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Chicago Tribune / delivery/customer service

1 Midlothian, IL, United States Review updated:

I have subscribed to the Chicago Tribune for a very long time. The delivery of the paper started to get sporadic and the paper was being thrown in the street or the easement. I called and requested porch delivery. I got not satisfaction so I cancelled after many attempts to have them rectify the problem. Then groupon offered a year of the Chicago Tribune for $26 so I enrolled again. The same issues. Customer service tells me there is nothing they can do, they promise management will call me, they never do and still the paper is in the easement!! I am so frustrated that this cannot be rectified. I called every day for 4 weeks and not satisfaction. Today they told me there was nothing they can do so I cancelled yet again. I don't understand how they are not committed to paying customers who keep their paper in business. I would also be concerned about by where and who delivery phone calls are taken. I have not spoken to one American person yet!! This has now become a matter of principal. To be told that they cannot help me is unacceptable!!

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  • Au
      14th of May, 2012
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    Good afternoon, my name is Autumn Smith, and I am an employee in the Client Services dept at the Chicago Tribune.

    I apologize for the difficulty you went through in trying to get your paper delivered to the correct location. If you choose to restart your subscription, I can helping in making sure your paper is delivered to the appropriate spot.

    If you would like to restart your subscription, or speak to someone in the US, please email me with your address - I will be able to help with anything regarding your subscription.

    You may also visit us on Facebook: and Twitter: @ChiTribCS.

  • Ch
      15th of Apr, 2013
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    I am so fed up with Chicago Tribune!!! Everyone I have dealt with there has all told me lies!!! They have nothing but incompetent people working for them & I am so tired of trying to get what I have paid for!!!

    Every time I try to call for help, I get a foreigner who speaks broken English & they have limited understanding of the English language. I finally gave up until one day, someone who spoke ENGLISH & was IN AMERICA called. I explained I had not received BOTH papers each Sunday for SEVERAL months & that after calling a few times and trying to get credit online w/no success, I GAVE UP…

    I explained I was not receiving BOTH papers that I had PAID for… he said we would get me credit for them. He also said I only needed just under $10 to bring my account current, which I should NEVER have done since YOU already owed ME papers, but I did. He said I would ONLY BE CHARGED the amount of $9 & some change ONE TIME and that my credit card was NOT being billed the full $40 AND that I was NOT being enrolled in EZ Pay. He also said I could change my payment plan ONLINE if I did do EZ Pay. He even got his SUPERVISOR on the phone who confirmed the $9 something payment & that I could cancel EZ Pay in my account ONLINE, & asked if I wanted to do EZ Pay.. I declined still, NO EZ Pay for me. She also said that I would get BOTH papers I have paid for EVERY Sunday… not just 2 papers every 6- 8 weeks or so… & credit for all of the missed papers.

    So, I got my credit card statement in the mail & I was charged the FULL $40… I had to call to complain about that… AND that I was STILL not getting BOTH papers. I was asked by the FOREIGN customer service person if I wanted to change my subscription to ONE paper since they were only delivering one… I said “NO” and that I wanted BOTH papers for a reason… that if I wanted ONE paper I would have ordered ONE paper, but I ordered TWO & wanted BOTH of them… and that I PAID for TWO papers.

    The foreigner said she would credit me back for the $39 & some change charge. She also informed me I was signed up for EZ PAY & she said would REMOVE the EZ Pay. SHE ALSO told me I could cancel EZ Pay ONLINE but that SHE would cancel it for me while I was on the phone. I NEVER even consented to EZ Pay to begin with!!! I was told it was a ONE TIME payment for $9 & some change by the American guy who called me… AND it was VERIFIED by his SUPERVISOR, also an American, but BOTH were WRONG.

    SO now, some MONTHS later I get an invoice in the mail… NO credit for ALL 9 MONTHS of missing papers & I still do NOT receive 2 PAPERS!!! Since January 1, 2013 I have received 2 papers, 2 times!!! THAT IS IT!!! I go into my online account & canNOT cancel the EZ Pay, which was ALREADY SUPPOSED to have been CANCELLED, and that was NEVER even authorized to have been started in the first place. I can’t stop my credit card info from being stored, which I was told by the foreigner was being REMOVED, & it was NOT!!!

    I am DONE!!! I want MONEY BACK & I want it BACK NOW!!! I am due credit for 9 months of papers where I was supposed to receive 2 papers but did NOT, including only receiving 1 paper for all but 2 weeks in 2013. I want EZ Pay CANCELLED and I want my credit card info DELETED!!!

    I am DONE w/Chicago Tribune & I will be blogging about their LIES & incompetency, as well as Tweeting & posting on Facebook too!! Their service SUCKS!!! Their foreign customer service SUCKS!!! Their employees in the USA also lie & suck!!! Chicago Tribune is a JOKE & I don’t want their newspaper. I DO want my money back though!!! I will be filing complaints w/the BBB, etc.

    Even right now my online account will NOT let me log that I did NOT receive both papers. I should NOT have to log in each week to note a problem!!! AND even if I wanted to, I could not because it is NOT functioning properly anyway. Just another example of their company’s incompetency!!!

  • Th
      18th of Jan, 2016
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    I've been a subscriber of the Tribune for over 10 years and was surprise how my delivery service fell off after my regular delivery person retired. Numerous complaints to the Tribune Customer Service proved fruitless as they answers my questions as if they're reading from a script and seem disinterested in solving the problem. I was informed the new delivery person would deliver the newspaper at the same time as the former person, so I could take it to work as I have in the past, No matter how many times I complain to Customer Service the newspaper delivery time never change. I wonder if the new person was even informed of my request. Either way I was forced to cancel my subscription due to your POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE. THOMAS GARRITY

  • Br
      13th of Aug, 2016
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  • Pe
      1st of Sep, 2016
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    My delivery is awful. When I call...a lot, I talk to somebody in the Philippines which is no help and always they say they will fix the problem. Lets put it this way, if you or myself were always late for our jobs what do you think would happen? I didn't receive a paper today or the last two Sundays. Didn't get the replacement paper I was told I'd get either.

  • Vi
      30th of Oct, 2016
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    Since our regular route driver quit after many years we are very upset about our sporatic delevery. Here I am a this morning without a paper. We have called several times and were told our paper will be delivere within 90 minutes, never happens. As soon as this election is over we will be done with this paper. This is so sad because print media is so important. In the meantime we will explore the other newspapers out there.

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