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The Pioneer Press, a Media News Group newspaper and the winner of three Pulitzer Prizes, serves readers and advertisers in the Twin Cities’ East Metro region and Western Wisconsin.

Complaints & Reviews

unable to cancel subscription due to lack of response

The organization listed above has ample ways to purchase products/services on their web-site, but the same cannot be said for cancelling products/services. There should be a way...

digital subscription

The Pioneer Press customer service department is a disaster. They have owed me money for over a month now for a subscription I cancelled in early June after which they kept...

pioneer press delivery

We stopped getting the paper daily because half the time we didn't get it. We did want the Sunday paper so agreed to the Sunday and Thursday papers. We still don't get it half the time and when we do it's out on the main sidewalk or on the boulevard. Why is it so difficult for us to get a paper twice a week?? If you are losing subscribers that is the reason why as we are now thinking of switching to the Strib.

pp delivery service

I'm getting sick of having to rekey my complaint, so I'll try to keep this simple. My new subscription is not living up to the conditions I stipulated. Because my wife and I are...

delivery problems

My paper had been delivered by someone throwing the paper over the front gate into the yard. Unacceptable service. Now someone is delivering the paper down on the curb next to the...

tinnuccis 10$ for20$ coupon purchased 5 but all are expired when you print them out. spoke with sarah who is in dailydeals and told me to email her

I paid for 5 coupons for the dailydeals for tiuccis restaurant that was available on 10/11/2018. When i went to print them out they expired on february 13 2018. I would like to get 5 unexpired coupons as i noticed the offer was in the newsp paper again a few days ago. I first called you on 10/12/2018 and then sarah called me yesterday but i missed her calls

delivery problem

Recently, our 7 day a week newspaper has been tossed at the end of our driveway instead of being delivered to the front door. We have been paying customers for 28 years at this address.

I have called and talked to customer service reps many times, and have been promised that the carriers manager would be notified and that this would be corrected. It is still a problem. This should not be my problem as I am paying for this service.

What is next? Do we cancel the newspaper after 28 years? Is there someone with authority who cares and will correct this problem?

Jerome Pihlaja - [protected] Hickory Hill Drive, Eagan MN 55122
[protected] Account # 651396

comments section

When will this paper shut down their hateful comments section? I have seen the same right wing racists spewing hateful bs every time I open the comments section for many years. I...

delivery of friday and saturdays pioneer press newspaper

We have not received our paper both on Friday and today (Saturday). I am positive that we have paid our subscription and would like our account credited. In addition, we would...

paper delivery 05/13/18

I quit the Pioneer Press Sunday delivery about 1 year ago due to delivery problems almost every Sunday.
I then subscribed to the Mpls Tribune.
Missing the Pioneer Press I re-upped my subscription and cancelled the Tribune in April 2018.
First 2 or 3 times, the paper was here - sometimes in the Pioneer Press box and sometimes in my driveway. Today nothing.
I am not willing to go through stressful delivery events again. Very unhappy.

billing and harassment

I canceled the Pioneer press over six months ago and continued to get bills in spite of not receiving the newspaper. I have contacted customer service over three times. They have reassured me that I am not to be receiving any additional bills. But yesterday I got another bill. This is bordering on harassment. It requires me to make a phone call to customer service O has assured me over three times at this is been fixed. What can be done to get these subscription Department on the same page as a billing Department to stop these harassing bills coming to my home? / Pioneer Pressnewspaper circulation

I purchases a subscription to the Pioneer Press Sunday edition back in May and I've only received my paper a handful of times. I've contacted customer service multiple times regarding this issue, and even though I am repeatedly told "Hello, I apologize that you didn't receive the paper on Sunday. I did give you credit for the missing paper and notified the person delivering as well. I also contacted the carrier's supervisor again regarding these issues so it can get resolved" it has yet to be resolved. / Pioneer Pressdelivery (thursday/sunday)

Why is it SO HARD to get my paper delivered? My neighbors get it so I know there's a driver.

This is the 3rd time over the last few years that I've tried. This time it took 3 weeks and I got it on one Thursday and one Sunday and now AGAIN it has stopped. No paper last Thursday and no paper today (Sunday)!

It's impossible to speak to anyone. I've never worked so hard to spend my money! / Pioneer Press — sunday paper

I canceled my paper because it never got delivered. A month later I received a bill for 4.09. I called to pay the 4.09 and was told that I didn't really owe the money. They send... / Pioneer Pressbeing charged while putting my paper on vacation hold

I have put my newspaper on Vacation Pay for about 6 months for numerous year. You keep charging me for my newspaper that I am not receiving. I also get the Mpls Tribune and they DO NOT CHARGE anything for Vacation Pay. Why do you? You told my husband on the phone that if I called you guys on the phone and put it on Vacation Hold I would not be charged. I did it online. NO WHERE on your website do you state that I need to call in for Vacation Hold instead of doing it online or I will be charged for putting it on Vacation Hold if I do the work myself online. This is total crap and not very good customer service at all. I wish to file a formal complaint on the way that the Pioneer Press does this Vacation Hold. In my opinion Pioneer Press owes me a lot of money to reimburse me for ALL of the times that I have put my paper online in the past and been charged. This is the most ridiculous practice I have EVER heard of.

My current subscription is paid in full until Dec. 8, 2017. I wish to cancel my subscription as of 12/9/17. I will NO LONGER ORDER THE ST. PAUL PIONEER PRESS EVER AGAIN. I feel that I have been financially ripped off for years by your company. I will DEFINITELY NOT RECOMMEND your newspaper to anyone who asks what I think about your company. I will DEFINITELY tell them about my experience with your company. I should be compensated for this mess you created. / Pioneer Pressnotice of shortened subscription due to added sections on fridays??

I read in a very small section of the paper that there is a new Things we Make section coming out of Friday. If we do not call and opt out, our subscription deadline will be shortened to compensate for the new section. This was a very small notification, which lends me to think that you are attempting to slip it by everyone. Get more $$$ by reducing the months that are already paid and once again challenge us Why do I need to get a daily paper!
Please explain!!! / Pioneer Press — sports page

How is it that your paper cannot publish the final results of a twins home game that finishes after 9:00 p.m.? The Star Tribune published the final score of their road game last... / Pioneer Press — incessant phone calls despite asking 4 times to stop. signed me up automatically for a newspaper.

This is a really [censor], classless way to go about trying to sell newspapers.. Here's what happened to me.. I signed up for the paper on a promotion a few years back. I...

St Paul Pioneer Press — we are having a delivery problem

First part of the week, we did not get a paper I didn't complain because the weather was very bad. Then we got a paper Now 7-14 7-15 and now Sunday 7-16 we have not gotten a paper...

Pioneer Press — paper delivery just stopped when I moved.

Before my move, I called customer service early one morning and provided my new address more than once to a very sleepy gentleman who answered the phone. He assured me that my... / Pioneer PressI have not received a sunday paper for over two months.

I have a subscription for the Wednesday, Thursday & Sunday St Paul Pioneer Press paper and have not received the Sunday paper for over 2 months. I have called every week to complain and have been told it will be corrected but still no paper. I have even reached out to the better business bureau and because the Pioneeer Press told them they would correct the problem they closed the complaint but still no paper
When I asked for a refund and a cancellation they said they could not provide a refund. / Pioneer Press — billing system

I have been getting a paper delivered for about 20 years now.. however they have the worst billing system in the world. I have a yearly subscription that I renew every July.. 52... / Pioneer Pressscam switch and bait

I ordered the pioneer press on feb 14 2017 for the price of 9.95 for 26 weeks and i get a bill in the mail for 11.36 after i already paid the 9.95 which should bring me through august. i called and emailed them because according to the terms future prices could change anytime after the current subscription. i was told that the billing has changed and there was nothing they can do that prices are subject to change anytime. this is false advertising. i will attach the agreement which i agreed to. the customer service is horrible !!!
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Pioneer Press — no sunday paper delivery - stolen coupons

Whenever there are extremely good coupons in the Sunday paper, I do not receive a paper. On 12/20/15, Cub Foods had a $10 off coupon if you spend $100 at Cub Foods. This coupon...

St Paul Pioneer Pressbad customer relations

I have called in at least 30 complaints that my newspaper is left in the wrong place the district manager is suppose to fix the problem, he has not i think he may have a personal problem with my complaints.

Pioneer Presstelemarketing & bill payment

We stopped subscribing to the paper. When we were subscribers, they could never figure out auto bill pay. They'd call us and harass us for not paying our bills, while we thought it was automatic. This happened at least three times.

Now they call us repeatedly with subscriber specials. We tell them to stop calling, but they won't. Like we would take them back after all that? It's just getting to be like a stalker ex-boyfriend!

  • St
    St. Paulite Jun 12, 2015

    I have the same problem. I subscribed with recurring autopay. The card did not change. They called to say I had ignored numerous bills (none of which I received), basically called me a deadbeat, and then told me I owed $60 for a 3 months of the Sunday paper. I have spoken to customer service many times to resolve this, and get a different answer each time. And then was offered a new subscription today. Never again.

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Pioneer Press — advertizing

Was running ads with the Pioneer Press for over 2+ years. Prepaid each ad as we ran it. We went out of business - notified the Pioneer Press a month before we closed out doors -...

Pioneer Press — keeps on calling after initial rejection

Company called me once last week. I have never done business with them and told them that I did not want the paper. They called once again this morning, I did not get to the phone...