Churches Chicken / fried chicken wrong orders

Used to love Churches Chicken but they stopped selling the so called white meat. I love the dark juicy parts like the leg and thigh. But my wife likes the wing and the breast most of all. But lately when we order white meat and then open the bag or box when we get all legs and thighs like for a ten pieces order with split fives of Dark and white. We get five thighs and five legs. So either the parts have change categories in name, or the manager is one that says to his help "I pay you minimum wage so do as I say not as the buyer orders " or he uses his own children who are getting back at him for some reason by ruining his sales. It can't that the reason is dummies at the service counter don't know what a chicken part is but they only know what a "chicken strip" is and gets confused when an order comes in for dark and or white meat. Well now it's churches before it was KFC, and once was Popeye's. I wonder what they have in common? We now go to the Grocer store where there is older people like ourselves who now chicken parts " an art that is disappearing"

Apr 11, 2016

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