Citibankmastercard cash rewards card

Citi has mad the process nearly impossible to deal with.
I called last week to report my wife's death on our card (I was second). I was told the card would be immediately cancelled instead of of making me prime (AMEX had no problem). I requested an updated bill which I was told would be sent out right away.
I was told I had to re-apply but I finally gave up after getting frustrated by the rude woman from India and moved on to another card provider.
I was also told this was being turned over to a probate collection agency.
I tried to go to our AutoPay bank account but Citi also immediately cut that off.
So far this week I have spoken to 5 customer service people in India who could not help at all and 3 people from Phillips & Cohen. I paid the bill in full on 11.28.18 through P & C and was told I would be emailed a bill (the bill I received Monday was $2K lower than what I was told, what I paid). this apparently was not true.
I was told today that neither the Indian customer service group nor P & C could access the account, could not do it. After repeatedly asking C.S. to send me to someone who actually worked for Citi, I was sent to Citi's Probate Dep't. She said she'd actually get an itemized bill mailed to me then I asked about the accumulated rewards. I was then told I'd have to mail a request to a different dep't with all kinds of information to even get a chance to receive the rewards.
I should have never paid off the account first.
Citi's system is so bad that I will NEVER use Citi for anything and I shall tell everyone I know how awful Citi is. I don't need this one month after my wife died.

Nov 29, 2018

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