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Citifinancial / Rude customer service, false pretense of hope

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Phone: 800.532.7320

This company has been nothing but a joke since I got behind on my payments. Eveytime you call in a representive gives you a different excuse. December my mother called in to get a deferal, they told her she had to pay a payment to zero out the balance. She did.. Then they told her to get a deferal both of us had to be jobless. Recently a rep called and advised we could do a deferal as long as we were under the 30 days. I called in and was given the false pretense that I could get a 2 or even 3 month deferal. Suposedly they tried to contact me and I ended up getting denied. These people are rude and ridiculous. Every step higher you take it seems they get ruder. They contact family mambers I don't even talk to on Sundays. I have been threatened and treated like I am a complete idiot. They contact my mother at her government job and ask questions like 'is you parking lot secured?' to co-workers that anser the phone. I finally blew up and told them the only way they'd get the car is by me blowing it up and sending to them in pieces. Today by Ms. White I am told that is a terrorist threat. I am pregnant, have a child, and we recently had to close our business. I am the only one working. Do you think some compasion could be shown? All I am told is your are 37 days behind either pay or give us the location.. What is worse is this dispicable company and it's employees will always have the upper hand no matter what you do. Do you give the vehicle up so they auction for way cheap and garnish up to 50% of your check or pay the payment and continue to let these ---fill it in--- treat you like you do not matter?

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  • Do
      28th of Jan, 2009
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    what you need to do is tape record 'their' phone conversations and then contact the better business bureau! Complete line of bull with every rep you talk to. Thank you Citi-financial-Auto for ruining what started out to be a beautiful day for two great people. I really hope none of your employees have their loans with you and get into financial trouble.

  • Du
      28th of Nov, 2009
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    We are getting the same type of run around. January 15, 2009 my husband was laid off of work. We called to see if we could get our payments reduced by way of refinancing our loan or trading down. The man I spoke with said sure, go find a trade that will lower your payments to what you think you can handle and we will finance the trade. We went and found an older pick-up and the payments were going to be just under $300 with our trade paid off. We were seriously upside down on this vehicle mind you and the dealership was good to us because we have traded with them many times before. We called Citifinancial Auto and they said no way. Nobody here would have told you to do that. We were taken aback. We then appealed for a refinance to lower our payment and they said no, but if we paid a payment they would add a payment to the end of our loan. That was our only optioan, then if my husband still wasn't working, they would consider a refinance. We did this and while I was able to aquire a pt/on-call teller position at a local bank, my husband was still unemployed. We then appealed again for a refinance and were told that if we paid a "qualifying" payment they would refinance the loan. We paid the "qualifying" payment which put us behind on my student loans and phones the company to see what payment they were able to arrange via refinance They said we did not qualify and were no longer doing the refinancing. We then decided that it was no longer working to work with this company and they were going to have to come up with an actual agreement with us to lower our payments if we were going to pay another dime. ok, so we are told for another qualifying payment since it had been too long, they would lower our payments for six months we asked them to put it in writing and they refused. We sit here, our car well hidden, until they get their heads our of their butts to help us. As a side note, my husband has recently been diagnosed w/ squamous cell carcinoma of the conjunctiva. It was removed be threatens to return already. We need help from this company to keep our car. All we get is the run around and treated like idiots.

  • Ph
      7th of Jun, 2010
    0 Votes

    They took out two payments on us and only one was authorized for the month of May. They proceded to process both payments. In turn put us behind yada yada yada. Ok now heres the funny part. I called to get my payment back, that didnt work unless I had paperwork "Faxed" to them. Can i get someone who speaks english please? I've asked to talk to a manager over and over, they keep telling me to call back or they'll call me. I asked to speak to someone different because I could not understand what they were saying and they told me to call back and hung up on me. Again, english please? Where is this company located at? I cant get one person that speaks normal english without such an indian accent. Its been two weeks and still aint got my money back. Its in "approval department" whats there to approve? i didnt authorize it?

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