Checkers and Rally's / drive thru service

Visited store 6369 in Chicago placed my order at 518pm (I did not have a special order) pulled up to the window and was told to move my car back behind the red pole then pull back up to the window. I have been asked to do this on more than one occasion upon different visits. My total was $19.30 and I was told after waiting two to three minutes at the window to now pull up to the garbage can as they were making my burgers fresh. I watched the car behind me pull off with their food I guess they didn't get fresh burgers. I'm now yelling to the drive thru cashier will this take much longer? She replied she'd check. Two minutes later she came out with the food telling me she had upgraded something I had already paid for. I finally pull off at 536pm. This is totally unacceptable Checkers is supposed to be fast food. All Checkers in the city of Chicago have horrible slow service especially the drive thru. I'm having a very hard time giving up my twenty to twenty five minutes every time I step foot in the restaurant or drive thru. Please do something to fix this. Also the text app does not work. I have never received any coupon.

Checkers and Rally's

May 29, 2018

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