Chrysler2013 town and country transmission

On my way home from Conway, South Carolina, about five miles, at 50 miles per hour I started hearing a whining noise. Within a mile or so the rpms jumped to around 4000 then the transmission acted as if it were in nuetral, but it was still in drive. After slowing to about 30 miles per hour it started pulling again. At this time I was about a city block from my home so I continued there, but after stopping to open the garage door the vehicle wouldn't move. After shutting it off I was able to turn it around for the tow truck driver to haul it away.
After contacting the dealer in Conway, it was towed there. My wife and I are in our 70's, the van has just over 57, 000 miles on it and it has been babied sense we bought it new. I have been around cars all my life and have never had a transmission act like this. Today, [protected], the dealer told me the transmission is shot, do to low fluid, but it had no leaks. At 50, 000 miles my wife stopped at the dealer and ask about the transmission and was told it was ok if it was working fine. Since there is no way for us to check the fluid (someones idea of a joke) we continued to drive it. Today we found out a reman transmission will cost us $4, 000.00. Merry Christmas!
In the last fifteen years we have purchased three new Chrysler vans, sorry no more. A $35, 000.00 vehicle should have a transmission that will last many more miles than ours did. We are from Kokomo, Indiana and I know Chrysler used to build the best transmission ever and they lasted a long time. Word got around then and it will now. What happened? Tim Terry

Dec 07, 2018

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