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Complaints & Reviews

Financial predators

Citi Financial Auto has the worst customer service ever. Like most people in this bad economy I lost the job I had when I first took out the loan. The job I was able to get was only a part-time job and it did not cover all of my bills, my situation was made worst by the fact that I had to leave my son's father due to the onset of abuse. This made things even worst because I was left with having to look for another place to live and I had to deal with even more expenses on a part-time job budget. This forced me to have to make the decision from Aug of 09 to the present, March of 2010, Do I pay my rent this month or do I pay my car note? For the first three months of the mentioned time period I was able to pay them half a payment each month only to fall back the next. When my ex became inconsistent and then finally nothing with his child support I was not able to pay Citi Financial anything after December. Needless to say I was anticipating My tax return. When I was informed that my taxes would arrive on the 9th of March I called Citi Financial to let them know that I would be able to make my account current. They said great no problem and took my information. Friday the 5th of March, A man came to my job and tried to repossess my car. He could not find my car in the parking lot and had to ask for me in the front office. I informed the man that this must be a mistake because I had already made arrangements with them to make my account current on the 9th. He tells me to contact them and work it out, and then give him a call back. I checked my bank account to find that my taxes were deposited into my account earlier than expected. I immediately made a payment on line, they have it set up with Western Union so I had to pay $14.95 to process the payment that way. I call Citifinancial back and I tell them what happened and what I did. The rep tells me that he can see the payment and that all I had to do was call the man who tried to pick up my car and let them know that I had just made payment, and that he needed to call them. I did just that and the repo man said that usually they will contact them right after payment has been made, but just in case they don't he wanted my number so that he could call me later if he hadn't heard anything. He never called me, Saturday came and went and still nothing. I thought I was good, until Sunday when I walked out the front door to find my car gone. At this point I wasn't even mad, I was a little annoyed because I felt like when I called to set up payment I should have been informed that they had sent a pick up order on my car. I also was upset that the rep didn't tell me that my car still might be in danger of being repossessed even after I had paid. When I called on Sunday, Customer Service tells me that there isn't anything that they could do because my account was sent to the redemption department and they are closed on the weekends. They also told me that my payment was listed as made but they couldn't stop the repossession order because funds had not cleared my bank. They said that I should have gone to the nearest Western Union location and made payment that way. That was the only way a payment would be considered confirmed immediately. I responded that the rep on thursday did not tell me that, otherwise I certainly would have cancelled the payment I did make and make a payment the way in which she was discribing. She procedes to tell me how much it was going to cost to recover my car, she said about $400 to $600 dollars. I tell her I don't think I should have to be responsible for that since my car was taken after I had made payment, she agreed. Monday I spent all day on the phone with them but getting no where. Most of them were rude and all of them where unhelpful. They told me in order to get my car today I would have to go down to the nearest Western Union location, make a payment of $1, 600 AGAIN. And if I wanted my money back from the first time I paid, than I would have to try and retrieve that from my bank. I called my bank and they told me that the money cleared and that it has already left the bank, and they don't have access to it anymore to get it back. They told me that they sent the money already to Citi. When I called Citi back they told me that even though they have the money, it could be called back at any time and that it couldn't be completely confirmed until after the 10 day waiting period. They would have to wait 10 days before they could release my car. When I aked for a manager everytime I talked to a rep, they told me that the manager was not in, one directed me to a voice mail and the others just said that they would notate my account that I am requesting a manager. So ultimately they are telling me that even though they have my money, they won't release it for another 10 days. Every day that my car is locked up it is costing me an additional $25 dollars a day for them to store it. The only way that they would be willing to release my car to me today, is if I sent another direct payment Western Union, but get this, they said they would not refund me the first payment of $1600. The only way I could get that back was if the bank could get it for me, but we all know they can't because they don't have it anymore. I am going to try to call back again tomorrow to see if I can get a hold of a manager. I need every bit of my money, I am a struggling single mother and I work hard for the little bit I have. I refuse to let them take it from me. I know they feel I am not worth helping, because I did get far behind on my payments, but I refuse to let anyone make me feel bad about choosing to provide a place for my son to live over having something to drive around in. Just because someone falls on hard times that does not give anyone the right to take advantage of the less fortunate. I believe that there is a very special place in hell for Citi Financial, right next to Hitler. Citi Financial Auto is the DEVIL.

  • To
    too much money Mar 09, 2010

    i also had a loan through citi financial auto. estatic that my loan was to be paid in full back in april of 2009, much to my surprise after making what i thought was my last payment, i was informed that i had incurred fees throughout this loan. what do you mean,
    i was late maybe 4 or 5 times throughout my 5 year loan, also paid a convenient fee of $14.95 per month by paying my loan over the phone. now i am told i have $1, 800.00 balance in fees, how on earth is this possible. they sent me my payment history and i still cannot figure out how i owe this money. i explained to them that i should the better business bureau because what they are doing is illegal, without any hesitation he told me to do what i felt i had to do and if i do not pay this balance i will have my vehicle reposessed. now they wanted me to take out another loan to finance this $1, 800.00 i now owe. why would anyone want to finance something they already paid for. i took and gave them $200 or more a month, what i could afford, still listening to the phone ring every month explaining to me that i am late on my payment. what payment my loan is expired and now i owe a payment. and paid them in full by october of 2009, it is now march, 2010 and i still have no title. once again, pick up the phone and try to get an answer. of course they explain they mailed it to me in november but i can call another 800 number to order another one, another one, here we go again. they of course give me another number to contace and guess what i can have a title printed off my computer which is not a real title, or i can pay some more money to citi financial auto to get an official title.

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  • Wo
    woundedarmyvetmomof3 Mar 21, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Call your Attorney Generals Office and see if you can get help. Email me at [email protected] and I have some information that can help you. My name is Claudine and I was in a battle with Citi Financial Auto and delt with IDIOTS! I have numbers to help. Put citi in the subject line so i know its you if you want this information. Good Luck and hang in there from another single mom of 3 in TN

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interest rates

I have asked numerous times to have my payment reduced to lower amount or the interest rate capped and to no avail. They advertise on their website for auto refinancing but when you go into that site and call that number that is given they tell us we don't do refinancing. I ask them "Then why do you have it advertised on your website? Shouldn't that be taken out?", they reply saying "Oh I don't know it always has been there I don't know why!"

They are not willing to work with anyone and when you have no alternative but to finance your vehicle from the car dealerships because of stupid errors in credit reporting...people get screwed. They know what they are doing and yet they seem to keep getting away with charging people outrageous interest. I have been paying for my vehicle for 4 years now and it has only dropped by $5, 000...that should give someone in this world a clue as to what's happening here. Still says I have 2 more years to pay yet...when 2 years comes it will still be only 5 grand that I have paid and still owe more than 8 grand...that is not right there is something wrong with this picture.

I would like to have this company investigated and sued for their inappropriate or shall I say callous ways to charge interest to us consumers. They have gotten away with this for TOO long now and something has got to change. The economy is getting worse and I fear when my payments are all paid and everything that they will try to get me for some bogus amount before they will send me my clear title. PLEASE I BEG OF YOU...THIS COMPANY NEEDS TO BE STOPPED!!!

Thank you in advance for allowing me to put in my two cents. Hope you can deal with them and get them shutdown all branches everywhere!

  • Dp
    DPATER12 Apr 08, 2010

    It seems to me that you are just apt to place the blame on everyone else. You have credit reporting errors and then you seem to think that CitiFinancial OWES you a refinance. MOST auto loan companies DO NOT REFINANCE!! If you find one that does PLEASE let me know!!! I have been in the collections industry for over 8 years and I currently work for Citi Mortgage and I can honestly say that though from time to time they do mis inform people...they are 100% there to help people in a financial Hardship...let me ask you this...have you ever had an extension on this account that you are claiming they have not helped you out on? Also, do you pay your payment ON THE DAY IT IS DUE EVERYTIME because the MAIN problem with auto loans is that people don't read their contracts, which is not at all the lenders problem, and they do not know that they have a DAILY SIMPLE INTEREST LOAN which means every time you pay your payment EVEN 1 DAY PAST THE DUE DATE you will be paying extra interest instead of the amount that would have gone towards the Principle (payoff). I have worked for a company that the customer paid on their car for 3 years and owed MORE then they financed so complaining about your $5000 doesn't really get you any sympathy from me. I would find out what your per diem is and start PAYING YOUR BILL ON TIME, then maybe hyou will see your balance come down better!!!

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  • Li
    LISSA7 Jul 22, 2010

    I disagree with the fact about the credit issue.I have made my payments on time every month to Citifinancial Auto for the past 2 years and every month it seems like I am paying more and more interest.SO WHERE IS THE PROBLEM THERE? When I called they told me they do the payments like a credit card but with my credit card my payment still goes down.Citifinancial is overcharging interest and that is how they make their money.I had a higher interest rate with another financing company with the same amount owed and I still paid less interest than I am paying now.I am able to refinance and believe me I WILL

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Deferred payments

Offered deferred payments by Citi Financial on car loan for 45 days, was not told once payments start again that I would only be paying interest and late fees. So time for paid off and I'm thinking wow one payment left of $363.06 I get a paid off of $2803.55 what the ***... I called to speak to someone and they tell me this crap that's it's all my principal and if I can't paid it off they can defer the payment again I offered to pay $2000.00 to get out of this loan and was told all or nothing. Has this happen to any one else.

  • Be
    Becky W Apr 08, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    They did the same thing to us. Ended up paying more. Isn't any of this stuff illegal? Why aren't we as consumers protected? Who is the "go to person" here? No one, just keep paying.

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Auto loan interst

Please contact me if is there a lawyer who is willing to take on Citi financial auto- I am drowning in an...

Payments agreement not being honored

Stay away from any company that uses citifinancial retail services for their financing. They are scammers, liar, and not trustworthy. I set up a recurring payment plan with them on 12/11/09 & changed my due date from the 21 of the month to the 2nd of the month. My current month statement shows that my minimum payment due is $194 and that I was assessed late fees for a payment that was automatically drafted from my checking account on 02/01/10 (Which is the day that the payment posted). Now is shows the payment due date is 03/04/10. With the $39 late fee, the 2 weeks to compensate them for the due date change my account balance is going up and not down. This is the only time I have financed through them and will never do it again.

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I am going through an excruciating process with CitiFinancial Auto, which has been going on for months. I cannot get them to pay me the money they owe me for overage after paying off my loan. I have documentation, names, extension numbers, dates, etc. Please contact me if you would like to pursue a case against them.

  • Ih
    ihatecitifinancial Feb 26, 2010

    i sure as hell would like to sue them ive paid every note except one deferment last year or year before and in january i paid 4 days late but i called them said how much is late note they said 650 instead of my 625 i paid 650 well today feb 26th 2010 i get a call saying that the last payment was jan 18th 2010 for 650 but that went to pay dec 09 payment and that there is no jan payment and i paid feb 10th for this month and they say that they dont have that payment either so theyre saying i owe jan and feb and need to pay today or theyll go to collections oh and they said i deferred in october for 2 months which that never happened so basically theyre saying dec and feb payments are lost but somehow they got januarys and they said jan was paid over the phone but it was a money order there is no records on my account of a payment made jan 18th or jan anything for that matter cause it was a money order oh and this is the second time this has happened

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  • St
    STRIDER123 Feb 27, 2010

    This company is assisting Alqueada to cripple the American public right under our government's nose.

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  • Dk
    DKT4244 Apr 06, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    call them every day. the same thing happend to me and after two months they finally put the money back in my account for the overdrafts they caused. my problem is that when you call them you have no choice but to call and talk to some jack off in india. this pisses me off so much. i too need hardship help. the dumbasses over in india have no clue. any suggestions would be welcome.

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  • La
    lady kodiak Sep 13, 2010


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  • Pu
    purpl96 Sep 20, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I purchased my vehicle aug, 2005 paid it off in full 10/27/09 on 11/5/09 Greenwood towing stole my vehicle out of my driveway. After call the police department they informed me that vehicle was being repo. Call the cheif at the police department told them they need to send a officer to my house. I have a clear title along with a notozied letter from Citi stated that my vehicle was paid in full as of 10/26/09. After the officer call to my house made a few call and said that he would take me to get my vehicle. On 9/18/10 received a letter from Citi/Santander that I own them over 16000. for a vehicle that I have a clear title along with notized letter from this company what would you do.IT tells me that Cit/Santander have a bunch of theif working at this company

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  • Pu
    purpl96 Sep 20, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This company is going to pay

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Collections agencies boy's

Hi sir,
this is mithun badami from davangere, my father (mr jayaraj badami (j. c. badami) & my mother mss nirmala badami) had taken a personal lone from citi financial bank.
1. j. c. badami account no [protected].
the account no of [protected] was made an settelment in bangalore office for 23, 500.00 rs to which the bank had put too mutch of penaltee to this account.
the tottal amount of balance is around 10, 000.00 rs only the rest amount is the penaltee the bank people had told to me when I visited the bangalore branch when I went to give a complent agenest the davangere recovere branch that is image markiting's.
the people who comes to our house they talk in very bad word's the people are prakesh, jyothi & some other boys. they come to the house only on saturday & sunday that to in evening time give the amount today itslf other wise we wont go & they scould us in a very bad words & they shout standing near the gate. some times they tell us we had all redey put the recept you pay the amount now itself they ask us like that. this is the problems we people are facing it in davangere every mounth. in davangere the branch had been closed still today we had not got any intemections that the branch is been closed & all the transgactions will be don by bhakerish where he sit's in image markiting' s... so we request the bank head to take this complent aggenest the manager bhakerish (image markiting's) and I request the bank to send me a final settelment copy to my residence & mail me at [protected]@yahoo. com so that we can make the payement at bangaloere branch if we are satesfied in the final setteled amount by the bank head atorities & I am sure that we are not going to make any payements at bhakerish & davangere recovere branch (image markiting's) if any persons comes to our house from image markiting's we are going to file a complent to police & cunsumar court that they are trataning us in davangere where ever they want in davangere.

2. nirmala badami account no [protected].
the account no of [protected] was made an settelment in bangalore office for 21, 000.00 rs to which the bank had put too mutch of penaltee to this account.
the tottal amount of balance is around 5, 000.00 rs only the rest amount is the penaltee the bank people had told to me when I visited the bangalore branch when I went to give a complent agenest the davangere recovere branch that is image markiting's.
the people who comes to our house they talk in very bad word's the people are prakesh, jyothi & some other boys. they come to the house only on saturday & sunday that to in evening time give the amount today itslf other wise we wont go & they scould us in a very bad words & they shout standing near the gate. some times they tell us we had all redey put the recept you pay the amount now itself they ask us like that. this is the problems we people are facing it in davangere every mounth. in davangere the branch had been closed still today we had not got any intemections that the branch is been closed & all the transgactions will be don by bhakerish where he sit's in image markiting' s... so we request the bank head to take this complent aggenest the manager bhakerish (image markiting's) and I request the bank to send me a final settelment copy to my residence & mail me at [protected]@yahoo. com so that we can make the payement at bangaloere branch if we are satesfied in the final setteled amount by the bank head atorities & I am sure that we are not going to make any payements at bhakerish & davangere recovere branch (image markiting's) if any persons comes to our house from image markiting's we are going to file a complent to police & cunsumar court that they are trataning us in davangere where ever they want in davangere.

thanking you
mithun badami
[protected]@yahoo. com ([protected])


I wish I had never gone to Citifinancial. 2006 I divorced, got the house, (3 kids), refi'd thru CF. Interest rate has gone up. Lost my job in July 2009, child support has been inconsistent...they claim they want to work with me, yet I've caught them in more lies than truths. They told me of the CHAMPS program, I've been ill informed or misinformed about it since the beginning. One person says one thing, another one gives me completely different information. I received a call yesterday from Scott, asked him about the program, was told they could hopefully get me approved, just need to get that payment in this Friday. I got a letter today saying I didn't qualify for the program. The letter I received was from the same office that Scott is in. I wouldn't even be IN this mess if they had taken partial payments to begin with. I've been told before that they could not take partial payments. Last month it was suddenly ok for partial payments. A lot of help that is now. I'll fight them tooth and nail just due to principle. They are not trustworthy...they will tell you whatever they need to in order to get money in their hands. Don't go to yourself the grief.

  • Gr
    Gregory M Karcher Feb 07, 2010

    This is Gregory M. Karcher I fell behind on my payment my car was confiscated I have paid my fees and cnnot contact anyone to retrive my car or contents.Offices are closed and I have also been hung up on because i complained of the one and a half hour wait on the telephone, I have wasted over six hours on the phone trying to contact someone who can help. No one can. I have four small children am unemployed and a full time student. I do not know what to do or who to contact for help.I cannot spend another week on the phone making phone calls that are not answered or to be hung up on. Please help me. again I have paid late fees and am caught up, if losing the car is citi finacials goal then so be it. The inteest fees and hastles are more than one person can handle just to have a loan with this company, please once again help me get away from this mess so I can move on and get another vehicle. I want to drop insurance on car citi finacial has confiscated and purchase another car with someone else who can be contacted and will treat me as a customer not a step child they dont want. I am eager to hear from someone but feel this is a scam of some sort to get more money from me. Please once again i am asking for help the number I am trying to reach is 866-613-6853. They never answer and disconect when you do get threw> If it is true that the calls are monitored then listen.My number is 814-262-7946. My account is number 3323782701. Thank you for your time and again I am seeking help!!!

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Various subjects

too many complaints to list! Just a terrible place to get honest, consistent customer service. (press zero to get a person) Complaints include lost payment, four different addresses to send payments, 2 in writing, 2 by phone. So don't lose your stub or they may never get it! Even if they say they will find it, they didn't and never called. About 1/2 dozen calls got me MEAN RUDE INCONSISTANT ARGUMENTATIVE INFLEXABLE INTERUPTIVE customer service people, including "supervisors". Crappy voice system, never offers a human, just round and round it goes...
My best Recall goes like this --
Payment confusions: [from me or store or them] $40 EACH TIME! the first clerk said they would find my lost payment -- didn't find it - didn't call me back, so my payment was late. ---BAM late fee. Next, was exchanging the bad product that took so long, I didn't make a payment, ---BAM late fee. Product now MORE WRONG so didn't make a payment –BAM late fee. The store refused to make it right -- I hadn't made a payment – BAM another late fee. Surprisingly and eventually Amber at Sleep Train FINALLY got it right, saying she would “handle the finance company”. She didn't or couldn’t but never told me! So, ---BAM another late fee! Then, I made a big payment the 1st week in Jan, long after the Dec statement cycle ended, and I have the Jan statement that doesn’t reflect this, but I found out [purely by accident] Customer Service believes it's a Dec payment!. So, make another payment online today, or ---BAM another late fee! Waived one late fee Nov. 09
THE STATEMENTS: each statement says some crazy amount for the "interest free minimum payment", MUCHO a minor point. I suspect they will wheedle out of getting the interest free anyway in the end. I now see another complaint saying just that, so I really doubt they will honor that in the end!
CitiFinancialRetailServices really are ###s; make me crazy frustrated with every call. Sleep Train wasn't any help denying responsibility for their financier. What a racket I got myself into. -LisaRex of CA

Information told while I took out info-now they are changing

I was told back in October that I was eligible for a Harship-I was trying to get a modification--at that time I rec'd the hardship which dropped my payments appox $200.00-and at that time I was told that this would be for 5 months-and I would be asked after that time if I still needed- and all that I would need to do is tell them that I still needed the relief and they would extend another months-this was told to me by Maurice of Citifinancial-well I recd a letter in Nov asking if I still needed the relief-at the time that I rec'd the letter I called Nov 25th and spoke to Georgia explaining that I was still in need of the relief at this time- she explained that I would have to come in and complete another form-and I stated no problem- the payments are suppose to go back eff 2/2010--I had not heard anything from them-so I called today-and spoke to Maurice again and explained that I had not heard from them and it was getting closer to Feb.-he told me that I would not be eligible because there was a new law with Citifinancial -and that I would have to requalify because of some things and bring all of this new info in, that I did not really understand-but I did ask when this new law went into effect, because everything that they had told me was based on last year-he stated that he had to ask his manager Tangi(not really know if I spelled her name correct)-he put me on hold and came back and said that she said it went into effect 1/2010-and I asked him what does that have to do with what he had expalined to me and our arrangement of last year-he said that he does not make the rules-only have to go by what they tell him-at that time I was so upset and afraid, that I told him not to worry, that I would contact the main office-but there is really no way to find information how to tell any one about the unfairness of their practice-If you are told something and you do what you are ask to do at a certain time-that's what you are expecting and that is what you expect a business to do for you- I forgot he did say if I got him all this information-that things COULD work out better for me-that is all find and good-but just do what you had told me-and if you really want to help-do that after the next 5 months-in which I really don't think they did what they could for me, but me trying to find relief -I have felt messed over-and am really scared and thinking that companies really try to get over on you and then change thins around on you-I know that they have had some financial difficulties-but that is not the way to do your customer, especially when you have always been a faithful custome--I am not really sure if they did all that they could help me they are not living up to what they said


My car got totaled Nov 12, and I have been trying to get my loan paid off so I can move on with my life.

Issue #1: Citifinancial's repeated harassment of my co-signer. Never once do they call me about any payment issues, despite the fact that I made all the payments over the three years in the loan before my car got totaled, or the fact that the insurance payment for most of my loan was made through the insurance company in my name, or the fact that the title was in MY name only!

Issue #2: Cust. service lied about my payoff amount...they said it was $500 something, which I paid weeks ago, and now they're saying I owe $118 beyond that.

Issue #3: Even though I made my car payments through the website for over a year, it won't let me do so anymore.

Issue #4: The # for paying over the phone leads to an error when I pay the $118, they will still be harassing my co-signer until my check clears, which will be days instead of the minutes it could have been if they knew what they were doing.

Issue #5: It says on the website and the phone that my "next payment" of $118 isn't due until JAN 17, 2010. So WHY are these people even calling???

Issue #6: They don't bother sending any kind of statement through the mail to let me know what they expect by when...a couple threatening letters to my co-signer though.

I am SO not surprised to see the large # of other complaints against these people!

  • Sh
    ShayPackrit Feb 17, 2009

    18005255234 and 18038355600 keeps calling me. Twice a day, everyday. I finally called them back. I asked them to quit calling me. They would not unless I gave my name. I am not giving my name to these people. I just want the harassment to stop.

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  • MAC Feb 17, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer









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  • Sh
    ShayPackrit Feb 19, 2009

    My name is none of their business, as I told the jerk on the other end. I don't believe in lying, or I would have said "John Doe". I have no dealings with citifinancial, nor will I ever. I had just received the phone number from Vonage. The person they were looking for no longer had that number.
    I spoke with Vonage. They changed my number. I shouldn't have to do that, but the parasites at Citifinancial want money. Too bad they keep calling the wrong person. I hope all of them rot in hell.

    Oh, and Dr M A CARNARVORO... I'm not dumb enough to use my real name in this post. That's why I wouldn't give it to Citifinancial. I used my COD name. I already knew they were crooks, I didn't want them hunting me down.

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  • Cr
    Cricket Apr 29, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Wow. For a dr. They cannot write well. Citifinancial just puts you on a constant ringer, I have paid my bill and for some odd reason the Indian gentleman could not look up anything... You know they get incentives for getting your name, payments, etc so that's why they are motivated to be rude.

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  • Lo
    Looman Sep 04, 2009

    This company needs to be dissolved. They harrass me at work nearly causing me to lose my job so I can't pay them. Claim to make their own business decision to repo my car, say the call is being recorded which it is not but not knowing it is recorded on my end and reported to the police dept. I think this company needs to be taken over by the Feds for its negative, untruthful an unbusiness like practices. Hoping that this financial institution will be out the door like IndyMac. We don't need these businesses in America!!!

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  • Al
    alamera Sep 06, 2009

    This company has been calling my place of work for a small loan at work . They have been calling every day harrassing me asking me to speak to my manager, then they call and ask for our hr department after I specifically let them know that we are not to receive calls like this at work. They continue to ring the phone. I hang up on them then they call back and speak to one of my coworkers asking for our hr department. This is unconscionable. I would like to have these people investigated for violation of the fair debt collection act. I want to make everyone aware of their practices. It is disguisting!!! I hope the Feds do investigate them -seriously!!! They are praying on people and then abusing them.

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  • Ma
    Mad in Midland Jun 24, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We too have a citi financial loan and what a bunch of unproff. and imature. Anyway my husband has cancer and just had surgery he was off work 9 week we called to tell them about this and ask if we could put one payment off as a curtesy because we've always paid this acccount for the past 3 years early...they came back with running our credit again and saying they would do another 500.00 loan @ 24.99% interest I said no thanks were not that stupid...
    Our payment was due on the 17th with a 10 day grace period...The [censor] from this company started calling our unlisted number repeatly asking when the payment would be made...I took it in last night 5 days late and he would not even look at me ...were paying off this loan asap what a rotten company to deal with...Midland, MI

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  • Dm
    D.M.C Aug 20, 2010

    Whenever late for bill payment, I will receive 4 or 5 Phone Calls each day until bill is paid. They say this is just a friendly reminder and then they try to get personal information about my employment status, when bill will be paid, can they change or rewrite loan, etc.

    I have repeatedly asked CitiFinancial to stop calling my cell phone because this only costs me more money. They say that this is Company Policy and will continue calling until bill is paid. I was not notified or informed of this Company Policy when I applied for the loan. I did not sign any paperwork giving CitiFinancial power to act as my attorney, accountant, secretary, or as my personal assistant watchdog.

    Their job was to arraign the loan. If bill is paid late, that is what the late payment fee is for as long as the bill is paid within the month. If it is not paid, then the loan is default and they turn it over to Collections and inform the Credit Companies. That's it. I am now going to file harassment charges with the Better Business Bureau against CitiFinancial each time they call. I will also be checking with the Federal Trade Commission for violation of section 616 and 617.

    I suggest others do the same.

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Predetory lender

As a former employee of Citifinancial I can tell with all honesty and sincerety that this company is a true Predetory Lender. Citifinancial provides personal loans and mortgages to consumers who have less than perfect credit. They offer interest rates that range from 16% - 30% in most cases. As an employee for Citifinancial we were encouraged to make the biggest loan possible that the customer qualified for. For example, if the customer came in to borrow $1500 for auto repairs but qualified for $7500 we were encouraged to do whatever it took to get them to go for the biggest loan. Even if it meant the customer would struggle to pay a high monthly payment, but still qualified for the loan under Citifinancials ability to pay guidelines, we were to talk them into the higher loan. And to add to the company's bottom line we were made to offer the customer optional credit insurance that would "protect" their loan in the event of death, disability, or unemployment. Of course these products added premiums to the overall cost of the loan and increased the customers monthly payment but if we didn't sell these products we would get written up by our managers. It was highly frowned upon if we did not sell optional credit insurance on each and every loan we made. And as for our mortgages, we had to offer mortgages to prospective customers at interest rates well above sub-prime. The average interest rate with Citifinancial is 12%. How can you possibly sit across the table from someone and tell them it is in their best interest to consolidate a few bills with a mortgage for 30years at an interest rate of 12%?????
Each and every day we had to make solicitation calls to customers that already had outstanding loans with us to get them to refinance (add more money) or start their contract over in order to skip a payment or bring the account up to date. Citifinancial does not want the consumer to ever pay them out. They want to keep refinancing and adding to the balance in an effort to keep you (the consumer) in debt to them. I would never recommend Citifinancial to anyone needing a loan. Go to your local bank or credit union and try first. If you ever get involved with Citi it is not likely you will ever get away!

  • Ci
    Citi Sucks Apr 30, 2010

    OMG!!! I wish I had seen this web site before!! I, too, fell into the Citifinancial web!!
    I was going through a divorce and had racked up some debt, so I thought I will get a debt consolidation and a little extra money.
    I did, and I was surprised that they could give me so much money since my credit was not the best. A little over $5000 to be exact.
    Unfortunately, I went out on disability and also changing jobs and I called to see if I could get a "deferral", I was told no but they could refinance so I wouldn't have to make a payment for a month and a half. That was terrific, or so I thought.
    Well, that was 2 years ago. I have made my $162 payments on time and for the past several months making $200 payments.
    My balance has moved, in the past 2 years, a grand total of $84!!!
    Talk about preditory lenders!!!
    They totally took advantage of me and my situation. I don't understand all the lingo but I am learning.
    I am told that my loan is an interest bearing loan that accrues interest daily. At this rate I will be paying back double what I borrowed and then some!!!
    I am trying to get a consumer credit counseling agency to help me get the interest dropped but unfortunately that will show unfavorably on my credit. I am caught between a rock and hard place. If I refinance the loan for non interest bearing I am still paying back double what I owe since even if I pay this loan off early I am paying out the wazoo!!!
    Do I need a lawyer to help with this?

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  • Jk
    jk2113 Jun 10, 2010

    I too got a 2nd mortgage or at least I thought it was a second mortgage. At 11% interest. I have had the loan for almost 6 years and when I asked for a payoff amount they told me I owe more than the loan was for originally!

    I am currently seeking counsel. I have paid $200 a month for 6 years and have paid off nothing.?? When I questioned them about it they finally told me it is an interest bearing loan that accrues interest daily. Unbelievable.

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  • An
    AngryCanuck82 Nov 26, 2010

    They gave me this loan when I was a stupid, underage teenager... just goes to show that I'm 28 and STILL paying a loan from when I was 17.
    HOW the hell do they get away with this?!?! I've paid by now WELL over 8 grand to them, and I'm getting pissed off now.
    Isn't there some class-action lawsuit we can do about this?! I am in college, and DO NOT intend to pay this crap, since I was approved for OSAP... even with this "loan from hell that's never going away"
    Since I paid more than 8 grand, isn't there a way i can.. STOP paying them? And get them to leave me the hell alone?!

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  • An
    AngryCanuck82 Dec 22, 2010

    Miscellaneous 07/26/2010 $264.22 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $8, 103.71
    Payment 07/26/2010 $264.22 $264.22 $0.00 $0.00 $7, 839.49

    To top it all off, look at that.
    I paid them $264.22 July 26th, it gets applied to the interest...
    but what's this?
    Miscellaneous?? What the hell?
    It went UP the amount I paid them the SAME day...
    Something is seriously wrong here...

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Consumer loan

Dear Concern,
I have applied for Home loan recently and shocked that my name is in default due to Citifinancial.
I had availed a consumer loan from citibank in March 2005 for refridgerator.for which I gaiven PDC which cleared timely then why bank has given my name. even never informed me about any due.

I request you to please look into this and helpout. The loan amount was 7000 and EMI was of Rs. 700.
My DoB: 10-01-1978

Vishal Rajput

Refinacing loan

My husband and I had two loans out with Citifinancial. We paid off our first mortgage with them, and tried to refinance the second one to get a lower interest rate. They sent an appraiser who actually devalued our property after we had our home updated. We put in new heating and air conditioning, new electrical system, all new windows and doors, and the stupid appraiser gave our home less value than before it had all these upgrades. When I complained to the manager, they stated, "Oh, we fired that appraiser, he didn't know what he was doing". I asked them to send another appraiser, and they refused to do so without more money to pay another appraiser, even though they, themselves fired the previous one for not knowing what he was doing! We went to my credit union and got a much lower interest rate, and are so HAPPY to be out from under the greedy Citibank. Do not get a loan from these people unless you just want to loose money. They do not treat their customers fairly at all. They have the nerve to treat the tax payers, WHO BAILED THEM OUT OF DEPT, like crap. They ought to be forced to pay back all that money with a high interest rate, just like they charge their customers. Anyone would be crazy to take a loan out with them.

Dishonest practices

I'm sharing this story in the hopes that it might help someone else.
my wife has what has been described as a financial addiction
when she was laid off her job she needed to make a car payment at the end of the month,
325.00 to be exact.
unfortunately instead of being honest with me and saying that her unemployment checks
had run out and that she needed help she discovers the cancer of payday loans!
since she had not been able to find a job in the months time to pay back the first loan
she goes and gets a second loan to pay for the first! and so on and so on! at one time she was trying to
juggle 3 loans with the payments at different times of the month, the only way i learned about it
was because her name was now on every single loan companies mailing list and they were flooding my mailbox
with offers! when confronted she of course denied she starts stealing checks from the check book
to make payments, her name is not on the acct to begin with! how can these companies cash my checks in the first place?
to make a long story short by this time her credit is shot, she doesnt even qualify for a credit card, YET...because over time she made friends with one particular girl that bounced around from loan company to loan company and eventually ended up at citi financial she walked out of a citi financial office in Waco TX with an 18, 000 loan! she was denied a 500.00 loan the week before? yet citi financial thought she was a good loan risk? not only that she completely lied on the loan application
concerning her collaterall! does not citi financial have to check that the applicant has these items to put up?
citi financial gave an 18, 000 to a woman with NO-zero assets??? if they had done thier jobs and checked her application they would have denied this loan for bad credit score, so there you have it, how a 325.00 car payment turned into a 36, 000
financial disaster AND a broken family, thank you citi financial not only have you ruined a womans life but helped destroy
a 28yr marriage and family

  • De
    debra smith Jan 06, 2010

    my complaint is me and my husband are on a fixed income and we went to citi finance for a loan we was given 9000.00 dollar loan they are making us pay 18000.00 back. i think this is wrong . we need help. if there is anyone who can help please let us know. we will have to file chapter 7

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Gave me headache

Citifinancial auto does not work with its customers!! After owning and paying for on time 4 dodge vehicles this year I was unable to meet my payments. citifinancial sent a repo man to pick up my pick up truck...when I went to make arrangement to catch up on the payments only to find out that 3 days later I would be due another payment or I would once again be behind and waiting for the repo man to show up again. I was also being charged towing fees; I watched the repo people drive the pickup...what was the towing fee for. Rather than be constantly be hounded by citi financial we opted to let them keep the pickup...think we will see anything in return for the vehicle we traded in on it...NOT!!! ENJOYING DRIVING MY 1984...NO CITIFINANCIAL HEADACHES!!!

Un returned auto

On October 15, 2009 my car was repossessed while I was ill and in the hospital. I then sent $1303.96 to the company to return my vehicle on Ocotber 21, 2009 by Western Union.
The company has refused to give me my car back and has not honored the agreement sent to me certified mail.
Can someone help!

Wrong number

I just got a new cell phone two months ago. I have never had a loan through Citi Financial Auto, yet they have my phone number connected to one of their delinquent accounts. I am sure the problem is rooted in the fact that cellphone companies recycle old phone numbers and I have become a victim of this practice. The harassment began just a day after I got my new phone. Citi Financial Auto began calling up to five times a day looking to collect a debt from someone I had never heard of. After calling Citi Financial Auto in Texas multiple times to have the number removed from their collection list, they continue to call my cell phone up to five times a day. This cost me money every time they call because I have to explain that they have the wrong number. Just one day after talking to someone named "Jenny" and the manager "Ann" at the Texas call center, who assured me the number was removed from the delinquent account, I got a call from Citi Financial Auto at 9:50 am on a Sunday morning. When we called back after this harassing call we were told that "Ann" was a generic name they used for all of their managers and there was not way to track who we actually talked to just the day before. I have listed my cell phone number on the national do not call list and they are now in violation of this national law.

Customer with wrong information

I am a service member who protects this country. I have been trying to pcs to another duty station. Where I have to get permission from the lienholder to take my vehicle. I have been working on this for over a month and I have still not gotten any results. I called one day to find out what I needed to do in order to ship my vehicle. The person(S) I talk to said that I only needed a fewer things and they needed to be faxed to them at the following number. I said well okay what are the items. She respo money nded with a letter stating where the car was going to be how long the car was going to be there and how it was going to be shipped and who was shipping it. Make sure that my account number was on it and there name and address. They needed a set of my orders an les (military pay stub) proof of insurance. They wanted proof that we had started a direct despoit on to the account too. When the lady told me that, I asked why and I also respond with we have never been late on a payment. On top of that when we first signed up for the loan they already had a pay stub. The voice on the other side stated I dont know this is just our policy. When she said that I asked her to repeat it again because I could barely understand her. She transfered me to another department. This went on for a couple of days of trying to get a straight answer. Still nothing has been accomplished, I faxed another wanting confirmation with a call back stating that once recieved to call me. That was never done. I called my insurance they tried helping me out also and still did not get anywhere either. I have provided them with them with the following information several times. No response. I called again today. I told them if I can not take my vehicle with me your not getting your money. They guy hung up on me. I called again and this time I got told that they were going to repo my car. All I have to say is I serve my country and I get no respect. Fine then they wont get there money and they need to hire people that knows what they are talking about.

Scam and rip off

I am a customer of rooms-to-go and citi financial. On 8-13-06 I purchased items from rooms-to-go totaling $1534.93 which was not due until 1-14-08. On 9-23-06 I purchased items for $2216.96 not due until 4-14-08. On 1-13-07 I purchased items for $639.97 not due until 1-14-09. Total due as of 4/2008 was $3751.89, plus two months of interest and fees of about $117.00 equal a grand total of $3868.89.

In march of 2008 I sent a cashiers check to citi financial attempting to pay the entire amount of $3868.89 off and in full. The check that I mailed was for $4392.00, which left $523.11 to be applied to the amount not owed until [protected]. This should have left an amount around $116.86 which would not be due until january of 2009 in accordance with their promotion.

Instead of applying payment to all amounts owed for the 2008 charges citi financial took it upon themselves to apply only part of all but about $1.70 of what was due for 2008 and all but about $95.81 of what was due in 2009.

Further, citi financial raised my apr to 263.16% and 277.83% for the two 2008 balances which is completely unethical.

I have attempted to correct this error that citi financial employees have admitted is an error on the behalf of citi financial. The employees state they cannot help me and constantly refer me to another person. After six attempts I am being told that I have to give citi permission to fix their mistake. I am told that I should have caught their error four months ago and called then, and "now it is too late. " I am told if I don't agree I can file a complaint, but they will not refer me to an address or telephone number to file the complaint. They told me I can send a fax letter telling my story but will not allow me to follow up on the fax.

My account is now delinquent and past due as a result of citi financials actions. I have also attempted to ask rooms-to-go for assistance, but they have refused.

My account has been blocked and citi is demanding payment.

Final point, the total amount I paid in march 2008 was much greater than the amount I owed up until january 2009. The account should not have any amount due at this time and citi financial states they cannot correct the error. Citi financial states my only option is to pay them the amount due as they have determined even in view of their admission of the error.

8-13-06 purchased 1184.95 (No interest/payment until 1/2008)
8-13-06 purchased 349.98 (No interest/payment until 1/2008)
9-23-06 purchased 2216.96 (No interest/payment until 4/2008)
1-13-07 purchased 639.97 (No interest/payment until 1/2009)

1-14-08 minimum payment came due for the first two purchased, plus interest and fees (About $117.00 in interest and fees).

March 2008 total due minus what was due starting january 2009 was around $3868.89. In march 2008 I paid citi financial $4392.00, leaving a balance of $116.86 which should still be covered under their "no interest/no payment" plan until january 2009.

Again, citi financial is refusing to correct their error. Several dollars in fees and interest have now been added to my account. And, my account is delinquent!

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