Chicken Expressmanagement and lack of customer service

Well this is the second time I have had an issue at the Lancaster location. Last night I had class it was 10 mins until 10pm. I knew it would be close but I should be able to arrive and order before ten. I pull up at 9:57pm to drive thru there is a black charger at the order menu. I literally turned my car off because he was taking forever. Another car pulls up behind me and actually honks. The car pulls around and I pull to the order window it is now 10:04pm. As I'm at the order window they turn off all their lights. They don't come to the intercom to say sorry we are closed, nothing. As I pull around I notice the black charger now parked in parking spot with no one in it.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Lancaster, CAI pull to the window and everyone working in the store is laughing and wont come to the window. When they do I ask to speak to manager, I ask his name he says D. He said you pulled up after he closed. I explained I did not I was there before and if he can see me waiting why not address me to explain they are closed. I ask for the corporate # or district manager's #. He shuts the window in my face as he says get out of here. Come to find out he pulls his car in drive thru window waits for after 10 so no other cars can order. Pretty smart for a lazy Asst. GM, yes that's his title. Shame on you. I will never eat there again and I hope they close down.
So I call the store today and ask for the corporate number again, given this #
[protected]. It's a fax number.

Apr 28, 2017

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