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Complaints & Reviews

red plum delivery flyers

Hello Advertosers:

Your delivery of Red Plum coupons, ads, thrown on my lawn and the many lawns of 7600 block of South Honreare not and never were approved or signed up by me or anyone on that block!

NO one has the right to junk up personal property. Stop delivering flyers to 7615 South Honore St Chicago Illinois 60620

Terry Patrick owner

[Resolved] unauthorized deduction from my credit card for subscription

On 20 Dec 2019 an unauthorized deduction was made from my credit card for a subscription service. I alerted Chicago Tribune to this by writing to consumer services. I received a reply and was asked to provide further information. At first Jenny Lyn Oppad dealt with my query, then Jennifer Dalayon advised that the matter was referred to the Billing Dept. on 27 December 2019. As there was no further correspondence I forwarded another email on 21 January 2020, requesting an update

This is the response I received the following day :
"We are very sorry to hear that this issue remains unsolved. We understand how frustrating this has been for you. We have sent a follow up escalation to our billing department to get this addressed. We will contacted you once we received a response.

We are sorry and we appreciate your patience.

If you require further assistance, please call our customer service center at [protected] or simply respond to this email.

Jay-R Mangoltong"

This matter is more than a month overdue and though the amount deducted in not large, the fact the an unauthorized transaction is treated in this manner is really unacceptable, especially as I reside in South Africa.

  • Resolution Statement

    I forwarded my complaint to more senior management and it was acted on.

delivery service

I am a senior citizen that has been reading the Chicago Tribune since I was a child. My father always read it. But now, even though I pay for delivery service to my house on Sunday, I only get it half the time, if that. I use to get it daily but I had the same issues. And when I call, I get the same answer as the rest of the complaints that I have just read. And you know people, I've come to the conclusion that your really don't care one iota. How is it, people who worked there before, could preform so much better than the people that work there today. Why would the owners say they can deliver, when they can't. It seems to me to be false advertising to even put that out there. I'm so disappointed in this newspaper. I know nothing will be done, but I just had to make myself feel better by letting someone know what a crappy job their doing.

delivery of chicago tribune

The Tribune has been delivered by carriers of the Rockford Register Star for a few years with few problems. The rr.star within the last two weeks has reorganized their carriers. A new carrier introduced himself while marking the newspaper delivery boxes - never had a marking before - but we now have a "BLUE REFLECTIVE DOT"! What this indicates, we do not know. We have gotten the Tribune everyday except for "Saturday & Sunday" the last two weeks. We call for the Tribune for redelivery, but this never happens due to our living in the country. We follow up with the Tribune and do get credit. Talking to the rr.star results in "talk to the Tribune" response. Some place there is a breakdown in communications with you (the Tribune), rr.star delivery coordinator, and the carriers. I truely feel some of the problem lays with the list of delivery addresses and the marking of the boxes where the Tribune is to be received. (Word has it, the rr.star has been in a big mess since the reorganization of their carriers and deliveries.)

sunday paper

My Account# is [protected]
I have not received my Sunday Paper for 2 weeks now July 4th & July 11th.
I called and did the automated process but it did nothing.
Please credit my account for those 2 days and make sure I get my Sunday paper going forward!
There are only 2 of us in this condo building that receive newspapers-myself and my neighbor who has also reached out to you.
Please resolve as I am a long time customer!

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sports dept.

I've been a tribune subscriber a long time. If I dare say, that's a lot longer than most all the tribune employees reading this complaint have been alive.
I'll start by saying i'm a white sox fan.
That alone will make most tribune employees stop reading and hit the delete button.
Here it comes!
The first thing I read every morning is the tribune sports section.
I've adjusted to the fact that the first 3 or 4 pages will have cubs information, good, bad or whatever. So I keep reading the more interesting items.
Last sunday 8/4/2019 the white sox won a baseball game that I watched in the early afternoon and enjoyed very much.
On monday morning 8/5/2019 I checked the tribune sport pages to read up on the victory but that didn't happen.
The mostly overzealous cub fans on the sports staff decided that the sox were not worthy of any type of print space in their sports section.
Isn't there some written or unwritten rule that a big named newspaper should have unbiased reporting of the news.
I don't car how biased the tribune is anywhere else in your newspaper but when you mess with the sports section it could mean war.
Does anyone in that whole building ever review what is being put out to the public.
I hate this continuous neglect of fans other than the cubs.

no delivery of chicago tribune today.

If possible, could we get a credit for today's missed delivery at the above rehab center?
We understand that NO papers got delivered today.
Let me know your reply at [protected]@comcast.net. THANK-YOU.

FYI: Harriet really looks forward to receiving her newspaper every day, so missing
even one day is really disappointing to her !! (WHAT HAPPENED TODAY?)


poor home delivery service

On on more than one occasion I have not received my newspaper.
when I call to complain they said they would have a paper out and 2 to 4 hours.
On both occasions the paper never was delivered when promised.
When called backa lady's dated who was a supervisor by the name of Leann that I could purchase a paper from the newsstand and be credited with my account which would be extended by one or two days.
The convenience of home delivery is the reason why I subscribe to the paper I do not feel I have to go to a newsstand when the paper is not delivered to purchase a paper at a higher price .
The people on the other end of my phone call seemed to be very callous in Reading over a prepared script very poor customer service.
I enjoy reading the Chicago Tribune that's why I am complaining.
I hope this won't be a hit-or-miss delivery situation in the future because even if I switched to the Chicago Sun-Times it's the same delivery person.
I hope my complaint is being forwarded to the manager of the Home delivery service whom you are person that I called to voice my complaint would not give me his name yet you know everything about me my name phone number and address
Please respond via email so I could keep your response in my records

chicago tribune newspaper delivery service.

My Chicago Tribune delivery subscription service, in Wilmette, has been active for many years, but of late we have been experiencing unreliable delivery service. We have had at least 4 missed newspaper deliveries this year alone.

Today (7/3), we did not receive our Wednesday edition that contains the various retail sales flyers, which we rely on for discount priced items since we are Senior citizens on a limited fixed income.

After many telephone calls requesting delivery of the Wednesday newspaper, we were told that we will receive a replacement, the next day (Thursday), only to receive a different edition than the Wednesday edition which we wanted the most. This has been a very Frustrating experience, especially trying to reach someone at the Chicago Tribune office by telephone.

Last year, after many similar newspaper delivery issues, i had luckily reached a young lady, by telephone, in the subscription department by the name of Katrina who said she would help me with future newspaper delivery problems. She gave me a direct phone number, [protected], for future assistance on these issues. But every time i have called there is a busy signal. There have been times when i would call the above phone number 30 times within a 20 minute span only to receive a busy signal. It seems that there is no relief in sight, or help on having a more reliable service for the money we are paying!

Anastasios J. Vasilatos
Wilmette, IL

Red Plum

I've called 5 to 6 times about these red plum papers being drop at my door. Being calling since January and still get this paper thrown outside my door. I don't want these paper and I'm tired of continuing to receive them. My name is Elnora Thornton and I live at 7734 S Bishop St, Chicago, IL 60620. After calling as many times as I have and still get this red plum thrown to my door decided to issue a written complaint to the complaint board. Please stop the Red Plum from being thrown at this address: 7734 S Bishop St, Chicago, IL 60620. Thank-You
Elnora Thornton (Owner)
7734 S Bishop St
Chicago, IL [protected]


I started a 4 day subscription beginning in May. Have not received the paper 5 times! I call and am promised delivery that day or the next day. Never happened! Wanted me to stay on for just Sun. (Why would I do that when they can't deliver during the week). Their customer service is terrible! I canceled my subscription and will await my credit which is less than I feel I am entitled to but do not want to deal with them any longer!


Having delivery problems again today Sunday 5/26 did not receive the Sunday paper. I have called and talked to Nick.
This is the 3rd time I have talked to him about not getting the Sunday paper.
I got it the last 2 s undays
It seems to me that whoever is delivery the paper is not doing the job. I wanted to cancel but once again Nick assured me it would be taken care of and paper would come today. its 6pm. No paper.
If the paper cannot come by 8 am on Sundays. I want to cancel.
Seems it's a major problem getting service in this area. I'm spending money and not getting service. This has been going on since I subscribe for this service. I do not want it delivered on Mondays either.
If their is no service for this area I should have been told. yet I'm still paying this and have missed 4 papers. between it's an issue
Shereen kaufman

paper delivery

I am getting fed up with the misdelivery of my paper on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays. I am disabled and asked that my paper be delivered to the back door (right side rear). That was nine years ago. Since that time, sometimes it gets there, more often it doesn't. I call and complain to customer service, and I get the same answer that they are sorry and will take care of it. This is an ongoing problem that has never been rectified since.

I want this HANDLED!!

deliveries of the tribune in stores in the burbank/ bridgeview area

I stopped having the tribune delivered to my house because it was always thrown on my driveway never near the door entrance rain snow or shine.I found that if I went to the gas station I could get the paper earlier and dry so it was readable. Then they stopped having as many papers to sell and I couldn't always get it there. I then found out they sold the Tribune at Menards so I would go and shop there on Sunday morning and get my paper there. But for the last month when I would stop there at 8:am the papers are never delivered so I stopped going there. I tried the Speedway today on 79th and Harlem after 8am and guess what? the Paper was not delivered yet. So I came home. The business is supply and demand. I tried to patronize your paper and I cant and it, s not me. I guess I could get my news on the internet, Coupons? We can get those from apps on the phone. Local news ? I guess WGN. com can fill us in. The bottom line is I wouldn't have to change if your service didn't.

red plum delivery

I am a resident of hickory hills and we never receive the weekly store ads/coupons in our entrance of the condo building. I see them on other driveways down our street but never ours.in fact, when I lived in the apartment building across where i'm living now, we got them every week but never to our building! I pay my taxes like everyone else around here and deserve the same service! I've called red plum and sent letters but nothing was ever done!!! Please take care of this!!!

missing part or parts of paper

Regarding 02/03/2019-There were no Sunday comics this morning and no TV listing. Did I miss some info regarding the new format? Acct. #[protected] The reorganization of the arts, entertainment and books is fine but is it at the expense of diminished coverage in the Sunday edition? If this is what the Sunday paper will look like there is no need for it as I will be able to get the coverage I want from the daily papers.

paper not delivered or very late in day

Ever since new divery person & getting their Christmas bonus from us,
4 X delevery is really bad. Late or not at all. I have found papers in my hedges, by my garage, or not on my porch as was before. Up early as retired & keep looking for home delivery it's supposed to be.

What good is the morning chicago tribune to read, if it's not here.

Allen Wrobleski


My sister and I have had Tribune delivery issues for about two years

We are at the same address but building R instead of building H The delivery driver always brought it to our door

He now leaves it in the lobby for anyone to take

We have average a missing paper once a week

We have been complaining for the last year but goes thru the Asia and they refused to Transfer or call us back

Please correct this issue and credit our bill
Thank you
Anne Felger
William Daish
5801 R N Pulaski Apt 202
Chicago il
Chicago Tribune
Acct # [protected]

subscription service is very scammy

An elderly relative purchased a subscription to the chicago tribune. The bills would list a "pay through" date. When the subsequent bill was received, the beginning date would be before the "pay through" date, e.G., she would pay through august 1, but the next bill would cover july 15 through september 30.

When she wrote to cancel, the service representative would send a response e-mail that said they were sorry to see her go, but that they would continue service until they heard from her again.

She wrote to cancel three times and had paid all the bills. The newspapers continued to come.

Two months later, she received a bill for $7.00. Go figure. Also the tribune sent collections after her.

Worse yet, her dead sister (at a different address) used to have a tribune account years ago. The dead sister suddenly began receiving bills for a non-existent paper delivery. I'm pretty sure she's not going to pay. Also, there is no tribune in heaven. Only in h*ll.

coverage of college football in the sunday morning tribune

I am a long-time Tribune subscriber - every day for over 30 years. Over the years, I have loved and cherished Tribune coverage on a wide variety of topics. However, this morning (Sept 2), I reached an all-time low in my satisfaction with sports page coverage of college football. It has felt for the last few years like the amount of coverage has been declining, especially on Sunday mornings, around national college football results. But today's coverage was amazingly low, with only one page, the back page, of the sports page devoted to college football, and only three games receiving coverage - ND-Michigan, Illinois-Kent State, and Iowa-NIU. What about all the national big-game results, and the rest of the Big Ten? I will also admit a frustration about what feels like the over-coverage of the Bears as well, with the first 6-8 pages on them even without a game result to write about.