Chowkingrufino st., corner dela rosa st. branch

I used to visit the said branch once a week since July of this year. It was disappointing that until now, the aircondition here is still not ok. Sometimes, the main door of the branch is better open than not. You can feel that the air coming from outside is better than the ambience inside. Since I have visited this branch, everytime I am going to use my happy plus card, since July, never had the chance to use the card because they always decline and say that it is offline, as in everytime. What is the use of putting thehe particular machine is infront of the queue line of the customer, if it is ALWAYS offline, and customer can see, that the machine ia working. Don't know their explanation about this, but they should promote using the card by encouraging customer to use their happy plus card everytime they are going to order instead. Or maybe, this is one of the tactics for them to acquire cash instead.
Anyway, hopefully, that the aircondition will be fix as soon as they can because I have notices this thing for almost 5 months. Can't believe that they can tolerate their branch is operating like that even they can also observe that almost all of their customer is feeling uncomfortable inside.


Nov 22, 2018

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