Chicken Express / horrible customer service

Fort Worth, TX, United States

This incident happened yesterday(6/17) at a Chicken Express store located 5400 Denton hwy. My wife went through the drive through around 18:45-19:00. She received her order and proceeded home. Once at the house, she noticed that the rolls were left out of the order. She called the store to let them know that the rolls were missing and that I would be stopping by on the way home to pick them up. The person that answered the phone told her that they needed a receipt in order to give me the rolls when I arrived. She told him that she had just gone through the drive through and the rolls were missing. He told her that they had just had a meeting on this issue that morning and he could not give any rolls out without a receipt. She told him that she had our three small kids with her and did want to have to get them back out. She asked him if there was any way he could work with her. She could give him the receipt number over the phone. She told him that this was yalls(chicken E's) mistake. She wasn't trying to get free food, just what was left out of the order. This person again told her that he WOULD NOT give any rolls to anyone unless they have a receipt. She asked to speak to a manager and he sarcastically told her that he was the manager(Jonathan O.). She asked who his boss was and he told her he was the only one there. He said, "the buck stops with me". She told him there has to be someone over him because his customer service is horrible. He then pulled the phone away from his ear and said, "is there anyone else who wants to talk to this [censor] lady?" He then put another employee on the phone who asked, "how can I help you?" My wife told him that she just wants the rolls left out of the order. This employee then hands the phone back to Jonathan. She asked for the number to the store manager. Jonathan told her that she could look it up on google. He then sarcastically told her to have a nice day and hung up on her. She then started crying. I went to the house and got the receipt. I the. Went back to the chicken express and asked for the manager. I showed him the receipt and was given the rolls. He proceeded to tell me what he told my wife which was not the same story. He told me she got attitude and started cussing. That is not my wife. I told him that his customer service was horrible. There was no way he was a supervisor. He started getting attitude with me. I told him I would be going over his head and that this wasn't over. He then made a gesture with his hand and ran it over his head and laughed. He said the customer isn't always right and that I could leave. Then sarcastically said "bye".
This person is a horrible representation of what your company is. I have never had an issue at any other the chicken express. I find it hard to believe that this individual was trained as a part of the management team to act in such a manner as this. I am not seeking any monetary gain from this encounter nor do I want any. I just feel very strongly that this individual, as part of management, has no idea what being in the food industry is about and has horrible customer service skills. If the policy is showing a receipt for food items missing, there are better ways to communicate that then getting an attitude and cussing at your customer. I recorded my confrontation with him at the store. I am hoping your store surveillance will show his attitude on the phone.

Jun 18, 2017

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