimortgage would probably just buy it back and I'd have wasted the refi fees.

  • He
    Hen Aug 10, 2010

    they did the same to me! I only owed 47, 000 on a nice house, they insisited I insure for an outrageous amount. I fought it and lost because after back and forth correspondence I was 'remiss' on their set schedule to get the flood ins, so they bought it for me, without my permission!
    I got my own, and they eventually credited my escrow.
    But now they want me to pay more monthly escrow because of the last year's activity with their flood ins. I told them that should not be in the projection, because it did not apply, and they refused to change it. They are expecting me to pay $150 more n my next mortgage payment. I requested to eliminate the escrow, they refused. Now you know my credit will be affected if I don't pay that next month.

    I cannot believe the callous, disregard, the arrogance, the tactics used for their own gain. I never asked for their mortgage, they took it over.
    What rights do we have here. It is outrageous!

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harassment and incompetence

I first received a phone call from Citi's customer service in mid-November 2009 and they claimed I did not make my Nov 1st payment. I verified with my bank that I made the payment on Oct 30th. Citi then recognized the payment but indicated it was not credited to my mortgage because it was $62 short. Apparently my record of paying ahead was of no use. I was short because it was the first month my escrow amount increased for the year and I accidentally paid the same amount I always made. The rep then indicated that they would credit my mortgage and all I had to do was make up the payment the following month.

I made my next payment on Nov 30th with the added escrow amount AND more than $90 to ensure the $62 value was covered. I then received another call in early December from another Citi rep, again claiming I missed my Nov 1st payment. I explained my 1st phone call and the rep then noticed the notes made on my account. This rep confirmed that if I made up the difference on my recent payment it would be cleared.

Unfortunately, I just received another call tonight yet again claiming I did not make my Nov 1st payment. After explaining the entire scenario with this rep, I was told the extra amount I paid simply went to my principle and thus the "missing" payment was still not received. I was put on hold for a supervisor. After 35+ minutes of being on hold, going thru 3 more customer service reps who asked how they could help me, I finally hung up to call back in myself. I called in and insisted I speak to a supervisor immediately. I was again put on hold waiting for a supervisor, though fortunately it was less than 5 minutes this time. While talking to the supervisor, there was annoying music playing in the background and I asked the supervisor to turn the music off. The supervisor claimed it was not from his phone and that he thought it was my hold music. With the music continuing in the background, the supervisor admitted there was documentation of all the previous phone conversations and that he would fix the payments.

This entire experience makes me wonder about the competence of CitiMortgage. A reliable customer that pays on time and over the required payments for 2+ years sends one check 4.5% short and is then harassed by several phone calls on nights and weekends. Each time the customer service rep indicating the situation was resolved, only to have another representative call later regardless of the recorded documentation.

  • Ne
    NEWLAUREN Nov 21, 2010

    The same thing just happened to me. The first month that my increased escrow was due, I assumed that it would get taken automatically since I pay my bills through automatic draft. They didn't take the additional automatically, so my usual $1570 was paid instead of the $1623 with the increased escrow payment. They want to have me pay a $47 late payment in addition to making up the escrow shortfall. Never in over 20 years of paying my various mortgages have I ever had a company do this to me. Mortgage companies normally adjust the mortgage amount by the required amount through automatic payments, and all is well... I have not even gone 30 days on this escrow addition (my escrow balance is not below its low point), so I don't even believe I am actually "late" on anything... Principal and interest were paid in full and my escrow is 1000's above the shortfall level... so, I feel Citimortgage is simply charging good people extra money to make up for their problems with others who are defaulting... SHAME ON CITIMORTGAGE... We need a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT...

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re:insurance claim/property damage dept.

attached is the copy you sent me. but there was damage done to the inside of my home and i insist that you...


I have a loan owned by Citimortgage but in July they outsourced it to Bayview Loan servicing. I was unaware...

non responsive, lost legal documents

It has been since February 2009, we initiated communication with CitiMortgage about our loan modification...

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windstorm insurance

I purchased my home in 2006 for 180k got a 5.875% interest rate with taxes and insurance included with my monthly mortgage payments. I have been on time every month since I purchased my home . I have not asked for a refinance or a modification. My recent monthly statement from Citimortgage has a new insurance "windstorm insurance." I called Citi mortgage Mortgage servicing and was transfered to Citi mortgage Insurance because the department I called couldnt help me. The lady I spoke with was very rude insisting this is mandatory. I asked when I was informed, she claims a letter was mailed to me in May of 2009 indicating this new requirement - a complete lie. I asked if she could send me where it states in my loan documents where this is required, she would not. I asked if she could forward the law or where it states it is mandatory she would not. I asked to speak to a manger, there was no manager. Apparently this insurance has been optional - like earthquake insurance - for sometime and now all of the sudden in December of 2009 Citi mortgage is requiring my loan to have it. The additional "windstorm insurance" is $4000 a year, this increases my current payment by 150%. I called my current insurance company and asked if they usually write "windstorm hazard polices" in Fontana, CA, they said no. I called my friend who is an agent he too says he rarely writes these polices but can write me one if I need to have it for my policy for about under $1000 a year. I called my mortgage broker, who is still in business, and asked if he sells "windstorm insurance" with his mortgages, he said no. After I explained my situation to him, he laughed in disbelief and asked me if I was serious. I am very serious, this is no joke. I spoke with over 30 home owners today and not 1 of them pays this type of insurance, nor is it mandated by their mortgage lenders.

I think I am being Scammed here. Is anybody out there having the same occurrence? Let me know, my attorney is taking a look into it tomorrow.

-Blown Away
Fontana, CA.

  • Pa
    Paul of Texas Jan 23, 2010

    We live in Brazoria County, Texas and CitiMortgage forced us to get windstorm insurance. Our escrow went from from $400 to $800 per month. We already had home owners insurance.

    We initially protested purchasing windstorm insurance because the premiums + plus deductibles were nearly the cost of new roof (i.e. pointless to purchase). Thus, CitiMortgage purchased windstorm insurance 'on our behalf' for nearly $9000 and wanted the money in 10 days. Needless to say, we purchased windstorm insurance from our home insurer for $1000. CitiMortgage billed us for the interim but never showed us proof of purchasing windstorm insurance.

    The story goes on but, the point is, CitiMortgage executives are using hardworking people to pay for those who could not pay by bilking us with excess escrow payments - this also stops or slows your extra payments. They don't want that house paid off - while making interest off of our escrow.

    Prediction: our next escrow requests will be for tsunami insurance, flood insurance, home owner association dues, earthquake insurance and possibly meterorite insurance.

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  • Ma
    Mary in Hawaii Jul 12, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I just got a letter from CitiMortgage saying the same thing...If I don't arrange for windstorm insurance, they will do it for me. This scares me. I have a letter drafted telling them to NOT add their insurance with copies of emails from my original lender saying this insurance is OPTIONAL. I will be sending said letter certified signed receipt so they can't deny they got it.

    In the meantime I have a call in to my insurance agent to find out what this insurance will cost me locally. After reading about your experience, I plan to go ahead and buy my own insurance just to circumvent future problems with them, and so they don't benefit financially.

    Mary from Hawaii

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slow to pay

CitiMortgage readily accepted a check for $11, 787.00 from State Farm Insurance that required endorsement by them in addition to the policy holders for damage to their home.

It obviously takes an act of God for them to ge the check back to us in a timely manner. After the contractor completed the project, they sent an inspector to the home to make sure the roof was installed. The inspector had 72 hours to submit the report. I called them on the following Wednesday and they checked the inspectors web site and noted that the inspection was finished. They then informed me that it would take up to five (5) days to process the information and get me check to me. IT TAKES FIVE DAYS TO PROCESS WHAT INFORMATION - The job is complate and I have been paying the mortgage to them on time every month for thirteen years. What a racket to make some extra dollars at my expense.

  • Ja
    JA_Riley Dec 07, 2009

    I've had a similar situation happen to me. Storm damage and a massive tree fell on the house doing over $50, 000 in tree damages in late Sept '09. They have had the money and are refusing to send any of it back (also from State Farm). The contractor had started the work and when it became apparent we were getting the runaround, they pulled their crew and stopped work. Meanwhile the roof is unfinished, a critical deck (which had been demolished) has not been replaced so therefore one cannot exit the back of the house without a 9 ft sheer drop. The longer this goes on without any resolution the worse condition the house will be in. The kitchen ceiling caved in from water when the tree took out the roof over it. There is still a huge gaping hole (1/3 of the whole ceiling is gone) and I can see light from where the roof repair was not finished up above. The ceiling, walls and floor all suffered water damage. The contractor is unpaid. The tree guys are unpaid and that required a large crew and a crane to remove the 120 ft tree which I estimate at well over 5 tons. The house is barely livable and they refuse to cooperate. The unused materials that had been initially delivered have since been returned in the hopes that the contractors can get part of their front money back.

    The payments had gotten behind but I had a prepayment agreement with their lawyer to get caught up. They have jeopardized that since I work out of a home office. I offered for them to take what is needed if that is the holdup. But the more I read on here the more I realize that I'm just another victim in the strings of thousands who are systematically screwed but these mega-banking conglomerates. Customer service? Oh yeah, that was what was killed as these monsters gobbled up all the good banks! Illegal? Oh yeah... all in a day's work.

    I have a feeling that this is going to be a long and painful road ahead. And if I can get extra funds, I'm talking to lawyers! And thanks to everyone on here with links to agencies and names of departments to file complaints with.

    JARiley - Atlanta, GA

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went to pay of citimortgage at the beginning of september, it took three checks and a month and a half later and two months of extra interest which should of never been paid on our mortgage. they are the ruidest people, know one can tell you the correct amount to be paid, they harrassment three and four times a day they employ people that can, t even speak english. if you are considering a loan with citi mortgage inc, you better think twice. i have never been late on this mortgage know one seams to know what they are doing carolyn from wv

  • Tx
    txrose Apr 02, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am on this modification program and I have not received any Citimorgage statements in over a year. I have 20 different phone numbers and not sure who to call (800, 866, 877) and 10 different locations on where to mail additional paperwork. I have had a difficult time getting a hold of someone from CitiMortgage. I am on hold forever waiting for someone to answer the phone. They keep asking for additional paperwork, someone has even left paperwork on my door step. (Not professional at all) I have been paying my mortgage over the phone every month and I am charged for paying by phone, late fees, additional fees, and so on. I was not aware of these additional charges. I can not view my statements or information on line because I need to call a certain number. This is getting crazy!! Citimortgage says I owe 6000+ and they have not received my payments. If they have not received my payments...where are they or where is it?
    I have been a victim of identity theft and I don't trust my information floating all over the USA. I just wish I could refinance and go with someone else. What a mess and nightmare this has been for me. All this happened because my taxes were sky high and I had a shortage in my escrow account...that's when the modification program started.

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  • Ma
    M A Gallier Mar 24, 2011

    CitiMortage holds the mortgage at 108 Forse St., Woodville, Texas. The home at this location is in foreclosure and has been vacant and unattended for 7 months. A letter, dated Feb 21, 2011, to Citimortgage regarding their responsibility in maintaining this property has gone unanswered. How can we get their attention?

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  • Ba
    Basic101 Mar 24, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    wow, you just posted the address of a vacant house on the internet !!! hello drug dealers! hello pimp training and base houses!!! hello illegals using it for their kidnapped victims!!! HELLO!!! anybody home????

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loan modification, escrow

I have been unable to make my mortgage payment since May. I have been in contact with Citimortgage for over three months now trying to get a loan modification. Each time I speak with them I hear the same story, "we are working on a plan for you..." (I'm paraphrasing here, but you get the idea...)

So here we are, now another month gone by, with no loan modification plan ever presented to me, and Citimortgage has allowed my escrow to be eaten alive by my PMI insurance, and now there is still some money in my escrow, but not enough to pay my taxes or home owners insurance!!!

My thoughts, I have PMI insurance so Citimortgage has NO INTENTION of giving me a loan modification (even though I do qualify), instead they want to eat my escrow down to pennies, then foreclose... This can't be legal, can it?

For a mortgage company to take a huge handout from the federal government, then not give consumers a snowballs change in hell of saving their homes... wow, what a country and what a company...

  • An
    anonymousciti Oct 06, 2009

    We were working with Citi to modify our mortgage. We have been getting the run around ever since. First they told us to pay a modified amount. We did. Then when we went to finance our car in June (it was a lease) we found out that they were reporting us as late. We called again and again getting a different story everytime. Some representatives told us we were in a trial period and some told us we were not modified at at all. At the end of July a rep told us we have to start over and at the end of a trial period they would clear our credit (which is still showing late, even though they have told us a new lower amount which we have been paying early). We were told we would receive paperwork in 2 weeks. 3 weeks went by we called. We were then told it takes 30 days. We waited 2 more weeks and called again. We were told then it took 45 days. We waited a total of 60 days and called again. We were told the papers would be mailed out 9/28. I called again today (three times) and were told by one rep. 3 more weeks, another rep that papers have not been ordered and yet another saying papers were sent out 9/28.

    Unfortunately I went online only to find out that we are not the only ones this is happening to. (http://www.consumeraffairs.com/finance/citi_mortgage_p2.html)(http://www.complaintsboard.com/bycompany/citimortgage-a25277.html) This is apparently a pattern with Citi and homeowners are losing their homes even though they are paying their mortgages. We are concerned that Citi appears to be refusing to provide us any paperwork. (Other than recorded phone calls we have no proof of the modification.) When I asked to speak to a manager, they refused that request as well. They are still reporting us as paying late and last week we received one of those foreclosure threat letters. I think at this point we need to report this to some regulating agency or news agency but not sure who.

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  • Yo
    YOLANDA LUGO Jan 06, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


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refinance scam

Received notice from citi to refinance my 5/1 arm into a fixed rate in early Sept. 2009. After working with...

misleading information from citi while doing modification

Since February, I applied for Mortgage Assistance with Citimortgage to get a mortgage lower due to being divorce and having to paid the mortgage, car notes, bills, and insurance on my own and not getting behind just to save money. Had to wait for five months to see if a got approved.

I had to call Loss Migitation department several times to find out what was going on and who was handling my loan mofication if I was approved or not. I did get a letter in April saying I was denied and called Citi for reason for denial. They said to ignore the letter and they were still working on my account. I finally called at the end of June and they told me I was approved for a Modification trial plan. They told me to pay mortgage for $907 which was less than mine usual $973 note and I did not have to until September. Then I got another call saying I will get paperwork sent by UPS for fill out paperwork for Modification, but payment was just $720 and was not due until September. I'd explain I was told to pay the $907 instead of $720 in July instead for September. The representative on the phone said that was OK and that will cover August payment and only have to paid on second installment for $553 due to overpayment. I did fill out the necessary paperwork and made the payments on time and had October payment for $720 ready before trial period ends.

But something did not seem right with getting collection calls and collection notice in the mail back on September 14th. I called Citimortgage about why I'm getting collection calls if I am on Trial Modification plan? The reps told me not to worry and ignore them since I was on the Modification plan. I was getting my account handled by different reps. The last person handling my account only left voicemail on my home phone instead of calling on my cell phone like the last rep contacted me.

I left voicemail that same day, but he did not call my cell phone. I called the next morning before I left the house to take my kids to school before I went to work. I told him I left him a voicemail about getting misleading information from another rep who took my call since he was out of office or away from desk. He I was denied by the underwriters but I then said it was a error and was working to correct this. I told him I call him when I arrive at my job. I called him back and got the usual voicemail. I called again asking for his manager to explained I was not satisfied with service and runaround I was getting from Citi handling my mortgage. He did call me back and explain he can put modification plan that will make me more money over a thousand dollars?? I said that was increasing my bill even worse than $973 I was paying every month. He tried to that was including real estate escrow taxes and insurance I was paying separately at the beginning of the year and I was not satisfied that I was denied while on trial period have not ended before I made my last payment. We started arguing that I wanted I speak to his manager. His manager was just repeating the same excuses without explaining how they can help me? It was like I did not pay them anything the last three months and the payments did not go to my mortgage?

I called collections two hours later. I rep first told me not to worry regarding the late payments should be posted on my account since I was on the modification trial plan. Then he said numbers he was seeing was not matching what I recieved in July for only $720? I told him who I talk to and now I said change from correcting this or he could not do anything? I feel that they messed up my payments I was making on time since 2007. Right now I going to check with attorney dealing mortgage problems and show them the paperwork and payments I made to Citi to just to lower my mortgage, not to mess me up more with late charges and increased payments??!!

  • Ay
    ayazoglu Jan 09, 2010

    i had same problem with citimortgage. I was first put in a trial program. also was told that i would be send letters by mail . I did not get anything. making my payments and recieving letters still showing as if i havent applied to mortgage program. after 2 payments i stopped maikng payments and first i recieved a mail saying i was denied. I called them ask for the initial papaers they had to send never came and if you have the intention to take my home i would try to keep money to myself. I was told by rep that this waws a system error and i was still in program, then 3 days later i recieved a email from citimortgage that i was approved for modification and would recieve paper work within 5-7 days. after that email i immediatly made payment also tolked with representative. I called 2 weeks later because i didnt get anything in mail. I get the answer that i was denied. I asked how does thinks change in 2 weeks no answer. itried to aply with bank directly but i guess the games played in this area is more than i can imagine. would tolk with a lawyer. if anyone has a stiuation like that and can email [email protected] i apriatate it.

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  • Ro
    RomanRealtors Mar 18, 2010

    You must consider a shortsale most people do not realise that the bank does not care about the homeowner and there are millions of boiler room scams offering loan mods popping up every day . Out of 4 million homeowners facing foreclosure only 135, 000 have been helped thru a modification, companies are no longer allowed to charge for modifications so anyone offering their services at a price is a scam . I suggest talking to a licensed real estate agent about your case.
    also many people do not qualify for the 5 requisites the bank requires .

    we do not charge for modifications or shortsales the bank pays us. We wont ask u for a dime.

    Joaquin Roman
    Roman Realtors and Financial Services, Inc
    3005 S. Bristol
    Santa Ana, CA

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complete abuse, ways to fix it

Please listen to me if citimortgage is stealing, harrassing and abusing you and you family, I can tell you how to fix the problem, very easily..

We need to stick together and create accountablity in this company called citimortgage... They are hurting us all in the us and we have to stop it.. Please just do these simple steps and we will as a unit stop this company from abusing another customer...

Type up a simple but detailed e-mail with this format..

Your name and address
Your property address
You phone number
Your citimortgage number
The date..

In your subject line write something like "help" "please can you help us", etc.

Ask for help, tell them what is destroying you and your family from the inside out..

The problem in full detail with some feelings but no swearing or too much hatred.. Because higher up people won't listen to that stuff... But, please put your feelings in and what this company has done to you and your family in detail..

Again ask for help, put the mortgage number in at the end of your letter again..

(Close with a)
Thank you, as much from the heart as possible..

Then send the e-mails to all of these people and everyone else you can think of.. Because the more people who know about the abuse the more we will get help..

This is the first and most important company we can contact, but there is power in numbers please contact as many people in as many companies and states as possible because we need accountability on the part of citimortgage, no more abuse..

Occ - office of the comptroller of the currency, administrator of national ban

I would google everything I could think of "citimortgage complaints" "mortgage abuse" etc.
Please do this for all of us.. Place complaints with all companies you feel can help us.. I sent out hundreds and those that I contacted have been working very hard for me...

Make sure your phone number and your mortgage numbers are correct..
Then get ready to take care of yourself and others, while citimortgage gets a taste of its own medicine.. We have to do this..

After you have e-mailed all of the people on your list and all of the suggested people below, call or e-mail hope, they will help us fix our mortgages and they won't steal from us any more...

Please contact all of these companies and more... We have to take action to save ourselves and others..

Contact us - thank you page president obama


The united states department of justice - united states attorney's office

A-z index of u. S. Government departments and agencies (A) : usa. Gov

Maryland attorney general


Write your representative - contact your congressperson in the u. S. House of r

Ftc bureau of consumer protection - consumer information

Consumeraffairs. com: knowledge is power! Consumer news, reviews, complaints, r _stop

Local hud information

Stop citimortgage from abusing there customers online access |comment| the sta

Citimortgage frustrations, part 2 | alexking. Org


Findlaw | about findlaw.


Email list of all state attorney generals offices and or related contacts. - t

Consumer complaint


Consumer complaints about citicorp mortgage

Thank you, you are no longer helpless against this company that bullies all of us, thank you, for helping yourself and others..

  • Ti
    tirza Dec 08, 2009

    Thank you what a great list of contacts!

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  • Re
    RebeccaInOrlando Dec 22, 2009

    Thank you! I will contact all of the above and my legislators in Florida!


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  • Re
    RebeccaInOrlando Dec 22, 2009

    Citimortgage is absolutely the worse company I have ever dealt with and there is no question in my mind that they are ripping all of us off as consumers. Read the numerous complaints about Citimortgage on consumeraffairs.com. I applied for the Hardship Assistance Program last March (2009), but prior to doing this, I had good credit and had been laid off from my job due to my company downsizing and eventually folding. I accepted a less paying job and have been depleting money from my 401K and my savings to make ends meet in order to keep my home. It has been nothing but horror in dealing with Citimortgage in getting paperwork processed and receiving harassing calls that I never should have received because their departments do not communicate with them. I can go on and on about the rudeness and complete incompetency of this company in dealing with any department within their company in numerous offices in different states. They lost 3 faxes and misplaced over 10 pieces of paperwork from original documents that were fed-exed off to them that I had to fax or scan to them "immediately" many times. I have owned my home in Orlando since 1995, and I received a phone call from one of their offices in Arizona to call them back right away at 8pm eastern time last night (Dec. 20, 2009). I was not at my phone when they called and immediately called them when a family member told me my phone had rung and I heard a voice message from "John" with Citimortgage in an Arizona office to call back ASAP because they needed more documentation for the final process of my hardship assistance loan. I need to state that I hadn't heard from them since October, 18, 2009, and I was in the "final stage" of being processed as of the October 18, 2009 date. I was also informed that I would know something in no more than 2 weeks from that date of Oct. 18, 2009. I was given a 3 trial payment period for the new "supposed" loan modification from them and made the requested payments for October and November. The phone call I received tonight from "John" who is in the HAM (Hardship Assstance Mortgage Department) in that Arizona office informed me that they needed paperwork, which again, was not even a part of my loan process. I explained this again, for the 20th time (this is an accurate number) to "John", who asked me to hold while I explained that I had sent in all necessary documents requested via a scanner to email from my accountant about a business I opened and am making sufficient money for expenses. "John" told me that I was correct and that the they had made another mistake in not looking at my documents thoroughly enough. "John" informed me that he would request the underwriting team (Now I've transformed myself from the tears to calmness in knowing that they are totally inefficient, uncaring, and I now have ruined credit that will take me years to get repaired.). However, I was told on Oct. 18, 2009 that they needed proof of my self - employement earnings and expenses ASAP and that this information could not wait. I paid my accountant to help me expedite what Citimortgage needed "right away" in October only to receive another phone call last night (Dec. 20, 2009) stating that they needed more information that had nothing to do with my present employment situation. They had "misread" my file and case again, and that it would not be longer than a week for me to know if I would be "approved" or "not approved". I didn't lose my temper but went into a bit of tears of frustration again and told "John" that I needed to know what was going on before the end of this month and that I couldn't take anymore of Citimortgage's incompetence of not doing what they have been promising to do from their side. "John" told me that I had "his word" that he would get right on top of it and ask the underwriters to please look at their mistake in not seeing the 9 pages of documents that were drawn up from my CPA that were in my file from Oct. 18 and that this is Citimortgage's fault in this "oversight". How could this be an oversight???? "John" also asked me to please understand that they had tons of loans to process and that errors can occur. Now, it is to the point that their countless errors of my over 100 calls of holding from departments from Maryland, California, Texas, Missouri, and there are a few other states and time zones that I haven't mentioned because I don't have my "War and Peace" documentation about my dealings with Citimortgage in front of me as I am writing this. I will make my third payment to Citimortgage in this "trial period" and if I am denied, I read on the consumeraffairs.com complaints from other Citimortgage consumers that legal action works against Citimortgage along with reading about a person who wrote to one of their senators in their states in their horror of dealing with Citimortgage. I am calmed down now at this point and will write the senators and legislatures in Florida, our governor, and I will send a letter to President Obama about this also. This is what seems to work, in my opinion, because like you and countless others who are dealing with Citimortgage, we aren't getting processed and they don't care. I don't read or hear of people getting help with their mortgages from this company. People are losing more homes and are sending in information to Citimortgage, but they aren't doing their part in processing it correctly, and again, they don't care!! This company received one of the largest "bailouts" to help us and they rudely deal with us, put us on hold, give us wrong answers and then get our hopes regenerated only to find out that the information we fax, scan, email and directly mail ends up lost or not added to our files and / or the information is "overlooked" or "misread incorrectly". Citimortgage is not abiding by a direct order of President Obama in helping us. I'm not even beyond suing them for all of the emotional and psychological mistreatment they have done to me in addition to owing me a great sum of money for large cell phone hours with them and ruining my credit. Fight these ###s who are taking our money again after being "bailed out". I would like to hear from any success stories that anyone has had from fighting this monster of a company. Rebecca from Orlando, Florida U.S.A.

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  • Mi
    Milton Morales Feb 15, 2010

    Oh my GOD, it sounds exactly like my story except I applied for a mortgage modification in June making all my payments through Jan, seven months on time and the amount they requested which was 134.00 less than my regular amt. then was told that my modification was denide in Dec.and now they tell me that I owe three months in arreas over 4, 000.00 my account is delinquent which means that my credit is ruined after owning my home for 16, years and maybe lose my home. I am at wits end I'm going to the main branch tomorrow 01-16, -09 to see if somehow I can talk to someone or should I say BEGGG... someone to look into ny account and give me back my dignity, credit, and possibly my home.

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  • Ve
    Verlina May 11, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The exact same thing has happened to us out here in California. Our mortgage is 2349.07 per month our mod payment was $1899.55. I paid all trial payments on time with lasted from June to Nov. They then said you don't qualify for the h.am.p mod but we can qualify you for the in house mod. We made those payments on time as well. Now, they said you don't qualify for any modification and you are behind 2 payments. I asked how and they came up with some crazy story. I am still paying my original payment of 2349.07 current this month. We received a notice of default saying we are still behind the two payments and foreclosure proceeding will begin 5/31/10 if we don't pay the 2 payments that they say are behind. We are so frustrated! I didn't know they can do that!

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  • Ci
    Citi-Lies&Fraud Jul 10, 2010

    The exact same for me too. 18 months of stressful insanity. For six months I have paid HAM payments and listened to Citi agents tell me my documentation is incomplete ( I have provided it in triplicate, with proof). The only reason it is incomplete is because of thier incompetence. The only modifications Citi gives is when the homeowner owes way more then the home is worth. If there is any equity or possibility of Citi getting their money back, they will sabotage your modification, take your home, keep the payments you made, and get a nice tax advantage on the forclosure as well!. They are doing it to me! The same day they told me on the phone " your account is in review...don't worry the forclosure is on hold while the account is in review", is the same day they posted the 'Notice of Trustees Sale on my do0r! I am a single father with two kids, no help, and 20 days left.

    Angry Mike in Ventura, Calif

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  • Sc
    Scauthen Feb 15, 2011

    Well folks there seems to be a number of us. What are we going to do?

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  • Sp
    spowart Apr 28, 2011

    I got sick and got behind on my mortgage with citimortgage. I paid the ENTIRE amount due (3 pmts.) on the 16th of April( the third payment was for the month of April). On the 19th I got turned over to foreclosure AFTER I WAS PAID IN FULL. I called Citimortgage and was told that even though I made the payment on the 16th and GOT confirmation of payment, the payment hadn't actually processed until the afternoon of the 19th and that by that time they had already filed for foreclosure.
    Now If I don't pay the attorneys fees they will continue foreclosure Even though I am currently paid to date.

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  • Oj
    ojmiami Jun 09, 2011

    I have been paying on time and sudenly my statement shows delinquency fees. I called and told me that that due to late payments in 2004 that they never applied to my account. A rep Ms. Tesa gave an ID number 8702 which I believe is bogus treated me very disrespectfuly and hanged the phone on me, told me that I have to pay the delinquecy fees even when she was unable to explain to me why they were posted to my account. For the last few month they have been taking my monthly payments holding them for up to 2 months and applying them to the delinqunecy fees created by them holding the payments. As a shareholder of Citi I feel ashamed of been part of this company and the way they treat the customers.

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  • Ch
    Chico2254 Jul 21, 2011

    We received an email stating we had a balance over 2000. The current months dues plus 1000 from last month. We had sent them 2 money order for the month previous over two weeks ago. So, my fiancee called and asked them what was going on and they told him that their machine only takes out one check at a time from the envelope???? My fiancee asks them where the other check is then and they say I don't know, could be anywhere even though we have sent our payments in this way for over 7 months with no problems!!! Ok so, then we look at putting a stop pay on the check and we call them back and they said well if it went to Urbandale it should be fine (just another example that no one has any clue what they are doing). We tell them um ya we have a copy of the fedex airbill and that's where it went. So they tell us well, you might need to see if it was cashed because it could have been applied to another account-even though our full name and account number was clearly on the front. So, we call the bank where the money order was drafted and they tell us the check was cashed. Now we have to pay for another money order to send to the bank then they will send us a copy of the check front and back. Of course Citimortgage is taking no responsibility for any of this and now we are having to jump through hoops because of their incompetence. I am so mad about this and cannot believe what idiots they have running this place. Not to mention their customer service, well they have absolutely none! I agree with everyone, this company is horrible and I cannot believe they are still in business.

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scam charges

I have gone through painstaking efforts to get my mortgage paid on time since Citimortgage bought my mortgage form LaSalle Bank (now called Bank of America).

For years I simply went to LaSalle Bank and paid my mortgage on the 15th or 16th (or the following Monday if the 16 landed on a Saturday or Sunday) since I got paid on the 15th.

Citimortgage informed me that there is no physical location that I can pay my mortgage within 173 miles of my home. I can't mail my mortgage because it must get paid after the 15th, but before the 16th which is the last day I can pay my mortgage on time. For several months I was forced to call in my mortgage for a $20 fee.

In order to stop these $20 fees the Bank of America branch manager helped me set up an account that receives my mortgage payment from my employer's direct deposit on the 15th and automatically wires my mortgage payment to Citimortgage on the 16th. In August, September and October of 2008 my Bank of America account wired my mortgage payment on time, however Citimortgage shows that my payments were received one day late and added a $57. 87 late charge each time.

After meeting several times with the branch manager at Bank of America to establish the exact time that the mortgage payment is wired to Citimortgage, it was determined that my mortgage payment was wired to Citibank before 3AM on the last day I could pay my mortgage in time. However, it turns out that Citimortgage needs time to acknowledge the wire transfer and always receives it one day later. After spending hours talking with Bank of America and Citimortgage customer service no one could come up with a way that I could pay my mortgage on time.

A coworker suggested that my mortgage be direct deposited directly from my employer. I spoke with Citimortgage customer service and they said it is possible to do this and gave me the routing number, citimortgage account number and other required information to do this. This will get the mortgage payment to Citimortgage on the 15th (one day earlier) and hopefully will be acknowledged by Citimortgage on the 16th and on time. My mortgage will be payed this way starting November 15, 2008.

At the request of a Citimortgage customer service representative, I faxed a this information to have the 3 late fees removed. I just got their response today that they will not remove the late fees so I am going to have to cough up another $173. 61 and possibly more if my new method of payment isn't satisfactory to Citimortgage.

  • Sa
    sangeez2005 Apr 28, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    They are the biggest thieves that I have ever come across

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interest/sayingwehave a late payment

I have a mortgage with citimortgage, account # [protected]-5 lori b snyder, I wrote a certified letter about 8...

cust. service / rudeness

My husband robert monroe has given cust service permission to speak to me many times cecelia monroe lost the house in their divorce. I am his new wife I have 3 people interestes in buying the house now since may and no one will listen to us. Now my husband has passed away so I am your only source of info. I have poa over all assets. U need to call me [protected] asap cecelia is court ordered to stay off the property ans not to get involved and is not to benefit of any oversale money I have all court papers to prove this call me!!! Account # [protected]-9 and do not be rude or I will seek an attorney for how I have been treated by your reps!!! Thank penny l. (Cooper) monroe

flood insurance scam

I have mailed proof of Flood Insurance for our Condo in Boulder to CitiMortgage Inc Insurance Center, Box 7706, Springfield, OH [protected] on four separate occasions since our former policy expired in early June 09. The flood insurance policy is also available on-line. In spite of this, Citi has taken out Flood Insurance on the property. We received the most recent demand today, August 15th. Citi has never answered any of our communications. This is clearly a scam to intimidate and harass the motgage holder. The mortgage covers only 20% of the value of the property and we assume Citimortgage would like us to pay off the loan. As a shareholder of Citibank, I am at a loss as to why this Company would try to alienate a client paying 8% interest.

  • Mp
    mpaco3028 Nov 22, 2010

    THIS COMPANY is without measure. I've never felt so abused in my life.
    I have the same exact problem. My insurance is 3 x's the value of my loan. The problem I had...Original loan papers only required me to insure the value of the loan...but after winding up at Citi after the loan being sold on two previous occasions, they demanded the full amount allowed by FLood Insurance program or the value of the home.
    This was and is not located on my loan papers...HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN TO HONEST CITIZENS who pay their mortgages? BECAUSE OUR LOANS ARE OWNED BY THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT...FREDY/FANNY

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mishandling from a to z

In the last 3 years citi mortgage has been an absolute nightmare to deal with. In the last segment of the disaster to get a Home Modification approval we finally got a huge package to fill out and send back with a timeline of 4 days to complete. I did so and was very excited about the lowered payment and gathered every thing requested. After contacting the company Citi hired to handle this to see if everything is ok and if they need anything else I was told each time they need this, they need that, they did not get this... so and so forth. Stalling tactics. Only do I find out if I call. We never get any info unless we call. Hours upon hours spent on phone and nothing ever gets done. Then, the last straw came today, when I called citi they told me to disreguard the payment they agreeed on for us that is must be an error and our new payment will be such and such. About $700.00 more than the agreed amount THEY sent us. I am so devasted I cant function today. We need help from the GOv!!!

  • Mi
    michael k. Aug 13, 2009

    its been a year now that I have been calling and trying programs for re modifiying my current home loan. I had the same experience. I complete the forms necessary as instructed, mail, fax and get no response until I hunt them down for an answer. Then the same thing happens, they say they need time to get back to me, are not clear if they received the paper work when I ask for a confirmation, months later get a denial letter. I wnet thru just about every program they rolled out, spoke with every tema they have, called all numbers and departments. I leanrned they pocketed all of our current and future tax dollars, the gov. loans or bailouts where not to help us, the primary home owner, and will only entend the help if your request is presented or represented legaly. This is done to retain the highest of the dollars and dispurse the least amount they can in order to stay afloat. I think the media should take my phone recordings and throw it back in their face for what they are doing to hard working and struggling american fathers like me and every other family or home owner out there going thru what they call hardship. I spoke with the HAT team for the HAM program, loss and litigation team, was assigned a councler without an extension, got the name Don Alexander but good luck getting in touch with the wiZard of Oz. I have sent in applications twice for hardship, given my hud for all the new tools as they roll them out for a over the phone approval, and get denied every request. They seem to find a excuse from any angle they can. I am up to 100+ pages of notes now, sent them everything but blood samples and sick to my sould as to what they are getting away with. The classic move & I know anyone who experiences this is going to get a chill down there back when I say this is "WAITING ON HOLD AFTER THE PHONE BLENDER & THEN THEY HANG UP ON YOU", THEM CALLING YOUR HOUSE TO SPEAK WITH YOU & HANGING UP ON YOU WHEN YOU ASK IF THEY CAN UPDATE YOU WITH YOUR CASE.

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  • Ms
    Ms. Cameron Dec 17, 2009

    I have been trying to get a modification since March 09. When working with them on my own they turned me down said I didn't have enough income. I got a HUD Counselor and 2 weeks after he contacted them I got my trial packet. It said pay this amount for 3 months then you are approved, well it's 6 months now and I get excuse after excuse. In November they said I don't have enough income, I corrected that, then they said they found something in my credit report, I confronted them on this and they said it was probably an error but the real reason is I need 9 months left on my unemployment, and they stated they want me to pay back all the money for the last 6 months ( the difference between the new and the old mortgage) but the letter they sent that said I was in default demanding payment did not even deduct what I had paid over the last 6 months.

    This week 12/14/2009 when I called to get an update THEY HUNG UP ON ME TOO?

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  • Pr
    pressures on Dec 23, 2009

    this is true .i provided citimortgage with all documentation 4 times certified mail and faxed -i kept track of it and they still say they never got it and sent me a letter stating help would be canceled under the hamp program if they did not receive, -i wrote my senator, congressman, attorney general and made complaints citimortgage.i kept the pressue on till i was too weak mentally to continue-these people are ###! i believe they do not want to participate in this it is costing them billions.there customer service (before their dropped calls, mistatements, and lies w/names ), were all carefully documented -i have a file of over 200 pages since my ordeal started-not until you hound the ### out of them -call them on their own mistakes, record and document everything do you even have less than half a chance to get loan mod completed that you qualify by law.everyone keep the pressure on complaincomplain complain to every government entity-most of complaints can be done on line.

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  • Kk
    KKMK Jan 13, 2010

    I can't even begin to say how frustrated I am. I have been in this process since February 2009! 2 programs...of course after I completed the first one they said this one is no longer active I had to start another one! I completed the second program in November '09 and finally receive my final modification letter today (1/13/10). And guess what they did for us! Our mortgage has been reduced by $227 per month and my principle balance is now $9100 more than when I started. I have 5 late payments on my credit report and the mortgage is still more than we can afford. I have done everything I was suppose to. Sent in documents multiple times, made every payment on time and it has gotten us nowhere but further in debt. I have no idea what to do now. Maybe if I would have done what people who don't give a crap do and just not pay my mortgage, save my money, live in my house for free and wait for them to kick me out We'd be better off now! Thanks!

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  • Pm
    PMar Jan 15, 2010

    My husband lost his job 10-08 due to the economy. We were not late on our mortgage or any of our bills. We were being proactive in March 2009 when we applied for our Mortgage Modification. It has been a nightmare. I just got off the phone with them, after sendin documents by fax and mail six times, they are requesting them again! Our credit which was excellent has taken a dive even though we were assured in the beginning that our credit would not be effected. I am not sure what to do that this point. I know people that don't care about their credit that now has better credit scores than us. I am so upset.

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  • La
    laurajg Jan 29, 2010

    I have just received at least the fourth request to send documents to CitiMorgage. They are also asking for documents that do not even exist center as the tax records for 2009. I have tried to call there on several occasions and there is no answer. I also received a letter from CitiMorgage not the ham program, saying that I was in forbearance in foreclosure was eminent. I have made my monthly payments timely and I have done it a electronic flight so there is a document trail showing that. When I called them and they said all year in the modification program just disregard the letter there sent out by computers. I don't know who to call about this horrendous mess or whom to write. I don't know if the congresspeople or the secretary in Washington would do any good. I am just so frustrated and ticked off that consumers are getting shafted this way. If I was on Wall Street I could get a bonus for this ignorant behavior.

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  • La
    Lanisa Mar 20, 2010

    i sympathize with all of posts. I began the ham (home assistance modification program) in May 09. After sending in every document, paying every bill, and calling repeatedly, I got absolutely nowhere. In fact, I ended up worse off than when i began the process.

    When I started, I was current on my payments. I had taken in a roommate to make ends meet. I had good credit and a tiny bit of savings in my account. Still, my job cut my pay and I had a super bad loan (10 years interest only @ nearly 7% interest rate).

    On March 15, I checked my account online. A message read "Your account is in the final stages of review. We expect to approve your modification in three business days." I phoned on March 19th and discover that my modification had been denied.

    The denial was rough enough. But, on top of that, I now 0we $20k for the reduced payments that I made while on the trial period, my credit score dropped more than 50 points and I have NO recourse. Plus, since I am still behind on payments and now have bad credit I can't even b e considered for a refinance with another company.

    On top of all of this, the Citimortgage rep that I spoke with recommended that I put my home on the market as a short sale.


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  • Mi
    MickyDDD Apr 07, 2010

    All of these Citimortgage HAM complaints are legit! I have been dealing with Citimortgage since the program began last year (over a year) and still have not been accepted. Just recently, they said that I was $5.00 over the limit and didn't qualify. After I got layed off from work and started to receive unemployment. ... they said that I still didn't qualify.

    Citimortgage is so dishonest to work with... I will not get another mortgage with them in the future!

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insurance check

After storm damage to my house, the insurance company made the settlement check out to me and the mortgage company. It was our understanding that we would endorse the check and send it to citimortgage, along with requested documents, and they would immediately send us a check for half the amount so we could begin repairs. Two weeks later we are still waiting for the check, and now they have informed us it will be made out to us and to the roofer. I explained to them that the roof is only one part of the damages. We need to money to pay for other repairs. The roof won't even be done for several weeks. We have already had electrical work done for over $3, 000. The electrician is still waiting for payment. We sent the invoice to citi, and they said they don't know why we sent it!!! We are also supposed to be reimbursed for tree cleanup for $500. We sent a statement on this and again, they act like they don't have to pay us. Very frustrating. We need a lot of other repairs done and they will not release the money!!! Who do I complain to????

  • Da
    Davidpissedoff Jul 17, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    in my situation, citibank allso told me I would get half of the 13000.00 + thousand. I sent in along with the indorsed check the estimates and paper work that I down loaded from there site. Now they want estimates on material cost to put my house back together, the cost to cleanup the storm damage.they were not interested in, this will need to be paid before I order any parts to fix my home.I will get them there estimates, but I need the check written out to me, not the bidder, I am quite capable of doing the work myself. would like to know if anyone ever got all of there money.looks like a lawyer to me.

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escrow mishandling

This has got to be the worst and most incompetent mortgage company out there. I used to think it was Countrywide but perhaps their record has been topped. CitiMortgage, during the poor transition of my account from Countrywide, made duplicate payment of my insurance and tax payments after Countrywide had also paid and as a result, my escrow balance went into the negative. Rather than acknowledge and fix the error, they pointed fingers at Countrywide. They further compounded the problem by telling me they were going to base my 2009 tax payments on what was paid in 2008. How stupid! They said they were doing so b/c they did not have access to 2009 information. I've told them repeatedly that I have the information but they fail to consider it. I have since sent in $1481 for escrow and they have yet to appl;y it to the account, rather it is sitting in an "un-applied funds" pot. They have literally turned routine mortgaging into a nightmare.

  • Ho
    HOMEOWNER810 Dec 15, 2009


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bi weekly and loan modification issues

Everything has been fine with CitiMortgage for years. We have had no issues for 6 years, of course, we have not had to deal with them over the phone in that time. The last month has been unbelievable though.
First off, we applied for the Bi-Weekly advantage plan. Three bi-weekly payments had been taken out, with $25 of the $300 initiation fee taken out of each installment, before we had received the first monthly statement from CitiMortgage. Only two of the installments had been entered into our CitiMortgage account, the third was still being held by FNC Insurance. We noticed the bi-weekly installments were nothing more than a third party company taking $200 extra per installment and paying the payment in full once a month with $400 extra towards the principle. We looked at this and thought, "why do we need to pay a company to do this for us?" I called CitiMortgage and they said they had nothing to do with this and I needed to contact FNC Insurance company (should have read the fine print which states it is a third party company). CitiMortgage provided the number. I called FNC Insurance and asked them to cancel my policy... The gentleman said no problem, and faxed me a "notice of cancellation" to sign and return to them. I also requested FNC Insurance company to return my third installment, which they were still holding. The same guy said, "no problem, just sign and return the "notice of cancellation" and we'll gladly return your money. I looked at the form and it clearly states "FNC Insurance Co. reserves the right to keep any fees not yet collected." I told the guy I would not sign this form unless I was guaranteed FNC Insurance Co. would not keep any of my third installment they were holding on to. I also asked for them to return the $75 of startup fees they had already collected because I did not want to keep the Bi-Weekly plan. The guy said to write up a complaint letter, sign it and fax it in and they would look over it. I wrote the complaint letter and faxed it in. I called back and the same guy said they looked over it and would be returning my payment in full, without the $75 of startup fees already accumulated because we were three installments into the plan. I agreed to this. He said all I needed to do is sign the "notice of cancellation" form, send it in and the check would be sent out immediately. I signed the form and wrote a note on the bottom stating "my signature does not authorize FNC Insurance Co. to take out any additional fees as previously agreed upon." I called back the next day and they stated the check had been mailed. I asked the amount and the rep stated it was $300 less than we had agreed upon. I spent the next 2 1/2 hours on the phone pleading my case to no avail before losing my temper and of course any hope of getting my $300 back.

A few days after this, I find out I have a 25% reduction in pay at work. A few days after this I have CitiMortgage calling me to find out where my monthly payment is. The one I am now scrambling to figure out how to pay. I tell the rep that I have all but $300 of the payment and they would have to contact FNC Insurance Co. for the rest of it. Of course this wouldn't happen with CitiMortgage because they have NO IDEA who this 3rd party company is and only refer to them as an "acquaintance." So now I'm out a monthly payment. Great.

I transfer to the Loan Modification Department to see if maybe I can get my payment reduced. The minimum federal requirement is 31% HTI ratio. I provide my newly adjusted income and find out by their calculations I am at 30.34% HTI and I don't qualify. I do my own calculations and find myself closer to the maximum, at 36.5%. I inquire as to why our calculations are different, the guy could not explain it. So I check a little more and find out his calculation works perfectly if you do not include the impound account. I let him know the federal qualifications include the impound account. He puts me on hold to talk to his supervisor, whom I am eventually transferred to. They state CitiMortgage DOES NOT include the impound account in their calculations and ARE NOT required to!!!

Oh, and I also tried to get my past due balance added on to the end of my loan and CitiMortgage DOES NOT IN ANY CASE allow this either.


  • Fi
    FIGHTER Aug 22, 2009


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  • Je
    jerkoff223 Aug 30, 2009

    You should have never paid anyone to do a bi-weekly mortgage payment. You can do this yourself. You could have sent as little as $50 per month extra principal and reduced your mortgage yourself, with no out of pocket cost. When ever I see bi-weekly mortgage programs, that you actually have to pay to set up I think, are there really people this stupid that would pay to do this? Yes, there still is.

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  • Lo
    Lord von Manor Sep 02, 2009

    My mortgage lender is B of A and I'm going through a similar issue. Two years ago I refi'ed my home and at the time they offered me a Bi- weekly program with a one time fee. I paid the extra month in mortgage and I think a fee of 400 dollars. From time to time I called and checked to make sure this program was working. It sure was until last week I received a Payment Enrollment Form from B of A. I called the Rep at B of A and He tells me I have to re-enroll in the plan and pay an addition month mortgage with a $5 bi weekly fee. But why do I have to do this when I already paid the upfront fees over 2 years ago? He replied I never was on the Advanced Payment Plan. I was on a plan designed for people who could not afford their mortgage. Um, so maybe this is an error. So what happened to the extra mortgage I paid? REP: What extra months mortgage? What happened to the interest I saved by being on the program? Rep: What saved interest? What Advanced Payment Program? Sir, The program never existed! But if you would like to sign up for the program I can help you with that. All you need to do is pay Octobers mortgage now(sep. 1) and $4.90 in additional fees bi weekly. Me: Wait a sec. why would I do that again when I already did this two years ago? Wait a minute; earlier you said the program does not exist! Rep: Sir, there is no advanced Payment program. Me: [Click], [Click], [Click], [Click], [Click] - repeat! Now my head hurts so bad.

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  • Tr
    tracymace Feb 06, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    FNC insurance ageny contacted me through Citibank mortgage to enroll in biweekly payments. Wanting to pay my mortgage down quicker, i enrolled and paid a hefty enrollment fee. Two years later I am now being cancelled with no refund of my enrollment fee.
    Thanks FNC insurnace Agency (citibank subsidiary)

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  • Li
    liztn Feb 18, 2014

    Same here. After 6 years they cancelled my plan with no refund. When I asked when they were sending my refund back the woman, that maybe spoke English as her third language, once she understood me, asked if my contract said they would refund it if they cancelled it. I told her I didn't know but it did say they would provide a service they were no longer going to provide. So mad i could spit.

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  • Rk
    Rkr2014 Mar 11, 2014

    Same just happened to us! We received a letter they are without notice canceling our biweekly plan! No refund ( yes we were stupid enough to pay a fee for to start up the biweekly plan!) I hate citimortgage and so do all the realtors I have spoke with . We called to ask why they cancelled the plan to an agent who I can hardly understand since she had issues speaking English! We asked for a refund to be told someone will get back to us! Yea right! When pigs fly!

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