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I have been a Citigold UK customer since 2012. Each time I contact my relationship manager by email, I can only get a response from him after sending him 3-4 reminders. On average, I need to wait 5 working days before receiving a reply (the worst one being over 10 working days for reviewing portfolio). My queries are mostly simple, such as request for information concerning ISA.

I don't think it is an issue of the particular relationship manager I have. I had the same challenge with my previous relationship managers. I assume that relationship managers are overworked. However, it is not a good excuse to leave a customer waiting in silence when they are eager to hear back. They could at least send some acknowledgement or better still, informing me how long I am supposed to wait for his reply if it takes more than 5 working days to respond.

I am starting to look for a bank that offers premier account service since I am so disappointed with Citigold customer services.

Aug 01, 2016

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