Citibank / misinformation received from branch management

Glendale, CA, United States

We went to make a deposit to our account and was told by the "manager or assistant manager" that the deposit would take about 8 weeks to clear. We asked 8 days?, she said no, 4 to 8 weeks.
The reason was that the check was drawn on a New Mexico Bank, and the teller added that checks from New York take that long also. We noted that we have deposited checks from this New Mexico bank before and it took 1-2 DAYS and reminded them that there is an institution called the Federal Reserve Bank, which moves funds between financial institutions from same day up to maybe a max of 5 days.
The so called manager (or assistant manager) insisted it would take 4-8 weeks.
We left the bank, deposited the check via Citibank ATM and it posted and cleared in 1 business day.
Citibank should not have a manager or even an assistant manager that does not understand check deposits and how they clear.
We asked her to jot down that she told us the check would clear in 4-8 wks and asked her to give us her name. We have her note, but her handwriting is illegible and we cannot make out her name.
The branch is 414 N Central Avenue, Glendale CA 91203
We were in the branch on 10-7-17 around 11:45 AM if that helps you figure out who this person is (I included the card with her name, hope you can read it).
This person needs classes on how the banking industry works, the check was drawn off a large bank and not a credit union or any kind of IRA account.
This person also need classes on tact and customer service, as she could have handled the entire situation with a little class and not as a dictator with the attitude of 'because I say it's so'.

Marilyn & Paul McAtee


Oct 13, 2017

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