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Circle K / mistreatment of employees

1 Navarre, FL, United States

I currently work for Circle K. It has been a little under a year since I started, but I am desperately trying to find work elsewhere. When I was hired, I was told it would be full time, 40 hours... I only get 40 hours if I work past my shift. I didn't get a 90 day raise, and only when I was promoted to asistant manager (I know this is spelled wrong, but it would not let me submit because it seems to think I am trying to swear) did I get a whopping 50 cent raise. I am currently making 8.75 an hour to be the asistant manager of this store. We are extremely busy, especially now that it is tourist season in our area, and we only have ONE person per shift due to, according to the owner, Circle K only allowing 200 hours per week to dole out to all the employees. I'm sorry, but it is impossible to take care of customers and keep the store organized when you have only one person per shift who has to stay behind the counter (with no breaks at all) the entire 8 hour shift. And my pay is a joke. I know people who are in management at similar stores, and they are making over $10 an hour for the asistant position.
I have regular customers who tell me that they are disgusted about how we, the employees, have to be there alone and run ourselves ragged and not get any breaks. I have had at least 7 of them disappear after telling me they would not be coming back because of how the owner runs the store. We can never pas (again, I know this is spelled wrong because it thinks I am trying to swear) inspections or secret shoppers because we are always stuck behind the counter and don't have time to clean. It feels like the company is setting us up for failure by not allowing enough hours per week to adequately staff our store.
Is there any way we can start a lawsuit against this company for the mistreatment of employees?

Jun 20, 2015

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