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I called circle k's payroll department at the end of december, the beginning of january to tell them I had moved and needed to change my address in order to get my w2. The lady told me that they were all paperless now and that I needed to register online to get my w2 when they came out. So here it is, february 2nd, and I go to "download my w2" and it wants me to pay 12.00 to get it. I called the payroll dept. Back and the lady was not at all apologetic, had no interest in helping me, basically told me if I wanted my w2 I would have to pay for it since they mailed my paper w2 to my old address, and this is after I told them I had moved and the lady would not take my new information down because it was supposedly all paperless. So now if I want my supposedly free w2, I have to pay 12.00 for it - what a bunch of bs, this payroll dept is a joke - obviously cant afford the stamp to send me a new copy of my w2 after they made a mistake -


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    Crystal Fye Jan 22, 2019

    How where you able to get the w2 they sent mine out knowing I moved

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    Teri C. Apr 08, 2019

    I called 888-477-6583 for their corporate Payroll / HR department, there was a recorded message for how to obtain your W-2. My son was a former employee, and the instructions were to go to, click on "Register now" at the bottom, and put in password CIK1-W2. Then follow the instructions. Worked great, no charge/free, and was able to print and download his W-2. There also were instructions on what to do if you are current employee.

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    [email protected] Jan 13, 2020

    @Teri C. i tryed it but it didnt work says i was never in system

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