Citibank / credit card pin

I called the toll-free number for Citibank's Diamond Preferred credit card on May 19 to request my PIN. I have had the card since 1979 and probably received a PIN back then, but have long forgotten it. I used their automated option to request it be sent to me, and the recording said to allow 7 to 10 days.

On June 1, having not received it, I called again and was told that it should only take 7 days and that it would be resent. The customer service rep asked me to go to the USPS and ask if they had any mail for me from Citibank. I told him it was a lot more likely that the Postal Service had mixed it in with someone else's mail (I live in a 400 unit apartment building).

Anyway, my REAL gripe is that I had to go through 27 (that's right, 27!) menu options to get to one that put me through to a live person at Citibank. (it was the very last option). Obviously, Citibank wants to do all it can to force a person to 1) either use one of the 26 options or 2) go online. Why can't Citibank offer the option to talk to a "live" person at the beginning of the call?

Jun 01, 2018

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