Chowking MOAauto large drinks

C Nov 25, 2017

We ordered for a Large milktea and a regular coke, which my boyfriend clearly stated when cashier named Alino/Allie took our orders.. We were about to get a glass of water from the water station, and upon bringing the glass of water to our table we noticed how the glass of our 'regular' coke was a lot taller than our glass of water. We scanned the receipt and we found out that we were charged of 17php for a 16oz drink, which we never ordered. I called the manager Cathy who was not on floor but was addressed to us by a crew. I explained to her about this unauthorized charge, and she never even opted to give my 17php back, or replace my drink since I could barely even finish a large soda. She promised she will speak to the cashiers, but as we were observing, all of the customers looking for seats were carrying their trays with either pineapple/iced tea or large soda on it. What bothered me most is the group of students beside our table who experienced the same scenario. I felt the need to ask them if they ordered for an drink upgrade and they were also surprised to be charged of such fees as well. I hope it appears on the cctv camera on this branch on how many times customers had called for a crew/manager to clarify this wrong doings. Im not sure if this became a habit as to benefit for something, but i believe this is a form of stealing. And through some form of legalities, this has to be stopped.

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