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After being a loyal Citibank customer since the year 2000 with a checking, savings account and 2 credit cards I was completely disappointed after my card was used for a fraudulent charge and Citi decided in favor of the merchant. Just to summarize, on 6/11/2017 I received a text message from Citi stating that a suspicious charge was made on my account. The charge was for an online software company ASKNET IOSOFT ONLINE which I have never dealt with (and I've never purchased online software). I immediately replied to their text saying that I had NOT made that charge and then Citi credited me back as expected. But 2 months later the merchant somehow provided Citi with my address (yes, the only piece of information they had about me was MY ADDRESS which they probably bought from another merchant I had dealt with in the past year) and Citi reversed the charge. After multiple phone calls to the Citicards fraud department Citi simply stated that there was nothing they could do about it and that I should deal directly with the (fraudulent) merchant. I've already closed my credit card account because I do not want to deal with someone I cannot trust and I'm seriously thinking about closing my bank accounts and banking somewhere else.

Sep 19, 2017

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