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Chrysler Financial's Collection Department has the most disrespectful customer service reps. I have NEVER dealt with people so RUDE! They cut you short, will not let you finish talking, speak over you, literally ARGUE with you, admit their fault but will not acknowledge responsibility and some will even rudely attempt to hang up on you. I'll admit, in the past I have been late more than once on my car payment, but never past the 30 day mark. I am fully aware that when I am late I acquire a late fee. Fine. It's my fault, I'll pay the fee, NO PROBLEM. But the reason for my complaint is not solely due to un-reversed inadequate late fees and inadequate credit reporting, the reason is LARGELY due to the RUDE collections reps. I lost my job and was having difficulty keeping up with my payments, but one way or another I would always make ends meet. One month I called in to make my scheduled monthly payment (which WAS a little late) and the associate recommended that I get an extension for the next month's payment in order to ease my financial status. I thanked her and proceeded with the extension, which included paying a small extension fee plus interest. To make a long story short, I received the extension form in the mail, signed it and faxed it back. In my mind everything would work out great. NOT! The month following the extension I logged on to make my payment and noticed an outstanding balance of twice the amount of my usual monthly payment. I tried to make my payment for that month and was rejected because their on-line system could not accept "PARTIAL PAYMENTS". I immediately thought, "This must have something to do with the extension form." I got on the phone and called customer service. I wanted to know why was my balance was more than the usual month's payment. The representative stated that I was past due on the previous month and that now two months worth of payments were due. I explained to the associate that the previous month had been granted an extension (meaning: an extension pushes that particular payment to the END of your contract, it adds on an additional month because it waives your payment for the requested month). She said, "Yes, I see that here but we have not received the signed extension form." I explained that I had already faxed it but that I was willing to fax it again. She agreed. I went down to the local Staples and faxed the form for the second time. The next day I figured everything would be fixed and that I would be able to log on and make the payment. WRONG! Nothing had been updated. I called a second time to inquire on the status of the form. They claimed for the second time that the form still had not been received and that I should fax it a third time. Meanwhile they recommended that I make a payment over the phone as oppose to making it online because their online system was not going to accept any amount other than the incorrect outstanding balance. I always preferred to make my payments on-line because it was free. If I did a pay-by-phone they would charge $12.95. I then explained to the associate, "Why should I have to pay $12.95 to process the payment over the phone when I could pay it via on-line for free? If you all were to do your jobs right I wouldn't be having this issue and I would be able to make my scheduled payment on-line for free as usual!" She apologized for the inconvenience and recommended that I wait a few days to see if the form would eventually get updated. Days passed and then I began to receive collection calls. Every associate would begin with, "This call is being recorded. You are past due on your 2006 Charger and we need to set up a payment TODAY." I would explain to them the situation and they would go about asking me how many times have I faxed the form? What number did I fax it to? Whom did I speak with? etc.. By the end of the call I had them apologizing, once again, for the inconvenience and assuring me that the form would get processed soon so that I could continue with my payment. I must have talked to 6 or seven different collections officers, all promising the same thing and nothing ever got done. By this point I was furious and just wanted the matter to be resolved. I was literally calling in every third day to check up on the status of my form, it was always the same response, "I don't see the form filed ma'am, but I will open up a work basket and have this issue escalated. When all this is resolved all late fees and credit reporting will be waived and corrected." This was the response I must have received from about 3 or 4 customer service reps. Two entire months had gone by and nothing was resolved! I was calling in asking to speak to supervisor after supervisor after supervisor and they would just give me the run around, once again always suggesting that I pay the $12.95 and process my payment over the phone. Why? Why should I have to pay that fee when I can do it on-line for free. They were firm about not being able to waive the processing fee, even though they knew that it was their fault that I wasn't able to make the payment online. Two and a half months had elapsed and after faxing the form FIVE times, to different individuals who promised they would receive it and personally process it, I finally got it into the hands of a responsible supervisor and it was adequately processed. By this time I had already "MAILED" in my normal payment, just to avoid the processing fee. The day after the form was processed and payment was received I called to make sure that the fees were going to be waived and that my credit report was going to be fixed because by the end of the ordeal they had reported my loan 60+ days past due! That's HORRIBLE! They declined to do any of that. I asked to speak to a supervisor. I was transferred to a Mr. Rollins. He didn't even want to hear me out. He was rude, interruptive, assumptive and just had no desire to understand my situation nor was he going to allow me to speak to anybody else. He said he was a supervisor and that there was nobody else that was going to do anything else for me. I spent about an hour on the phone with him trying to explain my situation, but it was no use. By the end of the call I was frustrated, confused, angry and hysterically in tears. At one point during the call he acknowledged that previous associates had indeed confirmed that it was an internal mishandling error and that my fees would be reversed. And even then he stated that although the associates had made false promises to me, nothing was going to be fixed. Still he showed no remorse for his words and advised me to simply pay the late fees, that were over $100, and just move on with my life. He said that was going to be the only way to have my matter resolved, was to pay the late fees. That night I cried myself to sleep. I spent the next morning looking over months worth of statements and jotting down information so that I would be fully prepared when I called again to have the matter reviewed. I felt confident and more determined than ever. Upon the associate answering my call I immediately knew this wasn't going to be a good conversation. The associate (Mr.Martinez) answered and an unpleasant tone and was very cut short. He asked for my loan number and quickly came to his own assumptions. He spoke loudly and over me and even argued with me. I began to get frustrated. I asked to speak to a supervisor. He yelled, "Hold on!" and placed me on hold. I was furious because he was so rude. When the supervisor came on the line (Ms. Adams) apparently she had her mind already made up because she too was unwilling to hear me out. She said to stop arguing and live with it. That nothing was going to be changed and that my account would remain the way it is, with late fees and all! She ultimately said, "Ms. Rodriguez, there is nothing else I can do for you. The fees will remain on the account and there's nothing you can do about it. Have a good day!" I said, " Ms. Adams! You better not hang up on me, don't you dare release this call!" She paused and then asked what else could she help me with. I asked when was the next time Mr. Williams would be in and she said tomorrow. I thanked her and released the call. I continued to cry out of frustration and anger. At this point I still don't know what to do. So I found this web site and decided to document my experience. I only have one more year to pay off my car, but if I had the money to pay it off right now I definitely would! I wish I did! I will never finance with Chrysler Financial again!!!

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      3rd of May, 2010

    What a bunch of idiots! NO one should be treated like this and the folks at Chrysler Financial should realize that thier unethical practices does not make anybody want to pay off thier debt any faster. In a society when jobs are lost and money is super tight, they should understand that it may take a little longer to pay off. I had a great job, I always ALWAYS payed on time and at the end of my lease, I turned it in and recieved a lease end payment and an overmilage. I also lost my job and payed some money to them each month, not the entire amount but some. I was called and harrased every day 4 times a day and was told after 2 months of paying them some amounts (like 100-200 at a time) that it was unaceptable, and Chrysler does not take payement plans and to pay the full amount in 20 days or its off to collections! I have 3 kids to feed, and a house payment to make that is more important than the full amount for my turn in. I AM PAYING some money and they should be happy, at least I am not paying at all- I could be like everyone else and not pay and file for bankrupsy but that isnt right. I understand that I signed a contract but I also didnt know that I would lose my job 2 years ago when I leased the car. These people are terrible and I am telling everyone my story and hopefully they wont have to deal with chrysler financial.

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