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Citibank Credit Card / hidden charges

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Respected sir,
I m credit card holder of citi bank and I have strong complaint against there attitude n unnecessary charges against customers

I am using citibank card from last 1 oct 2007 I didnt got statement from citibank, I reported this matter to customer care, they promised 2 send a duplicate copy to me, I paid the amount itz of rs 7097, didnt got statement till date, n nov 2007 didnt got statement again I report this matter (I was 117 mins) waiting time for me, then also I told the same.. I paid the amount rs.11158 sir I am into bussiness I have to travel all over india, I kept some signs cheque with my wife to make payments, earlier in may I paid amount twice the amount is off rs7717, in confusion I paid the amount and mine wife also did, just to over come this type of sitution I decided my wife will pay in future, n dec2007 the story is same no statement, I called my wife and said u pay rs 4000 in favour of citibank, after which I called in customer care they told me amount was some thing near 3850, n jan2008 I got call from indore, in very abusive language guy was shouting on me, with lot of evil words, asked me for a payment of 37240, was shocked my limit was 36000 only how come over limit, he only told me itz 54000, really surprize, guy told me we will wait till amount is rs 51000, then we will show u who we r? Sir really worried
Plz have a look

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  • Vi
      20th of Jan, 2008

    I have faced the exact same situation... no statements sent and then calls from their collections department at 7 in the morning and 10 at night. I finally got fed up and wrote to their Customer Service ombudsman. Got incorrect late payment and interest charges (over rs. 1800/-) reversed and finally got my card cancelled after receiving email confirmation from Citibank that all dues had been cleared.

    The collections dept. is the worst I have ever dealt with. When I told them that I hadn't been receiving the statements I was told, "Sir it's your duty to ask for the statement if you haven't received it."


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  • As
      24th of Jan, 2008

    I have also had bitter experience of worst collection procedure of CITI BAND Cards services. I had given a cheque of Rs.2000 in payment of dues against my Credit Card.

    The Cheque was payable at Mumbai Service Branch of State Bank of Indore. I got shocked when I saw that the said cheque was shown as dishonoured in my credit card's statement. I enquired on phone and also sent e-mail to know the reason of return / dishonour of the cheque. This was a surprising instance because ACTUALLY THE CHEQUE WAS NOT PRESENTED FOR PAYMENT TO THE PAYING BRANCH. After 10-15 days their Head of Customer Care replied that reason of dishonour was - "NOT DRAWN ON US". I requested them to present the cheque again and instructed them to be careful to present the cheque to the correct bank. They have not done so and the cheque was again shown as dishonoured in my next statement. I asked them about the banker who had returned the cheque. Again after a gap of 10-15 days, they sent me ( by e-mail) the copy (image) of Cheque Returning Memo.

    After viewing that "Return Memo" I did not get angry but Laughed at CITI BANK's Foolish collection unit. The Return Memo was sent by State Bank Of Mysore..!!


    I would quote one more bitter experience in my next message.

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  • Ni
      4th of Mar, 2008

    I use online bill pay for my citicard, but for the same reasons; late statements, but most importantly, I do not trust ANY processing center to properly post my payment. Mistakes happen often because it is done by machines.

    If you are able to pay online, I highly recommend it.

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  • As
      28th of Nov, 2008

    Citi bank Card people are the B*******

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  • Jd
      23rd of Jan, 2009

    They reduced my wife's credit line so that when she paid her Average of $60 per month her credit line would have been over the limit becuase not only did they reduce her credit line they increased her finance charge by 37% so now instead of 10% she had 47% interest rate!!! THAT SHOULD BE AGAINST THE LAW!!! If she had not noticed the change they could have also increased her interest rate by another 17% because now she would have been over the limit!

    I called them up, because I am an authorized user to pay on the account! and believe me kept telling each person on the line, NOPE I want to speak with your LEGAL Department, I am sueing your company! after about the 9th person who claimed to be a supervisor. I got the legal department and inform them that if they did not reverse the % rate and increase my wife line of credit back to it's orgainal amount I was going to file a claim against them for increasing % and decreasing amount without customer notification, per thier agreement which we still had on file and I read it to the person from the legal department. They agreed it was out of their plan agreement with my wife. I also informed them they were beging recorded. They corrected the % and credit limit.

    It's sad after over 10 years with them they would do something so shady with thier customers. I informed them that we were paying off my wife's account and closing it.

    It's no wonder they need help. What goes around comes around.

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