Chipotle Mexican Grill / service complaint

Grove City, OH, United States

Ordered online as usual and only one person from work went to pick up several orders. We all ordered online several hours prior to pickup so they received plenty of notice. When the person arrived at the scheduled time, none of the orders were completed so he had to wait while they made them. Apparently they were in a hurry because they knew they should have had them ready and didn't because they messed up on the order and had to remake at least one of them. This confusion was not due to heavy volume of customers at that time because there were only 2 in the store at 4pm. When he got back to work and I received my order, the bowl was not properly made as instructed on the order and I did not receive the chips that was also on that order.
This is not the first time that they have messed up our orders and we cant go back to the store because we are at work and only have a half hour to pickup order, eat and go back to work.
Order placed thru company email but unable to outgo mail
Please respond to personal email [protected]

Jun 15, 2017

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