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Citibank Credit Card Philippines / citibank mastercard

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Every time I received my billing statement from Citibank card I always got a headache. There's always this charges that I don't know where they come from...but still I pay what is needed.

Recently, I just file a request to them through phone, requesting them to cut my credit line...since I intended not to use my Citibank credit card ever.

The Citiphone officer inform me that I have to settle first my balance, which I have to pay the full amount (18, +++).

I ask her if it is possible that the payment could be like the monthly bill they usually send me, because I can't pay the balance in full. She checked my query and said to me that it is possible, and she clarified to me that she will cut my line and the payment will be monthly just like the monthly billing statement I usually received from them. She said that the request to cut the line will take effect after 4 days, that someone might call me for confirmation or if not, consider the request done. And then there's the usual question of why I want to close my card and etc.

Four days... and even more days have pass and I haven't received any call from them, so, I guested that my request to cut my line is already done.

Then came my monthly billing statement.And to my surprise, I have to pay my balance in full and will be due this coming March 3, 2009.

I immediately call their customer service to settle this problem, because I don't have the money to pay them in full. The Citiphone officer told me in a disobedient voice that according to their record, I was informed that I have to pay in full before they can cut my line. I told him that it was not the agreement between me and the other Citiphone officer before, and I ask him to review my last conversation with that other Citiphone officer. He told me that it will take 7 to 10 working days before they can give me feedback. I ask him what can be done because I can't pay them in full, and he repeatedly said that I just have to wait 7 to 10 days for them to review my other conversation with them. and our conversation just go on in circle...

I just hope that they can resolved this much faster and earlier, because it will definitely give me headache on days to come, as long as I don't received any feedback from them.

It could be better if they can offer me a very good deals to settle this payment.

Oh well, I will just call them again in the following days for follow-up and feedback, and I hope they won't give me even more HEADACHE!!!

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  • Ny
      21st of Dec, 2008
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    Citicard statements(Mastercard) - Not getting my mail
    Pat Fraietta
    1712 Paulding ave
    New York
    United States
    Phone: 718-518-7784

    I am not gettign my citibank bank statements in the mail or money mag also...

  • Ma
      30th of Apr, 2010
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    you are right...CITIBANK sucks money from their clients...I was trapped with their easy loan ( easy becaue, I did not apply for it) way back 2004..the check worth 75, 000 was just delivered to my office. Deligintly, I paid monthly minimum payments averaging 6, 500... that included so many questionable charges ...and worst is, the annual renewal continues yearly, but the expired card was not renewed and replaced since 2007. Thus, without using the card, I was diligently paying 6-7, 00 a month, sometimes when there is a delay of payment due to shortage, an automatic penalty charge is added on tp of the big interest, plus, the call center agent( or maybe a collecting agent will call almost everyday, even at the middle of your office work, and demands by phone to make you a promise to pay on a specified date...harassing you and even humiliates you...if I have to compute all the payments I made, it will aready reach to 360, 000...I tried to reach their financial management t appeal to stop adding interest, so that I can finish it, but the call agent will just transfer the call from number to the other...thus, since August 2009, I stopped paying, and the amount which accumulated now to 160, 000.

    Different collecting agents are calling everyday...demanding different mode of is asking for a co-maker, the other asks post dated checks...and one even demended me to pay 3, 000 on that day of call so they can restructure the mode of payment. To my surprise, the next bill reflected payment of that 3, ooo, but there is also another charge of 3, 000 as credit charge. So, when the agent called again, I told her that she is not doing what she promised inspite of my compliance, so I will no longer entertain her, so, she threatened me to file a suit for credit I told her that as Atty. legarda advised in her one show in TV, I told each of them to provide me at least 3 proposals, and the one I choosed shall be notarized, and I will also provide copy to Central know what, none of them cam up with a of today, I am waiting for the best and fair proposal...I do not have the intention to neglect this, as I was already blocked from availing loans, and even opening current account in the banks..but I think, I need to have a fair way of settling this mess...I really felt victimized and don't know how to get out from this...Help please!

  • Yo
      5th of Jun, 2010
    0 Votes

    Thanks for this information, now I know I shouldn't get a citi card.. :)

  • Ro
      22nd of Sep, 2010
    0 Votes

    I am a prospect applicant, and I want to get feedback on this matter. Thanks for your outputs. Appreciate it.

  • Pe
      23rd of Sep, 2010
    0 Votes

    Possibly you need to go to Bombay because that is where Citibank outsources their work. I'm getting rid of this card because it gives work to other countries instead of keeping work here in the US & give work to out of work Americans.

  • Jb
      14th of Oct, 2011
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    CITI CARD SUCKS!!! I always try to pay my balance in full every to avoid finance charges. What I do is pay half before the due date and pay the second half before the statement date. I''ve been doing this for over a year. This month my statement date is Oct 3rd, I paid my balance in full Oct 1st and I incurred finance charges. I called customer service and asked to have the finance charges waived. I was hang up on by the first rep and the second representative advised that it is not possible. I asked to speak with a supervisor and was advised there's no sup available. Anyways, it wasn't resolved so I asked to have the card cancelled and again I was advised it will not be done since I need to pay my balance in full. Well, I can't wait till Monday to pay the card in full and cancel it. No wonder Citi's one of the biggest losers in the U.S. CITI sucks everywhere!!!

  • Bl
      26th of Feb, 2015
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    citibank sucks. I saved a lot of points (cebu pacific visa platinum) so i can redeem e-vouchers. When i asked for redemption, the citi rep told me they no longer redeem e-vouchers. But why wont they notify their customers?? They told me that i can use it to pay my balance when i didnt have balance at all?? Because i already paid them in full! I Am so disappointed. They asked me to just purchase anything. Duhhh?? I already bought the things i need and paid! To my anger i just closed the damn account i had for 5 years. Poor service!

  • Li
      17th of Sep, 2015
    0 Votes

    Citibank NEVER CARES at all! The reps will tell you a lot of s7up1d things just to get away with the call. I have two credit cards with Citibank. They share one credit line but I have to pay for 2 annual membership fees!!! When you need something from them, it's EXTREMELY difficult to get what you need BUT, when they offer customer to avail their cash promos, you'll get one h3ll of a call each week or even twice a week! They will bug you to d3a7h to avail even if you already declined during the first contact. I have called today to cancel my credit cards! I will pay all remaining balance in one shot for the glory of keeping myself at peace for not having CITIBANK in my life!

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