Circle K/Shell / pump didn't stop and unethical behaviour

I pumped the gas at the gas station and the throttle was locked out and it spilled at least 10 gallons of Gas. The cashier had to put that pump out of service. Due to a lot of spillage my car smelled Gas and while driving home I felt dizzy and threw up due to the strong smell of Gas.
I asked for the money back and the cashier told me to talk to "Joseph" who is the manager of that station. I waited until today Monday 11/28/2016 and called and spoke with Joseph.

Initially Joseph said he will take care of it and return my money as the pump was defective but needed some time to review. He asked for my name and once I told him my name, he said that he will not pay me any money since I am an Immigrant and a Muslim. He started swearing and yelling at me.

He said that I was trying to rip him off and that he will not pay me any money. In the end he even denied that this ever happened. Also he said that I was lying to him because no one else complained about the pump malfunctioning.

I told him that I will complaint to Shell customer service and he said that Shell will always side with him and not the Immigrants and Muslims, since all Muslims are Liars.

I want Shell to investigate this matter on an urgent basis and not only get my $26.37 back but also another $50 for cleaning and shampooing the car to get rid of the smell.

I have been having breathing problems since this incident and I may end up going to the hospital to get checked if necessary.

Store Number: 6791 Shell Circle K
1597 W Irving Park Rd, Hanover Park IL [protected]
Manager name: Joseph
Manager phone # [protected]
Date of incident: 11/25/2016
Invoice number:415091
Total: $26.37
12.563 Gallons @2.099/Gal

My Name: Syed Nasaruddin
Phone: [protected]

Nov 28, 2016

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