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Citibank / impersonal banking

1 United States

Open letter to Citibank:

Dear Sir/Madam - There is no category for this issue - and I’m sure this email will be lost on its recipient - but it will make me feel better. So, when did Citibank get sooooooo big and impersonal that when my check came across a Citibank teller's desk in the amount of $2, 500.00 from Mary Smith, made out to "the new Mr. and Mrs. Smith" with a great big "congratulation" in the memo, the dimwitted teller would bounce the check rather perceiving it's importance and giving me a call. A ### with absolutely NO cognitive abilities should have been able to figure out it was a wedding check from a mother to her son and new daughter in law. There was more than enough money in my linked account to cover the check. I understand, it was MY error, but there was so much excitement and wedding preparations I forgot to make the transfer. I understand that the bank can't call for every little thing ... but this SHOULD HAVE BEEN BIG ENOUGH to have generated a call. A call would have been "considerate", it would have been "nice" -"appropriate" - "professional" It would have been "the RIGHT thing to do." That seems to be a concept lost on banks and bankers these days. And please don't respond with your banking babble and blah blah banking options - not interested. I have been a Citibank customer for over 15 years and this was disgusting - it is about "personnel" and "personal" … Not banking options. Oh, and then, to add insult to injury we have the $34.00 fee! What a joke. Shame on Citibank. Alice Scanlon

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