Chicken Express / customer service

703 Elaine Street, Henderson, TX, United States

This has happened many times. I complained about it months ago, but I am tired of going through this. On a number of occasions I have gone in to buy the leg and thigh special on Mondays, and the chicken was not ready. Sometimes the excuse would be "it'll be ready in 11 minutes" or "it'll be ready in 15 minutes". Of course the wait is always longer than they say it will be. This happens at least half the time. I have heard the same complaint from others in town, and some of them refuse to go there anymore. This was my last straw. I normally visit more than just the one day of the special, but now I will go there no more.
The KFC in town is gone, so your store is the only chicken restaurant here. I am just hoping an entrepreneur will look at the gap here and open a competing store soon.
I lived in Austin before moving here in 2017, and never experienced service this bad so often.

Jan 14, 2019

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