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Citibank Credit Card / credit card given without application!

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Citibank is one of the most cheater bank in india and Reserve Bank must take note of this. I work in an IT company which has salary accounts with CitiBank. On 1st October 2007 Citibank sent me Indian Oil Credit Card direct on my address. I had never opted for any credit card, neither in written and nor in verbal. Citibank is a damn cheater bank. First they send free credit cards and then they charge you like hell. Even after calling them on phonebanking, their customer care officers laughed at me, they are disgusting. Even sending more than 3 emails no reply is from CitiBank and they continue to cheat.

CitiBank thinks that what will a common man do wrong with them and they will escape by bribing our corrupt politicians. Reserve bank must take action against credit card companies which are still using pathetic magnetic card reader technology which can be easily hacked.

Citibank is no.1 cheater bank in india.

Citibank officials if you are reading this complaint , then cancel all credit cards named in Abhijit B. Lele. I don't want any credit cards. All credit card companies are fraud!

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  • Qu
      14th of Oct, 2007
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    Citibank credit card is really disgusting. I talked to their call center agents and even a supervisor to complain about the non usable extension card and just recently updated card and they terminated/revoke my card without due notice.

    They are thinking that the complaint I made will be answered by sudden revocation of my gold card and then harassed me to pay all my dues right away. They don't want to improve their system and really they sucks because there were payments not credited to mine when they change my card from silver to gold using a different account number.

    QVBeltran Jr

  • Np
      20th of Oct, 2007
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    It is with great regret I have to inform that for the last one week I have been trying to book a railway ticket on online reservation site of the railways. But the moment I put in valid details of my Citibank credit card, I get a regret message that the banker does not approve of making payment. There have bee more failures whenever I made attempts in the belief that I might be putting wrong details.

    As a result,not only I lost reservation but lost my creditworthiness as well.

    I request CITIBANK to immediately cancel and withdraw my credit card.

  • Th
      4th of Apr, 2008
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    We paid for their credit protection plan. When we needed to use it, we filed a claim. I got injured really bad. I had to have two surgeries for the same injury over a period of three months. The credit protection people told me to list both surgeries. Several months later they canceled my credit protection stating I put two surgeries on one form. It has been impossible to talk with either citibank or the credit protection department. In December my credit protection was canceled. I have been hounded day and night by collection people and citibank. I am still disabled. This is a terrible company and I wish someone could help us file a claas action lawsuit against them. I know there has to be others in the same situation as us.

  • Jo
      16th of Aug, 2008
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    Citibank on two of my credit cards added the Credit Protector insurance. My wife ahs been doing the bills up to now and when I saw the charges on my account, I flipped out. Citibank put the insurance on both account without my permission. I never have automatic anything on my credit cards . On the first card after several heated phone calls, they credited me back almost $ 3, 000 because they new i didn't authorize it. The second card when I sent certified letters in, I was told they are investigating it. I wanted to make payment based on my actual balance not including the $ 7, 000 they were trying to fraudulently bill me for, but they told me I couldn't. So I was waiting for the investigation to be complete supposedly 30 days. After repeated calls and several certified letters they told me I needed to send in a request for a copy of the phone conversation. I did did certified also. After 3 weeks I called to find out what was going on with my request and Citibank told me that I was no longer being dealt with by Citibank. They sent me to an outside collection service / law firm. Just how unethical can you get. I never recieved a copy of the tape only another letter telling me they have proof but obviously I am not getting a copy. It what they did to me legal ? Anyone Know ? Anyone else have fraudulant credit protector added to their account without permission ? Class Action may be the way to go.

  • Jo
      20th of Nov, 2008
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    I can believe this Citi Bank is so bad! They even give your information away to Third parties! Check out this link

    It describes how Citi Bank is not doing best security Practice by selling your information to other practices. Seems like this bank needs a over haul!

  • An
      22nd of Nov, 2008
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  • Ab
      1st of Sep, 2009
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    I called up phonebanking of citibank and made them cancel the Citi Gold credit card. The phone banking officers tried to convince me but I didnt pay heed to their requests and cancelled the card.

    I request everyone to READ THE FINE PRINTS whn goin for any services subscription with CitiBank...

    I hope Vikram Pandit will do something and make Citibank customer friendly.

    Whether its the citibank or any bank, let them know that customers are well aware of their rights and they are dependent on us, we are not dependent on them...

  • Vs
      26th of Oct, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I have been applying for personal loans in various banks for my emergency purpose, but I have been hearing from the bank that I applied that my application is rejected. Most of the banks do not say the reason, but I heard from couple of banks that there is a CIBIL record, that I have an outstanding payment of 2.5 lacs that I need to clear for credit cards. They said, they do not have the Bank details of the same. This was a shocking news for me, as I DO NOT have any such huge outstanding amount from my credit card that I hold. One fine day, 6-8months, before, I got a call from CITIBANK and there was a collection person from the bank at my door step, saying that I have 2.5lacs outstanding amount and I need to pay them immediately. I was shocked to hear this, as I DO NOT HOLD any citibank cards. They have all my information correctly (My name, address, phone numbers, work details). I hold only ICICI Credit Card, where I have 90K, that I have been paying monthly minimum amount regularly.

    Please help me in getting out of this issue, as this is projected as a black mark in my banking history and all my loans application will go a rejection if I need to apply in the future.

    This is a serious fraudelant acitivity where the banks are projecting on the customers where they get victimised. Will need to raise a serious complaint againts the Bank.

    Request your sincere suggestion and help in this regard.

    Shankar V

  • Le
      17th of May, 2012
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    Citi financal does nothing but harrass pepole, i have had five phone calls this week alone from you doorknobs, you don't lke to send out statements, for 3 years i have been fighting this, This company has no bussiness ethects, you losers, that made loans to people without any concern to how it might effect you should they lose their job or get hurt on their job. what happin to the credit card companies assuming some off the risk, when give cards out that aren't authorized, someone with bad credit you give a card to and you don't accept any reponcablity? how stupid are you? You guys want your money? send me statements!!! when your peolpe say call us next week I will, I don't need 3 more phone call that week for the same thing. This harassment and I am having my phone provider supply me with phone records to prove that this is harassment. And will send it to the proper authorities. Lee Lakin.

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