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Citibank / unwanted credit card & legal threat

1 India

It all started with a purchase at Shopper's Stop, City Centre, Saltlake, Kolkata, India. I was offered a "Green Card" for which a form had to be signed by me, just for the sake of formality. However, at that point of time, no mention was made regarding any application (for credit card or insurance policy).

Later, an unknown call from Chennai, India, offered me a huge sum which, they claimed, I am the WINNER of some lucky draw (without any participation whatsoever) - however, I denied that amount.

After this, I received a CitiBank credit card along with a thanksgiving letter for initiating some "Goodhealth Insurance Poilcy". I was rather baffled. I did not ask for, or give consent to any policy, nor did I ask them to issue any credit card.

It was soon followed by funny bills - stating that I am supposed to pay CitiBank the amount within a stipulated time, or else I am liable to pay fines and late fees.

I complained to them, informing that I never applied for a credit card or health insurance policy - requesting them to investigate the matter and stop harassing me with threatening phone calls any further.

I sent them back the unused CitiBank credit card, duly destroyed, with a letter requesting them to close this illicit account they created in my name, without my signature, documents, or my consent.

They acknowledged the letter, and it told soon they are beginning an investigation.

Then one day, a person came from the Camac Street (Kolkata) Citi Bank, to my residence to collect the "due payments" from me. I told him the real story - and he seemed to be convinced enough to take actions.

However, telephone threats and bill dues kept on coming. Despite my complaint to both Kolkata and Chennai branches, no step was taken to end this. They are now trying to scare me with Legal Threats.

Few days back I received a letter from an advocate, Lopamudra Sur of Dasgupta & Associates, Temple Chambers, Kolkata - threatening me to pay the (un)due amount within 10 days, or else they would initiate legal proceedings – that too, at my cost!!

Please help me out of this mess.

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