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Chicago Tribune Customer Service


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435 N Michigan Ave.
United States - 60611

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+1 312 222 3232(General Information) 3 2
+1 312 222 3348(Reader Help Desk) 2 2
+1 312 546 7900(Head Office) 2 0
+1 844 681 6006(Premium Newsletters) 1 0
+1 312 222 3540(Local News) 1 0
+1 312 222 5555(Local Breaking News Tips) 1 0
+1 312 222 3478(Sports) 1 0
+1 312 222 4771(Business) 1 0
+1 312 222 3001(Lifestyles & Entertainment) 2 1
+1 312 222 3429(Editorials And Letters) 1 0
+1 312 222 5934(Obituaries) 1 0
+1 847 755 8913(Northwest Suburban Bureau) 1 0
+1 708 342 5600(South Suburban Bureau) 1 0
+1 708 498 0101(West Suburban Bureau) 2 1
+1 312 222 4674(Local News) 1 0
+1 312 222 4050(Local Breaking News Tips) 1 0
+1 312 828 9392(Sports) 1 0
+1 312 222 1172(Business) 1 0
+1 312 222 2598(Editorials And Letters) 1 0
+1 708 342 2790(South Suburban Bureau) 1 0
+1 630 799 0176(West Suburban Bureau) 1 0

Chicago Tribune Complaints & Reviews

Chicago Tribune / missing part or parts of paper

Linda Illes on Feb 3, 2019

Regarding 02/03/2019-There were no Sunday comics this morning and no TV listing. Did I miss some info regarding the new format? Acct. #10022918 The reorganization of the arts, entertainment and books is fine but is it at the expense of diminished coverage in the Sunday edition? If this i...

Chicago Tribune / paper not delivered or very late in day


Ever since new divery person & getting their Christmas bonus from us, 4 X delevery is really bad. Late or not at all. I have found papers in my hedges, by my garage, or not on my porch as was before. Up early as retired & keep looking for home delivery it's supposed to be. What good is the...

Chicago Tribune / delivery

William Daish on Jan 28, 2019

My sister and I have had Tribune delivery issues for about two years We are at the same address but building R instead of building H The delivery driver always brought it to our door He now leaves it in the lobby for anyone to take We have average a missing paper once a week We have...

Chicago Tribune / subscription service is very scammy

thetribunesucks on Jan 14, 2019

An elderly relative purchased a subscription to the chicago tribune. The bills would list a "pay through" date. When the subsequent bill was received, the beginning date would be before the "pay through" date, e.G., she would pay through august 1, but the next bill would cover july 15...

Chicago Tribune / coverage of college football in the sunday morning tribune

Steve Garrett on Sep 2, 2018

I am a long-time Tribune subscriber - every day for over 30 years. Over the years, I have loved and cherished Tribune coverage on a wide variety of topics. However, this morning (Sept 2), I reached an all-time low in my satisfaction with sports page coverage of college football. It ha...

Chicago Tribune / naperville sun subscription

L Free on Aug 7, 2018

Around the beginning of 2018, I paid for one year, 52 weeks, subscription for the Naperville Sun.. Early August, I was informed my subscription ends the end of August and I needed to pay more. This amounts to a 50% increase over 8 months over the agreed upon price. The only offer, was 15%...

Chicago Tribune / billing after cancelling service

DP3 on Jul 3, 2018

I called Chicago Tribune to cancel my Sunday/Wednesday delivery service on 2/28/2018 and spoke with Blake. Blake was sad to see me go and told me that I was paid through May 22, 2018 and that would be my last paper. It was indeed my last paper. I got requests to continue my subscription...

Chicago Tribune / customer billing with statement reading "respond by" date instead of "due date"

Carol Durak on Jun 12, 2018

On June 12, 2018 I received a phone call from the Tribune's late payment representative. She said I was late in my payment and I owed $90+ for my 5-day a week subscription. I told her that this was an error because I always pay my bills on time and I have excellent credit. She told me to...

Chicago Tribune / payment issues

gdg65 on Jun 3, 2018

I had delivery for the sunday paper and enewspaper daily. Gave my debit card for payment, no problem using my card for other purchases. Repeatedly called by the collections department wanting new debit card number, I provided a different number and calls continued. I consquently have...

Chicago Tribune / missing sections of the sunday chicago tribune

Marcus Willman on Mar 25, 2018

I subscribe to the Chicago Tribune 7 days a week. In today's (Sunday, March 25, 2018) Tribune, there is a box at the top of the front page previewing an article in the A&E section about the history of comic strips in Chicago newspapers. When I looked in my paper, the A&E section and the...

Chicago Tribune / delivery

Kmh57 on Feb 11, 2018

I can understand being a bit late because of snow but streets are clear and still no paper. Been a customer over 20 years. Has great service with our last guy who delivered for most of that time. He only missed ib a blizzard. This new lady has missed at may 4 in a few months. The first...

Chicago Tribune / my sunday paper was not delivered again

Ron lemm on Jan 15, 2018

We have had a subscription for the Sunday Tribune for several years. Yesterday was the fourth time we did not receive our Sunday paper. The last time this happened you credited my account .79 but I paid $4.00 yesterday (and the other 3 times) for the Sunday Tribune at Walgreens. I don't want...

Chicago Tribune / the trib magazine dated november 26, 2017

Carolyn Orsi on Dec 16, 2017

Okay, I admit that I'm old-fashioned. Just ask my grandchildren. However, I thought that the pictures on pages 18-21 were disgusting. Those young gentlemen looked like they were either drunk or stoned. They were emaciated and could possibly be anorexic. I don't think their pictures would...

Chicago Tribune / bad comic

Rosemary Amb on Oct 24, 2017

Hi am compaing about the single comic knowas bliss or thearygle sweater found on the lower left on the comic page tiscomic is boring dull nd not even remotely funny comics iare supposed to be uplifting and perhaps give you a chuckle or good feelingtjhis does neitherit is insultingd and boring A...

Chicago Tribune / struts and shocks

leigh lawrence on Sep 18, 2017

On 06/20/2017 I purchased shocks and struts from NTB, located at 9007 N. Milwaukee Ave, Niles Illinois for my 2010 Ford Fusion The quoted price was $999, 68 which I agreed to. I was told that the parts would be Monroe struts and shocks and it would take about 3 to 4 hours to complete the...

Chicago Tribune / delivery problems, not receiving papers

joni1812 on Sep 9, 2017

Chicago Tribune AN 50669421. I did not receive a paper on Wed, 9/6/17 and reported the missing paper on the automated system. I received newspapers on Thurs and Fri, 9/7-8, and again did not receive a paper today, Sat, 9/8. I called customer service, "Kevin" assured me a paper would be...

Chicago Tribune / grossinger hyundai north

Kayenn Coco May on Jul 19, 2017

On July 10, 2017, I purchased a "NEW" 2017 Hyundai Sonata Sport from your dealership Grossinger Hyundai North, assuming I had gotten myself a good deal. The car already had 2900+ miles at time of the purchase, but the Grossinger's sales team Ryan & Kenny William's General Manager...

Chicago Tribune / red plum

Dean Y on Jun 20, 2017

I've contacted the 800-874-2863 line 8 times to try to stop the Red Plum from being delivered to my location. Each time they tell me it will stop and it doesn't. It's a waste of time and money to continue to deliver they paper twice weekly, since it gets thrown away. Please stop the...

Chicago Tribune / delivery of the paper is often quite inaccessible to retrieve. arrg!

dz516 on Jun 14, 2017

We live on a major highway and up on a slight hill with a cement staircase. Our delivery person can't seem to get the paper up to the top of the hill and in the proximity of the staircase. I have often had to resort to the use of a rake to snag the paper and in rainy weather makes the...

Chicago Tribune / delivery

glencoepauly on Apr 7, 2017

On April 4th scheduled resume service online with $2.99 per week charge. This was per promo email from Tribune. Apparently no record of start request. Not started as of am so called. Bottom line wanted to charge $65.00 pe mo. Then suggested 3.25 per week. Insisted on promo# I no longer had for 2.99...