Chicken Licken / poor customer services, bad attitude towards a customer and lack of professionalism

Sebokeng Moshoeshoe street, South Africa
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My name is zanele from sebokeng, I went to buy chicken licken yesterday at thabong at 13:21:17 and the cashier was dimakatso from shift 1, that lady gave me one hell of a bad attitude for merely asking for information and clarity about the meal I wanted to buy, raised her tone and gave me a frown, would asking clarity about a variety of meals chicken licken is selling, be a threat? That even lead to one of her colleagues going to the back to inform their colleagues, whom eventually came on the front guess to see this lady (Me). This lady really needs to be re assessed and if possible corrective action be taken, as in send her back for training on customer service skills and professionalism. If this person can be this cruel chances that I could be given meals with 'spit' or filthy are extremely. I don't think I will ever go to that franchise. Please re evaluate your staff.

Jan 11, 2017

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