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Citifinancial Retail Services / Beware!

1 CA, United States Review updated:

I will never do business with Citifinancial Retail Services!!

I bought a bed through them and paid off the balance, only to get another bill for financial services. When I called, they gave me some B.S. on needing to pay interest by day.

You have to call and ask what is the amount you have to pay in order to discontinue services. When I asked if paying the amount listed on the bill will eliminate my services, he said no "that's just the balance." There are hidden fees that will continue to charge you for even if you pay the balance.

I have almost paid twice what the bed is worth from all the finance charges and B.S. from this company.

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  • Um
      19th of Jun, 2008
    +2 Votes

    Thank you for submitting and sharing your experience with us.

    Recently I received a letter from Citi financial saying how I am pre-approved for a loan (which would be used to consolidate) however, after reading your horrible & shared experience on your bed, I decided to decline the offer.

    They seem to take people for granted & it appears the different departments within the organization can't quite communicate to each other regarding their clients nonetheless, I will continue on my quest to find a company to help that's actually not going to screw me.

    I hope you get the money back that they owe you...good luck & thanks again.


  • Re
      2nd of Jul, 2008
    -2 Votes

    To The Consumers of America:
    Thankyou for makeing cusomer service jobs that much harder. How many of the people you eal with on a daily basis are that bad? and what ownership do you have in your problems. It seems people except
    mindreaders, magicians and Santa Clause to be on the other end of the phone or working at the retail store. GROW UP!!!

  • St
      7th of Oct, 2008
    +2 Votes

    I completely agree! Citifinancial is the worst company to do business with. I will NEVER use Citifinancial again for any matter and I suggest everyone else do the same. I have had repeated issues with wrong charges, horrible customer service, late fees when the payment was received on time, hidden fees and many other complaints! I am using the retail service and they only way to make a payment without being charged is by sending in a check. If you want to make a payment by phone there is a $15 charge added onto your payment. This is NOT right in any way what so ever! I fully know that they are NOT charged $15 to process a payment like they claim! This company is extremely unethical and fradulent! NEVER USE CITIFINANCIAL FOR ANYTHING BECAUSE THEY WILL RIP YOU OFF! I hope this company is shut down for their horrible practices!

  • Le
      3rd of Jan, 2009
    +2 Votes

    Thank you HoboKitty. Your words are being heard, I hope not only to the consumers, but to an ear with authority.

    I'm in the process of paying off my interest free credit - final due date in 2 weeks. I too have been worrying of a scam, late arrival of valid payment, etc. Hence my google search on this such topic. Anything that is too good to be true, 0% interest, usually is.

    I'm paying off my bill today! I'll spend the extra $15 it takes to make it happen by bill pay across the phone.

  • Ma
      9th of Jan, 2009
    +2 Votes


    I purchased some furniture with Rooms To Go and used their offer of 12 months no interest program. This program is through Citi Financial. If you do not pay off the balance by the 12 month due day then they charge you accrued interest. I sent my balance off to them of $2199.98 a week an a half before the due day. I did this so the check would clear in time. I called to find that they had only posted $2099.98 to my account leaving a balance of $100. I do believe the reason behind this is so they could "TRY" and collect interest on the full balance. I have dealt with this company in the past and have gone though similar problems. I am so glad I called and checked the balance or I might have had to go postal. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS INSTITUTION!

  • So
      13th of Feb, 2009
    +2 Votes

    I will also NEVER do business with anyone or anything that is related to "Citi". I was making my $40 payment every month and right around Christmas time my payment happened to be 2 days late. They tacked on another $40 and started adding finance charges. On another occasion my payment got in their mail a day late and they charged $40 again... on a $40 payment. Ridiculous. I don't know if other Credit companies do that, but all of my other bills only charge a few cents or a couple of dollars for a late payment. They certainly do not double the payment.

    It is time that Americans stand up and refuse to do business with these criminals that are only out to rip you off.

  • Ar
      2nd of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    We too have been a victim of CITIFINANCIAL RETAIL SERVICES my husband is deployed over seas
    and has been since 2007, The account / debt is in his name after his deployment I sent citifinancial retail services copies of all required documents allowing me to act and or speak on my husbands behalf about this account. Well not only will citifinancial retail services NOT speak to me they claim they dont have any documents reguarding the deployment, then they all EVERY day starting at 7:00AM asking for my husband then saying he need to call them asap! I once again tell the deployment story and all I get is 'please fax all documents to our military dept.' been there done that ALL I want is to find out hhow much is owed and pay it OFF... instead citifinancial retail services desides to post NEGATIVELY to all three credit agency's That is no allowed because no company can report negative findings when a person is deployed.I've called every day for that last month trying to settle this and all CITIFINANCIAL RETAIL SERVICES can do is harass people and ruin their credit...
    pissed off wife of deployed soldier

  • Sh
      9th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    I agree!! They give you the run around and they mislead you. I tried to workout paying them and they stalled me by saying you can take a personal loan out. I refused because they are already raping me. Thats when s*** hit the fan they have now sent me to court for being 2 months behind. I hate CitiFinancial with a passion!!! They are corrupt and thugs when is the law going to change and go after these modern day crooks!!!

  • To
      27th of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes

    Hello, I was just reading your posts. Well for some reason I could not rest last night. I had some suspicions about citifinancial for a little while now. I have a citifinancial brance down the street from where I live. So to make a long story short, I make my September Payment and it was closing time. They wrote me out a receipt. So when I recieved my statement for the next month, it said there was no activity. So when I called them, they acted as if I was campletely out of my mind until I told the lady that I was coming into the office with the hand written reciept signed by the lady that took my payment. When I got to the office, all of a sudden, they found my payment. I have also experienced going to the office on a Friday, before they were supposed to close, and no one was there. So I left my payment inside the door and I was charged for beign late. The craziest is, I Had to borrow money from them just 2 weeks ago. I hated to do this but I had to. The remaining total balance on my account was $1400--give or take. I only borrowed $1500 more. Ok Yall ready for this? Principal Balance, $3200.00 - Finance Charge -- $2300----So what I dont get is, if the total owed before was only 1400, which included the finance charge because that was the total that I owed, and I only borrowed 1500.00-- Why is the Finance charge for borrowing 1500 --$2300---Keep in Mind that the TOTAL owed before getting this $1500 loan was only $1400.00. The Finance charge was included in the $1400. So I still have to pay the ($1400.00 which included the finance charge) Plus the $1, 500.00 that I borrowed Plus the $2300.00 finince charge. Yes, So again I only owed $1400.00. I borrowed $1500.00 -Fininace Charge is $2300.00. So I now have a beautiful total of $5600.00 that I owe Citifinancial. Not only that some of the information on my application is years old. They only updated certain parts. I spacificly remember telling the lady that my email name started with a T as in Tim, which is "tot" but when I looked at my application it was coc...not only that, the amount that I pay in rent was wrong. She never asked me how much rent I paid. I have not applied with them for a couple years and everyone and their great granny knows that rent Goes up every year. So I might have to add this to Mr. Obama already full plate, or send it to a radio station so they can BLAST it.

  • Ja
      22nd of Feb, 2011
    0 Votes

    I keep on receiving these pre-approved statement. When I call the branch that is the closest to me, just now @ 6:15pm, they're like "oh sure! no problem! let me give you the phone number to call... etc" .. I cut her off right there, because it's the same BS over and over again, and I had called whatever number to stop receiving these pre-approved loan and seems like it's not working! So the woman, she F'ing puts me on hold or mute me, so it seems like i lost her; I was telling her that I didn't care that she gives me a phone number, and that SHE should take care or it! When she gets back on the phone, I was like "Did u hear me?" she replied, "Yes I did! thanks and have a nice day!" . F'ing B*!ch! I called back, and someone (else maybe) answered "yes? yes?", I'm like "Who is this?", she then replies "It's Marise Dubois". I'm like "Don't you introduce yourself when you answer the phone and you work in a bank?" She answered back "We are closed since 5:30pm!" What a f'ing BS. WORSE COMPANY EVER TO DEAL WITH!

    I go online, grab the "contact us" number, where supposedly you can reach them for 24hrs, 7 days a week; guess what, "the number you are trying to reach is not a valid citi number"! ! ! ! ! ! WT[censored]

  • Pa
      9th of May, 2011
    0 Votes

    I could not agree more. My wife and I got a loan with Citifinancial over 5 years ago for $8, 000 when we moved to Calgary, Alberta for work. It's 2011 and we're still paying on the damn thing with our balance having inflated to over 12 grand and a whopping interest rate of 22.99%! All this time I have been paying mostly interest, which keeps on compounding by the day, and I have no idea when the hell I'll be able to pay this off. I should have never got this loan in the first place, but we were hurting for cash and it seemed like a good solution. We are just the kind of suckers the Citi preys upon and they further your pain with their so called customer appreciation days, which only gets you further in debt to them though they don't let you know that. Citifinancial are nothing short of loan sharks and I strongly urge anyone from doing business with them as you will stuck with them for life, unless you win a damn lottery or take out a loan somewhere else just to get rid of them.

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