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Citi Mortage / mismanage account

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I have my 2nd mortgage with Citi Mortgage and I spend in extra money each month with instruction to be applied to the prinicpal but each month even after I call to remind them to please put the extra towards the principal these company continue to apply the extra money towards an extra regular payment. This has been going on for 18 months now. These has cost me alot of money due to lost of princpal. I have been paying bills for over 30 years and I have never dealt with a company that is so badly ran.

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  • Mh
      3rd of Oct, 2009
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    I am not surprised. We had a medically forced, saved the home, bankruptcy. We paid it off several months early. Citi agreed to all the terms, but now won't even return my calls to get a correct pay off amount, have our mortgage insurance removed (over 80% paid off) or even explain the mystifying array of bizarre answers I get from their gate keepers. We were responsible and paid bills that were not even our own. We were responsible and paid off the resulting bankruptcy (after loosing our life savings), but being responsible isn't rewarded like walking away from one's debts.

  • Ja
      9th of May, 2010
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    Citi Mortage - Mortage Assiatance
    United States

    My husband and I bought a condo three years ago and the lender was Citi Mortage. To give a little background I worked full time as a therapist and my husband worked as an analyst during the day and worked towards his MBA in the evenings. Our sitution changed after the birth of our lovely daughter a year ago and I made the choice to be a stay at home mom. My husband got laid off and that begun our financial challenges. For a year we stuggled (unemployment and student loans) but paid our moratge, never missed a month. The ONLY problem was CITI MORTAGE was getting our payments three days later than their grace period and that was a problem for them. We started to incur late charges and at that point I called them to talk about our options. I asked them if it was possible to give us three days extra to make the payments. I told them how we struggled BUT Never missed a mortage payment. I told them about our infant, financial obligations and how we were living off student loans and unemployment. They did not Care. They told us our options were to continue paying late and CONTINUE to incur late fees OR they will give us a break BUT will have to report us to the credit Bureau & that would affect Negatively on our Ceredit ! So in other words continue to pay us late fees or we can help you at a cost.

    NEVER EVER GO with CITI Mortage, Never Bank with CITIBANK. Its funny how the banks got a break from the Government but we the people get NO Breaks !

  • Go
      22nd of Jun, 2010
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    Citi Mortage - Didn't help my husband keep his home
    Box 333
    South Carolina
    United States
    Phone: 803 - 632.3818

    Citi Mortage took my husband's home in foreclosure, he only had 7-8 more years on a 30 year loan.

    Didn't try to help him get modification on loan

  • Ra
      22nd of Jun, 2010
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    Well maybe your husband should have paid his bill or called them when the problem started? Why do you assume that the mortgage company is obligated to let you live in a house for free? The mortgage company isn't your daddy. Why didn't you try to sell? It takes a lot to get to foreclosure. If you can't pay, then don't take out the mortgage! Be responsible!

    I've survived during a really horrible IT job market in Chicago as a divorced mom and have struggled to keep my home. The company where I worked went out of business a few months after I moved into my house. I changed careers, worked two jobs, and sold things to get money to pay my bill. I have no sympathy for people who whine "poor me" when they don't pay their bills!

  • An
      23rd of Jun, 2010
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    Citi Mortage - Refinance Taxes
    United States

    I refinaced with Citi Mortage and took out money from the equity of my house. They took out money to pay of my propertry taxes up to the end of 2009. Then proceeded to charge me again for those taxes so I was double charged for the taxes. Trying to get to talk to anyone at CiTi is almost impossible. When you do get a human, who is usualy in India they run around in circles because all they have in front of them is you account deatails. They cannot even pull up the original agreement. I recently refinaced with another comapany. And received my last escrow refund, I have no idea how their maths works but it does not add up.

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