Chicken Express / order wrong/ manager not allowed to replace the order

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I went to the Denison Tx location and ordered dinner for my family. Family meal #30 30 tenders 3 family sides and rolls. Before we left we had the employee working the menu read back the order and asked iif it was all in the bag!!! WELL we get home it was wrong in fact missing one of our sides. I live 20 mins from the store. (The order was placed at 5:51 pm I called the store at 6:19 pm) So I called after i got home and got everything unpacked to let them know my family orka was missing. I told the manager Terry that I would bring it all back because I didn't want to eat cold food or reheated food and neither should me or my Family have to. What i got told next was well to be honest its mind blowing when the manager (TERRY) states per her GM she cant help me!!! I am sorry but our GM Kristina will not allow food to be replaced. I can't understand this CE made the mistake I didn't. So I paid for not only food i didn't receive but to eat my food cold!!! I paid 42.00 for this kind of service. I want my money back, and to understand how this even OK by any standards!!!
Date- 11/20/17

Nov 20, 2017

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