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Citibank / credit card application

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I wish to complain citibank telesales unit (mtts) / cpp acquisition sales global consumer group for not hesitating to waste my time and effort to be a customer of their! couple of months back, I had submitted applications for citibank credit card and had been rejected for no reason. my application to uob had went through. then, in september, a telesales executive by the name of evin called me to tell me the following: "mr seet, I am aware that you had applied for our credit card recently and had been rejected. we had reconsidered your application and would like to offer you our credit card. would you like to take up our offer?" I replied yes. after which, I informed them that I had since moved on to another company with a 30% pay rise and still under probation. they inform me that it is ok as long as I provide the documents to them and sign and fax by the application to them. due to my busy work schedule and the hassle of gathering the required documents. it was really tough to finally pull everything through to them. and eventually 2 week later, all I got was a "sorry to inform you we unable to grant you an approval for the application".??? what? I cannot understand this? this was a complete waste of time! how can they offer me something and then not giving it to me? it not like I insist I want it right??!

Please citibank, if you read this, do me a favour. blacklist me, ban me, don"t ever contact me thru agencies or thru your own principle to tell me you have a credit card promotion!! the last thing I want from you is your credit card period.

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  • Ar
      24th of Aug, 2009

    it seems it's Citibank Singapore's working style, they persuade you to apply warmly, and this issue ok, that issue no problem, then after you applied, they said sorry, can not approve your application. then you asked the reason, they said, sorry, can not tell you due to confidential reason. what?! Citibank is wasting our time!!! they dun care about that at all!!! My application is also rejected, I dun know why, my salary meet their criterion, and I have excellent repayment history for other bank's credit card.

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  • Se
      3rd of Nov, 2009

    Actually, you are lucky that they didn't approve your application. I used the CITYBANK credit card for many, many years. I used it to pay for almost all my bills and I always clear my bills on time. Last month, I forgot to pay my bill and was late for only one day. They charged me interests and when I called them to waive it, they rejected me. So I told them that I wanted to terminate my credit card, thinking that they would withdraw their decision. To my surprise, they replied me: "Go ahead." What kind of service is it? I also have UOB credit card, they can waive the interests for late payment. Furthermore, UOB also waive my subscription fee, unlike CITYBANK. Base on my bad experience with them, I advise those who have no CITYBANK credit card, don't apply for it. For those who have the CITYBANK credit card, terminate immediately.

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  • Df
      12th of Nov, 2009

    POSB and DBS creidt card is also the same. I really ban them forever. I got UOB but not DBS. I hate them. The next day after they reject my application with no much reason. I quickly withdraw all my money and transfer to the other bank.

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  • Ni
      8th of Dec, 2009

    Yes, I had exactly the same experience. Twice I applied for their credit card as I needed to swith to another because Standard Chartered stopped linking their points to Asiamiles. The first application they lost my data that I sent them (was at the City Hall office), but after a few weeks they said they found it back, but then due to the less than 6 motnhs validity of my entrepass, they could not accept me...well that was then.

    During my second application after I got the new entrepass, I faxed them all my documents, and even got called by one of their sales persons. But after weeks I had not heard back from them. After calling their customers service, they could not find the person I was mentioning, nor could they find my documents again...well that did it! I checked out and found that UOB also had Asiamiles, and I had an account with them, within a week I had my credit card from UOB!

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  • Al
      24th of Jun, 2010

    i been apply for credit cards for the past few years but it's always reject by the banks. i admit my past payment history is not good but i did pay off every single cents i owe them. 5 years later i print out my credit bureau i realise in the report it show i still owe dbs a default payment, icall them and verify this case, to my horror they told me it's their mistake that they had overlook and did'nt erase my payment in theirs record. i'm so piss off and i scold them upside down. i intend to buy car and renovate my house by applying loan few years back, but dbs had cause me alots of inconvenience and i demand a compensation from them. i'll never want to have any relationship with this bank anymore, shame on this local bank.

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  • Ky
      21st of Jul, 2010

    I am kay from singapore. I am really fed up with citi bank. On April 2010, one of the guy from ACE insurance called me to take their insurance plan. They said they are coroperate groups of citi bank and at once I say " yes" to do the insurance plan, they will going to proceed everything without I am doing it. At that time, I couldn't understand what he is talking and I am very busy at my office. So, I told him to send policy for me to read when I am free at home because too busy to listen all the conversations of him. So, he agreed to sent the policy for me to read and asked me to contact him back if I am interested. I received this policy plan and I am not willing to do it. So, I didin't contact him at all and he also didn't contact me as well. But after 3 months later ( end of june), I was shocked that ACE insurance cut insurance fees for 3 months together in my citi bank credit card statement and I enquired for that statement to citi groups. The citi bank officer told me that they could not answer why and gave me ACE insurance company's contact number to contact. I called ACE and the staff named called Niko said she will forward my problem to her upper senior and will get back to me in very soon. So far, I didn't receive any call/ contact from them 2 weeks. I called them back after 2 weeks and the staff Niko said again the same thing that they will contact me. But, nobody contact me at all till afew days. At last, I contact them again and the staff named called Riza told me the same things that they need to do some inverstigation and will contact me later. " What is this [censor]" ???? This is my money and they cheated my money without my acknowledge. What is hell of investigation want to do this? I even don't have any approval documents from them for insurance. I never give them my credit card information and the citi bank gave them my credit card information anyhow to them without my permission. When I contact the citi bank officer, she said that I cannot get back my money because this is telemarketing and they already cut my money. What is hell is that !!! [censor] off citi bank. Hello citi bank, do you know that you all are trying to fraud me??? cheating me??? How come you anyhow give my personal information to the others who i didn't know? Do you know that you all did mistakes and don't want to admit the mistakes???? 1 ) misue my credit card without my signature /permission 2 ) i even don't have approval documents from ACE insurance with my signature 3) Nobody called me and informed that they will going to approve the insurance with me 4) Nobody sent letter / informed me that they received insurance / cut insurance money for insurance plan. They are doing all these fraud without my acknowledge and even don't bother to inform me. What the [censored] is that you r using my money to [censor] your insurance plan???? You all got commision ..isn't it??? hummmm now cheated my money. Wait and See what I will going to do? okayyyy I will not stop here.. I will not give up. Nobody can get my money for free. There is no free in singapore. Okay...

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  • Xa
      9th of Aug, 2011

    come on your own singapore like bruce lee...what citibank do to us we can do the same and much better..i laugh when someone pay with citbank credit shop accept all cards except citibank credit cards.dont be made a fool by citibank singapore..they are helping local banks..they are making us to stop any transaction with citibank so we can jump to our own banks..congratulation credit department citibank...thank you because you never sleep...

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  • Ch
      14th of Oct, 2012

    I had terminated my citibank credit cards for more than two years, why is it that I am still receiving statement of account from citibank? My name is Chua Gek Phin
    The two previous accounts were: 4147-4630-0094-9319 and 4265-9900-0081-2629
    I am ignoring the statement.

    Kindly look into the matter.

    Gek Phin

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  • Ju
      11th of Jan, 2015

    I got fraud by Citi bank Singapore, while miss one month payment for loan which I took 6.88% per anum even I was informed it would be delay and I going oversee. once they didnt get payments they cancel all my account and hand over to credit control dpt and charge me interest rate 27% per anum. this credit control dpt officer's seem like work style Ah long. I apply for debt loan with thia amonut of loan for 10%. Citi bank took my all document and simply no process and blindly call and told me that ia approved and pay every month $400
    I was paying for a 7 months and while I check what is the interst rate on my accounts they told me 27% still. I strange and is confirmed that Citi bank didn't process my application. I reported to MAS Singapore. and cc to Citi bank but they wave only 2k. told me they taking action against the employee. is seems like cheat with customer, be aware with citi bank.

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  • Sg
      2nd of Dec, 2015

    Agree. I was forced to pay off a credit fraud that happened to my card. I reported it lost and it was being used. Now they charged me the full fee plus interest and late fee and got me black list with credit bureau because i refuse to pay as it is still under investigation! Worse bank ever! Bad bank officers who are just heartless and unreasonable to explain to. Terrible Citibank Singapore

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  • Ro
      16th of Dec, 2015

    If you want to improve your credit don't activate a citi card. These people report to a credit bureau while you are using your card. they claim they will not tell you when they report to credit bureaus, if you use your card more than 30 percent of your limits they report to credit bureau immediately that will have impact on your credit . Please don't use there credit card.

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