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poor employee treatment

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I worked @ circle k for 3 mos. From the very beginning, i'd had problems accessing my money on a pay card issued instead of direct deposit or a regular all american check. Asked manager to look into it. Her comment, "there's the number you need to call" as she pointed to a bulletin board that was chalk full of stuff dated from the 80's on up!! As a new employee, i had no clue what to look for. I finally got hold of the card company and they continually emailed me codes in order to access my money. The card co. Issued verification to reimburse my decline fees, etc. Great!! I thought. Nothing doing. I gave he email to the mgr. With directions from card co. To circle k h / r dept. I waited, waited, and waited. Nothing!!! I called mgr. Of store she wouldn't answer the phone and avoided me. I called circle k in az. "we do not do this sort of transaction. "

This is bull !!! All the card co. Wanted was permission to access my account to reimburse me. Circle k refused.

Companies like circle k don't deserve to be in business. . . Don"t patron these rip off covienince stores and always check your exp. Dates!!!

Also, my mother is in very bad health. I didn't have anyone to stay with her and let them know at least 12 hrs. Prior to my next shift. I was told, " sounds like a personal problem. " they knew i'd almost lost her prior to christmas. I liked to have. . . !!! It's not like the girl who's "daddy baby got thrown in jail" excuse. I wound up covering half her shift on top of mine!! And was expected to work again that night!! She didn't want to wake her mother to keep the kid. I literally had to quit a job that kept me sick with upper respiratory infection the whole time i worked there. And on top of that. . . To keep from paying me the over - time i'm supposed to be paid by law, the mgr. Went in, clocked me out, and then clocked me right back in!!! Labor law broken right there!!!

Hey circle k>>>>>>

Sure you're not owned by a politian??? Or maybe a c. E. O. ???
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A  5th of Aug, 2009 by    +1 Votes
Circle K is a very bad company. They took over our store 6 months ago and are ruining everything. They have completely destroyed everything that brought people in, jacked all of our prices, took out many things that regulars loved and came in for, screwed us on hours, forced us to work by ourselves at night, TOOK AWAY our panic button on top of that! And NOW, they are going to shut the store down because we don't do the numbers that their giant stores in metro areas do. I hope they give us a decent severance, because im going to get a copy of any contracts I can including the ones between Circle K, and my previous employer because they rolled over our tenure and if they do not honor that during the closing I will be finding any way I can to stop them from getting away with it.
A  13th of Sep, 2009 by    +4 Votes
This is all pretty standard for Circle K. They did the same thing when they rolled in here a year ago, took away all of our vacation and benefits, denied us the pay raises we were due, jacked up our prices (We're now the highest priced store in the city - go us!) and managed to get rid of all of our best selling items AND drive away a very large chunk of our regular customers.

On top of that there's the fact that they treat their employees like we're stupid and go out of their way to insult us as often as they can.
A  30th of Sep, 2009 by    +5 Votes
I've worked for Circle K for over TWO years now (my stupidity, I suppose) and I have yet to receive my ONE-year raise that I'm allegedly entitled to. I had to pull teeth to get my 90-day raise (which because of a recent change in minimum starting rate, only brought me up to hire-in pay). Then I had to call human resources to get my 6-month raise, and then they went on a pay-rate freeze. I kept bugging the district manager over and over again about it until finally they sent an email to corporate, only for them to tell me that I waited too long and therefore I'm not entitled to my raise. I don't know if this is against the law or if I'm just s.o.l. but if anyone knows, I'd sure appreciate some info.
A  15th of Nov, 2009 by     Best Advice +7 Votes
My partner worked for circle k for just under a year and was recently fired because of "questionable business practices" when in fact he was doing EXACTLY what was governed by corporate on their inside news bulliten. When the district manager decided to audit him, she was not aware of the recent policy change and decided to fire him 3 days before he was to go from assistant manager (making $8.35/hr after his raise) to manager (at 35, 000/yr). When he stated he was following policy, pulled up the publication she looked at it, called several other managers and then said that he was already fired in the system and it was too much work to rehire him. In addition, a few weekes before he had gotten fired he found out that the 6 people he had trained (including several hired as managers and even those hired as clerks) made at least what he had made, and in all but 2 cases, more.

The company is owned by a Canadian company called Couche Tard. In my opinion they are nothing more than Douche ###s that do nothing more than sell things for as much as they can with NO regard to how they treat their employees and no interest in running a company with any morals, ethics or regard to anyhing but the profits of the company's execs.
A  24th of Dec, 2009 by    +4 Votes
just want to share my happyness. i've just quit Cirle K.
as to the rase freeze this company should be taken to court for lying to their emploees.
when the rase freeze came in to effect every store recived a letter that explained that all the people up top in the company will take 10% decrese in pay were as people at the bottom will just not get rases. but they forgot to mention the new bonus programs for each levels. this bonus program was unofficially made up to compensate for the rase freeze from store managers up.
whenever Circle K takes over a store or a smal chian they cant always cut peoples pay but they'll cut their bonus programs. that is what happened to some of the speed way stores taken over by Circle K. people kept their pay but their over all income went down by 10k a year.
if you work for a company like that you will never move foreword. even if the rases were in effect their maximum rase is about 20c. so if you make minimum wage which you are you get about 2.5% if you make more than your rase is even less. the inflation is getting close to 4%. you'd have to get that 4% to make the same amount of money as last year, but since you're not you're moving backwork. and this is why in my opinion this countries economy is going down and companies like Circle K are responsible for that.
N  27th of Feb, 2010 by    +5 Votes
I have worked for Circle K for over a year now, I work 6-2 pm at a very busy store. I realize i live in a right to work state AZ, I work many days with no breaks or very short period time to got to the restroom. I have a regional manager who just believes everyone is a thief. The only thing I would like to say if you live in AZ and want to be treated like Shi** then go to work for them. The economy is bad and I have had no choice at this time but god willing Ill be out of here soon.
N  7th of Mar, 2010 by    +4 Votes
I just returned from picking up my son from his job at Circle K after he'd been robbed. His manager had called him early in the day and asked if he could work a double shift. Seems like another employee had called in ill. My son stepped up to the plate and went in to work a double shift to help out. My son normally works the 10pm to 6Aam shift, but yesterday worked from 2pm to 6 am the following morning. I got a call from him at 4am telling me that he desperately needed to borrow $150 or he would be fired. He had failed to keep up with his cash drops during the night and was $150 above the corporate demanded $30 only in the cash register. Admittedly, he had failed to make those drops. A mistake. Maybe caused by the exhaustion from working a double? At any rate his manager was demanding the money or he would fire him. If my son had been shot and killed, I'm sure I would have received a call from his manager demanding that I make up the $150 deficit. I told my son I was going to contact the local media here in Phoenix and make them aware of Circle K's policies. He begged me not to do that. He said I'm not making much money, but it's the only job I have in this bad economy. This is how these bloodsuckers get by with abusing and taking advantage of their employees. "Times are tough so we can treat them like dirt." Corporations are sucking this country dry. Circle K is a prime example. Had my son been killed I have no doubt they would have kicked his body to the curb outside and reached for the next employee application. They have no concern for their employee's health and well being or for their safety. They are there strictly to make money. No matter at what cost to whom. Just last week a young employee was shot and killed during a beer run after one of the robbers punched his wife. He went to her defense. He had his life taken. Circle K had a new employee there almost before the body cooled. Anyone who works for Circle K and gets screwed deserves it if they continue to work there after having knowledge of how they operate. I made this clear to my son. If he wants to continue working there after the way he was treated, then he is on his own next time. Those people are monsters and not worthy of being called human beings. Please do not spend your money at Circle K. Step up to the plate for your country.
A  3rd of May, 2010 by    +4 Votes
as for some more info on the pay freeze, it really sucks for old employees only. all of the new employees hired later in the year after the pay freeze were still getting all of the raises that they would usually get! so i have some co-workers that have been working for more than 2 years with no raises at all. but the employee that has been there for less than 6 months is getting paid more than the employees that have been there for 2 years and longer. i don't see at all how that's even remotely fair at all. that really sucks to all of us who work our ### off for more pay and end up with the same pay for almost 3 years. but the new guy who knows nothing of the pain of working there for 5 years is getting paid more than most of us. this company really sucks.
A  8th of Jun, 2010 by    +2 Votes
Same bull**** going on with myself. I was just fired from Circle K from a "fill-in" Manager, while mine was recovering from shoulder surgery. The manager didn't like me from the second she met me. I had surgery scheduled for a Friday & let her know about it. Surgery on Friday morning, return to work on Monday with no restrictions. She said my shift needed to be covered & she needed a Doctor's note stating the fact that I was having surgery & when I'd return to work, or I'd have to reschedule. DUHHH! She wanted the note BEFORE I even had the surgery, never heard of that before but not a problem. Got it to her 2 days later. Two other employees & myself took care of my shift coverage & adjusted it on the schedule so everyone knew & told the manager it was taken care of. No problem right? WRONG!!! That [censor] adjusted EVERYONE'S schedules to cover my SHIFTS FOR THE NEXT 3 WEEKS, yes that's right, 3 WEEKS! I was only going to be out of work for 3 days. Then when I showed-up for work on that Monday, as scheduled, I was told to call her & she'd explain. She told me to call the Marketing Manager, but that wasn't until 3 days after the fact. The Marketing Manager said the schedule was made for 2 weeks in advance & of course I'm pissed & ask her why I'm not on the NEW 2 week schedule, coincidentally no one else has seen it either, and why was there another schedule made anyway. Our schedule's already made & they don't ever re-do all schedules unless there aren't any. I was told that I wasn't on it because she was told by the "fill-in" manger that I was off work for surgery & she didn't know when I was coming back to work. That [censor] had my release from my doctor before I ever went for the surgery. Anyway, long story short, I was off work for almost a month, however, when someone didn't show up for work, guess who they called. I ended up getting fired for something about myself, my daughter, smoking & a "customer complaint", BULL****! I'm taking the next course of action & I'm going to find out what I can do. I loved my job & now I'm about to lose my apartment which is really screwed-up & I'm a single mom. All because I wasn't liked by a manager. I can't get any information about my termination from even the Corporate Office in my town.
A  25th of Aug, 2010 by    +3 Votes

CONTACT 504 813-0352
A  14th of Oct, 2010 by    0 Votes
My husband works for Cirlce K right now. They started him telling him he was going to get $8/hour to start. Then told him he would be getting $9.25 when they started being open 24/hours. He works over nights alone in a bad area and is only getting $7.25 /hour. Not only that but he got hurt stocking the coolers. He had a bad knee already and fell off the step ladder onto his right knee. He called the managers numerous times yet it still took over an hour to reach anyone and when he did it was another regular employee who came in, not a manager! Because of his knee he is taking hydrocodines. He left the pills at work in the back room so he wouldn't keep forgetting them at the house. After 1 night they are missing! We know it was another employee since there are no customers allowed in the back room. If anyone knows the human resource number or any numbers I can call to make a complaint would be really helpful. Please email me at jay42080@aol.com. We need to find out who stole his pills. Without them he is not able to do his job right now. He has had 4 surgeries including a total knee replacement within the past 6 years and these people have the nerve to steal his things! Any help would be appericated. Thanks!
A  19th of Jan, 2011 by    +2 Votes
Circle K is a terrible place to work, the manager's, who are overworked and underpaid themselves, have no time to take care of employee problems, the Market Manager's, don't care about anyone but themselves and will do pretty much anything to try and look good. The corporate office totally ignores anything anyone else in the company says and just keeps jacking up prices to ridiculous rates, and who gets yelled at for the rate's, the store managers and associates who have no control over it. My latest problem with the company is even more heinous then that, I needed a copy of my pay stubs for the last month, which admittedly I could have kept, but hey this is my first job, how was I to know you should keep those. I needed them because my newborn niece is about to run out of insurence and they need copies of everyone's income information to be able to get her new inssurence. Well, after asking the market manager (because we have been managerless for over a month now) for 2 week's about getting them, one of my assistant manager's were kind enough to step in and try to help me out, the only thing she could get is this sheet with instructions on how to get me my pay stubs online. I followed the instructions, word for word, to get these things, and what happened? Oh, the HUMAN RESOURCES, department didn't give me all the information I needed to get these things, I was on the phone with them for about an hour today and they pretty much told me too bad, guess you can't get them. So if any Circle K higher up see's this, I would like you to know, if my niece gets sick and dies because she couldn't go see a doctor, it is your fault, Congrats, you've finally managed to endanger a babies life with your corruption.
N  22nd of Jan, 2011 by    +2 Votes
i just got a job at Circle K and they didnt give me a shirt and my Manager said as long as i where a black shirt with my name tag it was find well my manager is on her vacation and one of my asst managers says i cant come back to work till i buy a red shirt from somewhere i was told also that i could where my blk shirt till they get my Circle K shirt so i gotta wait till a whole week to get paid and buy a red shirt... it is kind of pissing me off.. and dont worry i work the midnight shift to and they tool out our panic button to... I dont know what to do plz help..
N  23rd of Apr, 2011 by    +2 Votes
Circle K upper management only cares about themselves. They do not care about any of their employees. They cut hours and only have one person working at the store. The person has to be the cashier, stock person, janitor and cook. And then upper management demands to know why stores have long lines, high shrink, unstocked shelves and coolers and failed "secret shoppers." Circle K has a poor corporate culture. Employees work in fear of losing their jobs if they disagree with upper management. Upper management never want to listen to store manager's suggestions. Upper management only go with their own ideas. Even when their ideas fail, they blame the store personnel. Talk about throwing people under the bus to save y0ur own ### !!
A  18th of May, 2011 by    +5 Votes
Been working at my circle k for about 6 months now, still yet to receive my 90 days pay increase or even my evaluation for that matter. I work 3rd shift by myself with the door open in the middle of a bad neighborhood. And my manager asks me why I cant get everything done at night when I have 200-250 customers all night... Hmm... I think im busy all night.
A  13th of Jul, 2011 by    +3 Votes
My husband has been working there for three years (Phoenix), he was given assistant manager two months in. Ever since he has been asking to be given management, given that we have two kids! They do nothing but preach and preach in training about how if you are a good employee and work hard and want to advance in the company you can. Bull!! He has bent over backwards, worked that store up from nothing!! Picks up slack for three managers! (thats how many the store has had since he got there!) and all the employees! Who do no cleaning or stocking! He does it all! the books, the cleaning, stocking, moping, sweeping, audits! You name it! He even ran the store four days a week when his old manager had two stores! Two store managers got awards and raises because of the cleaning and organizing MY HUSBAND did! because in the time my husband was there the store got that much better, THEY got bonuses! THEY got awards! The first time he asked to be in management his market manager (who promotes you) said he didnt have enough time with the company, so what did she do? Who did she hire? A flippin cook! No experience or time as a CSR! n outsider to the company! my husband had to help teach him how to run the damn store! So my husband thinks if he waits patiently he will get his managment position, so in seven months he asks again (while running the store EVERY WEEKEND! And doing all duties of every shift! And five out of six weekly audits!) she says he has to wait a few months, so he waits, but she gets demoted!! So now they bring in a temp market manager, its been a year and half now now...my husband asks him to have a sit down talk about how the store is mis run, he is mistreated and wants his promotion. The temp market manager says he will talk to him in two weeks, my husband waits. A new perminant market manager is brought in, ok, my husband goes to him, asks again politley, patiently for a sit down. Well yesterday was the day and guess what? He told him he will get back to him with a time...wow! get back to him with a time??? He has been waiting, taking care of and boosting that damn store for ### pay and ### credit! Everytime my husband takes care of that store and his manager gets credit its a slap in the face! All they do is abuse him! he is the best damn employee they have at that store I cant stress enough he literaly does EVERYTHING!!! He deserves his own store, better pay for the work he does! they treat their employees like ###! Ask anyone who has been there for a while they will tell you they lose tons of good employees because they dont listen to them or give two ###! I hate them, I truely do, they treat my husband like crap and all he is is a great employee. he is promised things then pushed around and brushed to the side. Upper management plays favorites and only care about themselves! look at the UCP donations! my husband, at his store was the only one asking he raised thirty bucks a day! Guess what? At the end of the UCP donation cycle they give THE MARKET MANAGERS a free all exspense paid trip to cabo...or some place like that...for what you ask? The stores in their district IE: the CSR's in their district who collected the most donations! HA! thats fair! the CSR's get nothing and the people who literaly didnt collect a cent get an all exspense paid trip! They need to ask their regulars who really runs the store! Who really takes care of them! When the employees at my husbands store or the customers (regulars) have a problem guess who they call? Its not their manager! Its my husband, the assistant, even though they arent supposed to call him in an emergancy they do. What does that say? that whole company is messed up. And just to prove upper management does not care. A few months ago my husband wrote to his district manager the one in charge of the market managers, he wrote a lengthy e mail explaining again in the most polite proper way possible, his desire to move up and how he has been overlooked, and the state the store is in due to his new manager, she shared the e mail with his market manager (which she is NOT supposed to do, given that he was raising a complaint about her) and proceeded to write only a one line note that said: I hire the market managers, so I trust their judgement. WOW! they dont know how lucky they are to have a hard worker like my husband, the slackers and a holes that work there get whatever time off and shedule they ask for, their job gets done by my husband and no one gives a damn about him. I hope they are bought out and taken over by a comapnay that actually cares about their employees!
A  18th of Jul, 2011 by    +3 Votes
I worked for Circle k for seven years and got fired for a 75 cent shortage? worked up to 16 hr shifts with no brakes is this leagal in Arizona???? Absolutely no lunch or any other type of brake...not only were the customers abusive but the Management was too...they actually go to classes provided by the company on how to say no and be extra rude to their employees...it was like working in a sweat shop...pay benifits and everything else sucked!!! I'm so glad I got fired...I'm now an office manager and I love my job. My advice to any one working there leave...quit...get out!!! It is so not worth it. I had one manager actually come kock at my door when I called in with a stomache flu, he wanted to make sure I was as sick as I had said I was??? legal???
N  7th of Aug, 2011 by    +1 Votes
i have worked for them for 5 years in the corporation and managed them for 8 years with a francise i have had the same problems and more i was let go for the forth time in the 5 years every manager has been intemidated by me i have been transferer to 3 out of four stores in my area 3 different times in each and all 3 stores in the same week with all 3 shifts to work in the week giving me 5 min notice to do the grave shift when i have already just got to my swing shift store and alot more crap favoritetisum and lies this is just the start of the things they have done to me in almost 5 years just because this is a right to work state that does not give them the right to treat some employees like they are nothing if the things they have done in other states they would be in big trouble
N  17th of Aug, 2011 by    +1 Votes
I have been working now as a floater for 3 months. That means I work at stores all around the valley(phoenix mesa area). Never had an issue at all until I was given a permanent store last week. First thing the manager did was write me up for not taking out the trash my first day. So I have been in ten or so different stores with no complaints at all. Managers have asked tio have me at their stores and were told no. "We don't want to let go of one of our floaters." Ok. ( or ten different managers love me because I work hard and don't just stand behind the counter like most Customer service reps.On the day I first worked at what is now my permanent store, I didn't feel well at all due to terrible allergies. And I told that to the store manager. So the next day when I came to work, she left me a letter stating she had written me up for not taking out the trash and such. I was not the only person there. And did the other employee get a write up? Hell no! So then a few days later, I get to work and immediately begin taking out the trash and making fresh coffee while greeting every customer that came in. The manager calls me over to where she is talking and laughing with one of the employees who has been there for some time now. She asks me why am I not greeting customers as per our corporate policy? I didn't know what to say really so I asked "Are you joking right now? Because I have greeted every customer." She states she is not joking and did not hear me greet one single customer. I'm like ok then. So I called our market manager who is her boss and stated I have an issue with working at her store. He explained he was in a meeting and would call me back. He shows up about an hour later at the store. I explained to him that I did not feel this store was going to work out for me due to the manager of this store and her discrimination of me. I also pointed out to him that I have been a floater for a while and that all of the other managers love me. And for this one to have an issue should say a little about her. He said he would speak with her. When he and her were ready they called me back and he completely took her side and chastised me for the littlest things including joking with customers which was never an issue before, I feel this company gives too much power to it's so called managers to be able to have this kind of sway over the lives of good employees.
A  1st of Nov, 2011 by    0 Votes
I have to say you've probably suffered this terrible treatment during your employment as a result of what we in the "Corrupt Korps" (notice the hidden C K? I'm so clever, not!) call "he/she knows too much, we need to be rid of them fast!". Yeah I should know, I'm one of their top henchmen. Heck I may have even been responsible for firing or transferring you because that's what I get paid to do! A word to the wise CSR or Assistant Manager, don't ever, ever act as if you have a clue as to whats really going on at your store. Remain in a slightly catatonic state and just do what you're told. Make a move on us and we'll stomp your guts right out, no lies. We will go to any extreme to make your life miserable, even after we fire you. Why, hey isn't that you on the camera there? you know the one, its just like all the others in the store, pointed right at you. Sure its all fuzzy and there's absolutely no audio, but yeah its you and I think you look like you stole something. Guess I'll have to falsely accuse you of theft, fire you at the end of your shift, and have you arrested and paraded through the store on your way to jail. Such a shame, if only you hadn't been so darn smart. Yeah we are terrible aren't we? But hey when you're this good at a "sport", (screwing with your head, firing you, transferring you, humiliating you, duh!) why stop? Smoke and mirrors baby! Smoke and mirrors!

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