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Chicken Express / rudeness

1 Palestine, TX, United States

If anyone really knows me they know I like unsweet tea and my tea of choice for the past couple of years has been from Chicken Express in the form of a gallon. I frequent the business a few days per week but lately the tea has been sour. I usually order in the drive thru and ask for fresh tea. The last 2 times I went, the manager seemed to have an attitude when the girls took the 3-4 day old tea back to the refrigerator and had to make me a fresh gallon. Today, they tried to give me tea with a "7" on the cap, which means it was brewed on Sunday. I do not want 4 day old tea!!! So when I kindly asked the girl to make me a fresh one the manager Garrett Bednarsky hopped over there and grabbed the jug as he gave me a glare. He said something to the 2 females and they started laughing as he took the full, old jug over to the dispenser. There he poured a little out of the top and then tried to top it off with fresh tea. He got another cap and put a "3" on it and brought it to the window. I told him I was watching what he did and that I did not want old tea and I did not appreciate the way he thought he was just going to push it off on me like I'm some [censor]. He proceeded to tell me that I was the only person that comes through the drive thru asking for fresh unsweet tea. He said from now on if I don't want the tea they give me I will have to come inside and buy an empty gallon jug and get my own tea. I told him I was a paying customer and if I wanted fresh tea that was my choice. He then told me that unsweet tea never goes bad because there is no sugar in it for it to ferment. I told him that was [censor] and that I worked in restaurant management for long enough and had drank tea my entire life to know better. Then he told me to take my fresh tea home and drink it and to get out of his drive thru line. Note: I was the ONLY person in line, a car was pulling off as I approached the window and no one ever pulled up behind me.

Dec 27, 2017

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