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My wife needed to travel urgently to her dying mother. We booked a flight about 6 pm pdt on 5/9/07 on cheapoair's website. Total cost $1, 276.20.

We received an email and called cheapoair's number [protected] to provide confirmation at ~8 pm pdt and then again at ~11 pm pdt to ask if everything was ok. I was assured everything was ok and my wife’s reservation was ok. No one ever call us.

We arrive at the sacramento airport 6:30 am on 5/10/07 and united could not accept my wife’s reservation, there was no ticket number. The united agent tried to call us airways and saber. They could not find a ticket number.

I tired to call cheapoair's number [protected] for help. I left an emergency message. I spoke to two different agents but was cut off after a few minutes of being on hold while they researched. I tried to get thru from 6:45 am till boarding time ~8 am. We never received a call back.

At 8 am we gave up and purchase a ticket from united, cost ~$1, 500.

I've not received a reply to email sent or phone messages since.

We asked cheapoair to paid the difference. No reply to emails or written request.

We booked with cheapoair in the past, never again.

  • Resolution statement

    Customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the complainant have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and it's services are concerned.

  • CheapOair Customer Care's Response, Jun 10, 2008

    Minnie Harris has been taken care of, we changed her flights to the correct destination, without additional cost to her. It is very important that when making a reservation with any travel company, you need to review the itineary, there are too many cities that are the same.

    This was an honest mistake that could happen to anyone, it should not have any beearing on the service that can provide, we have a great staff, and will do what ever we can to get your situation corrected.


  • CheapOair Customer Care's Response, Jul 16, 2008

    I have emailed the customer on the above complaint, whenever you purchase travel insurance, one of the coverages is cancellation due to medical reasons, therefore I am not sure why the customer did not file a claim on the non refundable ticket. I have asked them to provide me with a booking confirmation so that I can further assist them.

    Customer Support

  • CheapOair Customer Care's Response, Jan 16, 2009

    Why would the customer feel that they don't have to pay for the cost of her new plane ticket? so basically she feels you can book a flight to Baton Rouge let's say July and pay 650.00 but wants to go now at christmas when travel is alot more expensive and not have to pay the fare for christmans travel, when other travelers have paid much higher cost.

    Just so everyone is aware, you cannot buy a ticket for one date and expect to change to a new date and not pay the current airfare. It's too bad that she had to make changes, but the choice was hers, why is at fault here?
    Customer Support

  • CheapOair Customer Care's Response, Feb 27, 2009

    I do apologize if you have not been contacted back. If you could provide me with your old booking confirmation I can research this for you.

    You did mention you had an old ticket bought from us, you also mentioned Delta so I assume the reservation was on Delta airlines and they discontinued service. If the airline has discontinued flights only they can offer new flights or a refund. is the travel arranger, we do not have a role to play in the airlines operations. Once a booking is made, the cost of the ticket is sent to the airline for purchase does not get to keep the money.

    You also have to understand that as a travel agency we are under obligation to collect any fees and follow all the rules put forth by the airline. The quicker you forward me the booking confirmation, the sooner I can assist you with getting these flights booked.


  • CheapOair Customer Care's Response, Mar 17, 2009

    Still no response from the above NCANDSCREWED:

    You can still forward your booking confirmation to my email address, and I will most definately help you get this resolved.

    Customer Support

  • CheapOair Customer Care's Response, Apr 21, 2009

    CheapOair uses 3rd party software and feed to display fares on over 300 Airlines, 75, 000 Hotels, and 35 Car Rental cos., We use best industry practices to display fares based on the most current data supplied by the GDS's - Global Distribution Systems. The Airlines load their fares on ATPCO, from where the GDS's access these fares and supply to us and other Online Travel Agencies. There is approximately 10-15% chance of the fare not being available which is Industry standard, all major Online agencies have the same policy. This is also due to cached data and not real time data provided to us by the GDS's. We make best efforts to minimize these by reducing our SOLD OUT issues but we are totally dependent on 3rd parties for this information. We regret this and apologize for the in-convenience".

    Also, the 1.00 charge is a pre-authorization charge to verify that the credit card is valid. This authorization falls off within 24hours of searching our website.

    Customer Support

  • CheapOair Customer Care's Response, Aug 11, 2009

    I would like to point out that many customers feel that they have booked with and actually have booked with the airline directly. There is no reason why we could not locate the customers reservation if he had provided the correct 7 digit booking confirmation. We also can locate by email address and phone number. Perhaps he has the wrong company! I also respond to the feedback emails, and all emails are responded to within 24hours.


  • CheapOair Customer Care's Response, Sep 04, 2009

    Due to the increase of our business we have experienced a greater call volume. Our company is committed to providing quicker and more sufficient customer service attention to all our callers, new and returning. With this new found growth we are making necessary enhancements to our sales force and we do appreciate our customers patience while we make the adjustments. As the above customer mentioned, he has booked with us in the past and had never experienced the delays he encountered on this last reservation. As our company continues to offer the savings our customers are looking for, there is always going to be growing pains. I would like to add that we have included 33 more sales agents to our reservation center, and several others for various departments with our company.

    We know the demand for our products is there, and we are committed to having a quicker response time in answering your calls, and provide great customer service that each of you deserve.


  • CheapOair Customer Care's Response, Sep 14, 2009

    Dear Ratinal one, our fees are not disguised they are actually in the base price of the fare that you agreed to. They are listed under our terms and conditons and under the link TAXES AND FEES.

    All this information is displayed for everyone to review, it is upto you the purchaser to read the information, and know what you are paying for. The above customer was given a $40.00 refund, $10.00 per traveler to make up for a portion of the service fee.


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  • Fr
      Dec 03, 2007
    Cheapoair - fraud and extortion.
    United States
    Phone: 8593394660

    This place literally tried to extort $425 from me, I was trying to rebook a missed flight aagter being told the insurance on the trip I bought did not apply, and they were saying hurry and send me email saying "I authorize shannen at cheapoair ti charge an additional $425 on my visa". The airline only charged $100. I hate these people. Also, the fares charged to your card average $150 higher than what you think you are buying. Beware!

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  • Vj
      Apr 05, 2008

    Anyone who book any ticket through cheapoair is
    asking to be scamed. They claim they will rebook a ticket from a previous cancelled flight for the difference on a new ticket plus penalty. "Forget about it!" You'll pay twice the price of the original ticket plus penalties. They'll claim they don't have tickets at your previous cost...when they a dozen or more on hand.

    Use Cheapoair at your own risk!

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  • To
      Jun 04, 2008
    Cheapoair - terrible service
    United States

    reservation id z7jblo, I made air and rental car reservation at the same time, however, no confirmation has been received on the rental car portion??? Your phone numbers are worthless, I call and I get a recording which is ok, but not for a half hour., get some help!!!/// better systems. You are in a service business, do it right. When we cannot contact you, with in reason, it reflects to your company. If you want to make money and stay in business provide the service or else. I have used your services in the past with good results, don't get cheap on the service end and loose customers. please reply within 2 days, or I'll have to take other actions. Thanks.

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  •   Jun 05, 2008

    On April 30th my mother Minnie Harris booked a flight with a customer service person at Cheapoair. First off he got the name wrong for my niece. Second he booked the flight to Charleston South Carolina instead of Charleston West Virginia.

    Now three days later and fifteen phone calls it is still not resolved. They promise to call back but never do. They say they will issues the correct tickets but want to charge more to do so.

    We will never use this airline again. And I am going to tell everyone I know not to use this airline

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  • Du
      Jul 08, 2008
    Cheapoair - agent error
    United States

    I am in Belgium visiting my dad who has been diagnosed with lung cancer. Cheapoair had the cheapest last minute flight. I needed to change my ticket and called 10 days in advance to ask if I could change it. The agent said no problem, it will cost $350.00. And had to call back at least one day before my return flight. I called, made the changes, got a confirmation email. And then a couple days later, when I checked my email again, they had sent another email; sorry the airline cannot confirm your ticket, it is non changeable. I called 3 times, first time I was on hold 30 mins, no one came back. Second time the agent pretended he couldn't hear me anymore, the 3rd time the lady said that I was told that the ticket non-changeable. It was noted in the comments. Why would they change it then, and quote me a price to change it? They lie, I have no ticket, no one will help me. I've emailed but no responses. Horrible, do not buy with them if you need to make changes.

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  • Do
      Jul 15, 2008
    Cheapoair - bad services
    United States

    I bought a ticket from Cheapoair and paid for the insurance, due to medical reasons I could not travel and I contacted cheapo air and canceled the ticket. I wanted to rebook the ticket but I was informed that I could not book at that time. When I called back in to rebook I was informed that it is past the time to rebook so I lost the insurance money but I wanted my money back. Cheapoair has been promising to contact me with the money but I haven't heard back from them.

    I get the long queue and the story about the supervisor. I wish I saw this site before booking with them, this is appalling.

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  •   Jul 24, 2008
    Cheapoair - don't use them
    United States

    Do not use the cheapo air to buy tickets. The "customer service» is so bad.

    To change the date on a ticket coasted me $650!!! So, the price to fly from Atlanta to Baton Rouge was $970 all together. I'm so pissed!!!

    For this price you can go to Europe.

    They all speak with an accent. It's very difficult to understand them. And then you end up with high price tickets after all.

    Don't use this company to buy a ticket.

    If I would read the review about this company before I placed the order, I would save a lot of money and nerves.

    It's a rip off!!!

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  • Do
      Aug 20, 2008
    Cheapoair - service and ethics... be careful
    New York
    New York
    United States

    Be very cautious of booking with this company.

    I just tried to book a flight online, and suprise when I put all my info in, including credit card, the site took me back to the home page so I called - "there was no flight available at that price and that price sounds very very low..." and they offered to find me something...very typical bait and switch tactic as they had me waiting while they 'were searching" for about 10 minutes. I hung up and called my credit card company to ensure nothing was processed against it, they had tried to charge me a $1 service charge which the credit card company refused.

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  • Nc
      Feb 18, 2009
    Cheapoair - won't provide replacement flights
    North Carolina
    United States

    Last July, I booked round-trip flights from Raleigh-Durham to Reno. Last month, I learned that all the flights had been dropped from Delta's schedule. I contact CheapOAir no fewer than six times, three of which I either remained on hold or was disconnected after 15-20 minutes. On the other three occasions, I spoke with Indians who all had poor command of English. They all said they would make the necessary changes and contact me, by phone, not email (why, I don't know, since they had my email address).

    I'm STILL waiting for them to call with the new flights. After reading numerous complaints on this website about CheapOAir, I must assume I am also a victim of their "wonderful" customer service.

    Right now, I have no idea what will happen. I emailed Delta about this situation, but the odds are there will be no means for them to alter the reservation. Delta will probably refer me to CheapOAir.

    This will be the last time I book with these people. It may have been an expensive lesson. We'll see.

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  • St
      Jun 03, 2009
    Cheapoair - raised fare
    United States

    CheapO tried to raise the price on my tickets and chang the airline. You go through all of the hassle to find a good fare, then book it only to have CheapO tell you the next day that the fare increased? Wrong answer! When I called CheapO I was on hold for 10 minutes and gave up. I emailed CheapO and told them not to book the ticket. I went to the AirTran site and booked the original ticket at the original CheapO fare and did not have to pay the $24 CheapO booking fee. CheapO ain't cheap, and I am done with them.

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  • Ny
      Jul 05, 2009
    Cheapoair - service charge and lack of custermer service
    New York
    New York
    United States

    I tried to buy ticket and after so much hassale, says" the ticket is no longer available". So tried other flight day the after putting all my info and credit card #. The website showed me a loading page and then took me to the home page with the same error message. Frustrated, I checked my bank website online and found service charge on my cc even though i didnt purchase anything. Thats a rip off. I then googled Cheapoair then came to know there was worst expereince of many consumers against cheapoair. Now I figured out that I got lucky and just pulled off their website.

    God Bless America.

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  • Fl
      Aug 05, 2009
    Cheapoair - horrible customer service
    Mikita Design LLC
    91-6579 Kapolei park way
    United States
    Phone: 808-222-8422

    The worst customer service I've ever faced.
    1) Keep calling them for 3rd day already waiting on the phone for over 20 minutes. Still didn't reach any rep's.
    2) Online reservations system doesn't work. My registration number is "not being found in their database" even though it is what they've sent in email
    3) Send them an email requesting support. No response.

    Stay away from this company.

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  • Th
      Sep 02, 2009
    Cheapoair - fees!
    United States

    Stay away! Big booking fees. They nailed me for $24/ticket on 4 tickets. They lump their fee in with the usual security fees so that you can get fooled, like me. I got $40 back but still am out $56 for NOTHING.

    If they weren't so deceptive in the way that the fees are displayed it wouldn't be so bad. But then again, if they didn't hide this booking fee, who would use them?

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  • Jo
      Oct 04, 2009
    Cheapoair - scam artists
    United States

    On 08/04/09 I got on the web site CheapOAir to book a three day paackage deal. After booking my flight a list of hotels came up. My first four picks of a hotel came back saying no vacancy, please try another hotel. My fifth try was a success. When I got my credit card statementI had five hotel charges of more then seventeen hundred dollars. I disputed the charges. All four hotels responded to the dispute! One hotel said I did not show up the first day, but I stay the next two days, the other hotel said I stayed three days, the other two hotels said I was a no show. I did not book nor did stay at the orher four hotels that were charged to my account. When I got my Itinerary It was for a flight, car and one hotel. If I did book the other four hotels why did not get a confirmation number? CheapOAir keeps a record of all my bookings and none of the four hotel are on their records. I do not know what went wrong with CheapOAir web site. I beleave it is the web site's doing.

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  • Lu
      Nov 07, 2009
    Cheapoair - outrageous fee's
    United States

    My husband and I purchased three airline tickets to visit his family for Thanksgiving. He is currently in the US Military and had his leave revoked because of assignments. We called the agency spoke to PERSON after PERSON. The fee per person to change it started at 100.00 per person.. but as the days went ON... the fees to change our tickets turned into 150.00 and then the DIFFERANCE of the airline ticket price.
    I will never in my whole life EVER use this site agian. From now on I will pay a little more and buy my ticket through a legitimate airline site. They are the ones with my life essentially in their hands.. I want them to have my money. Not these MONSTERS!

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  • Ja
      Mar 15, 2010
    Cheapoair - incompetence in customer service
    United States
    Phone: 866-836-9088

    Do not do business with cheapoair. Beware. The flight you select gets switched, and if you are not extremely careful you end up with multiple tickets for the incorrect departure. Cheapoair will not solve your problem even if you have multiple tickets from them at the wrong departure time. They will also charge your credit card one dollar a month. If you call and complain they stop temporarily charging your card, but restart later. If you purchase from cheapoair it's like gambling. Do you feel lucky?

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  • Mo
      Mar 20, 2010
    Cheapoair - fraud
    United States

    I booked a flight over the internet with cheapo air. Even though I bought the ticket, they did not send a confirmation. Two days later I booked with another flight, thinking that the first flight information was never received. Four days later, I received a flight confirmation from cheapo air. This was still two months before the flight. I told the agen tomas, that it was too late for this booking and the confirmation was not valid because it was too late. He said that we just lost the $900 and that was too bad. I was very upset and asked to speak to his manager. He then suggested that we could use the tickets at a later date for anywhere in the us. When I said that would be okay, he told me it would be $25 a person for changing the flight. That was fine. When I finally booked the flight, it was not the $50 additional cost, but over $500 on top of the $900 we already paid!. I want to report this company as a fraudulent company!!

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  • Se
      Mar 27, 2010
    Cheapoair - everything
    United States

    Cheapoair represents itself as a valid tavel agent, working for the customer to provide cost effect options.

    They use bait and switch tactics. Sell flights that do not exist and continue to lie about. In my case it was an Air Tran flight non-stop from Minnespolis to Ft. Lauderdale Fl. booked in November of 2017 for travel in March of 2017.

    Guess what Air Tran does not fly non-stop from Minneapolis to Florida. Did not stop Cheapoair! Booked my tickets for $680 online with credit card. Requires, confirmation with customer service rep. The called to confirm but noted the price had gone up $90. I had already reserved and paid for my tickets online but would not receive confirmation without the additional $90. 3 days before my flight I get an email, "Flight has Been Changed" to confirm reply here. Three emails an 12 hours before take off I could not confirm my flight. 2 hours to get customer service to finally get a confiramation number. CS rep hangs up on me when I want to find out depature terminal.

    Take a wide berth from Cheapoair and your travel plans will be much better.

    Avoid Cheapoair!!!

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  • Br
      Jun 14, 2010
    Cheapoair - service
    New York
    New York
    United States

    Beware overseas tickets cheapoair does not feel that they are responsible to notify overseas travelers in the case when luggage needs to be claimed and rechecked at overseas airports.

    They do have a disclaimer which states that each ticket holder has the responsibility to research the possible need for airport visas at transient airports.

    They further state that they are not responsible to be aware of luggage agreements between various airlines.

    My wife purchased tickets from CheapOair departing the United States with final destination of St. Petersburg, Russia. In researching luggage issues, we found that the size and weight requirements and fees for additional luggage are determined by the first ticketed airlines, in this case, US Air to Charlotte then US Air to Frankfort, Germany. Next leg was from Frankfort to St. Petersburg via Rossiya Russian Airlines.

    In speaking with US Air, we discovered that they do not have a luggage agreement with Rossiya and that the baggage would have to be claimed in Frankfort and re-checked with Rossiya airlines. This created several problems. Immediately obvious was the fact that Rossiya would then consider this a new flight rather than a continuing flight, new luggage standard would then apply (less weight) and more additional luggage fees would then have to be paid.

    The more critical issue was in the fact that my wife is a permanent resident in the United States traveling with a Russian Passport. For transit through the Frankfort airport, she does not have to have a German Airport Visa, however, she is not allowed to go beyond passport control to baggage claim. Baggage claim is beyond passport control. This was verified by me via phone with the Frankfort Airport Security Authority.

    We did not discover this problem until 10 days or so before the scheduled departures and would not have discovered the problem until my wife arrived in Frankfort unless we had inadvertently discovered the issue ourselves. There was never any indication from CheapOair or the ticketing company (Lufthansa) that there was a problem or that the luggage had to be re-checked in Germany.

    I then started the process of attempting to contact CheapOair for their help in resolving the problem. I spoke with numerous persons at their company who explained to me that this was our problem and not theirs. I also encountered over 500 minutes on hold with this company.

    US Air explained that the luggage would remain unclaimed in Frankfort. Rossiya said it was beyond their control. Lufthansa explained that we should contact CheapOair, that perhaps CheapOair should not have sold this combination.

    I finally reached a person at CheapOair who attempted to explain to me that the problem was the luggage agreement (nonexistent) between US Air and Rossiya. I managed to get it across to him that I understood the problem, I was seeking the solution! He stated that he understood the urgency of this and would contact me quickly with resolution.

    Seven days later, not having heard from my previous contact, I again began the process of phoning CheapOair. After waiting a less than typical 45 minutes on hold, I did in fact reach Linda W. in the New York office who put me in touch with Tracy H. in the New York office who then put me in touch with Analisa F. in the New York office. I have to commend each of these ladies! They were caring, understanding and did their best to resolve the problem!
    However, they all work within the limits of their position and the final resolution was that we changed all the flights for which they charged me an additional $590.00! I do not feel that I should have had to pay anything!

    Bottom line:
    If you want cheap prices: go CheapOair
    If you want cheap service: go CheapOair
    If you like to hold on the phone: CheapOair
    If you want problems and confusion: CheapOair
    If you want stress: CheapOair
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    Labels: airlines, airtravel, online ticketing, tickets, travel, vacation

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  • Na
      Oct 11, 2010
    Cheapoair - refund
    United States
    Phone: 4106932080

    I made a reservation for my mom to fly out in the month on june, 2017. Owing to a death in the family, that reservation had to be canceled. The cheapoair agent said we stand to get a full refund of $1400 minus a cancellation fee of $192, provided we provided a death certificate. Following that conversation, the documents were immediately submitted. Cheapoair said it would take 8-12 weeks to get the refund. This was sometime in the month of sept during which I never got any refund. Since the end of the 12 week cycle, I have been calling cheapoair to only hear them say we are waiting on lufthansa to get back. I have even called lufthansa and they say they have no record of this issue, as the travel agent is not following up with the claim. I have received the worst possible service, with agents hanging up on me, randomly placing me on hold and transferring me between the same departments over and over again. This has been so very stressful and I am quite helpless at this stage. Caution to everyone out there using this travel agent. God forbid you are faced with a situation like I have, it will only haunt you and at this point I do not know if I am going to get my money back.

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  • Lo
      Oct 20, 2010
    Cheapoair - deceived me in charges
    United States

    The booking for my car rental was cancelled the same day it was reserved because the rep that I booked the reservation told me they would only take $25.00 out of my account for the reservation that day. When I looked in my account, $35.00 was actually taken out which over drew my account! Since then I got a $36.00 insufficient fund fee and have been accruing $6.00/ day overdraft fee’s since October 4th. All of this because your rep was dishonest. Whether she meant it or not, it has really set me back. GO back and listen to the conversation if you don’t believe me! This refund is taking entirely too long to process. The person that granted me the refund told me it would only take 3-5 business days! Another LIE told by your reps. Everyone there should be on the same page. Needless to say I am very upset about this entire transaction. They even flew me into the wrong airport in my otherreservation. I have nothing positive to say about this booking company and I will be writing reviews every chance I get on ‘’. I am requesting that my refund of $35.00 be processed immediately! It’s funny to me how they can take it out instantly, but take two weeks to put it back. PLEASE PROCESS THIS ASAP! I will be calling EVERYDAY until I get some type of results. Overall, I givecheapoair a 1 on a scale of 1-10 and everyone I know will be aware of what I went through. NEVER plan on using your company EVER again

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  • Rl
      Jun 14, 2011
    Cheapoair - poor customer service / fraudulant charges
    United States

    Because of late arising work conflicts I wished to change dates for an airline ticket previously purchased. I could find no details on their website related to fees or steps in the process and began making attempts to reach customer service. After 2 days of their customer service phone lines down (oo anser or automated options) and over a day of waiting for a reply to e-mails directed to their customer service department I think it's fair to say that one of cheapoair's "4 Golden Guarantees" (24/7 Toll Free Customer Care) means nothing. Additionally, despite leaving messages with other departments when I could eventually get though 2 days later I was told I could not be transferred to the correct department, but that cheapoair would have that department return my call. What have I received so far? Zero calls or responses... but I did get fraudulant charges on my credit card under their business name that noone can tell me what the cause is. Turns out the airline has a $150 fee to switch dates. Understandable, but cheapoair made zero attempt to compensate me for any part of this despite erroneous charges, wasted cell phone minutes, and frustration. I think i'll spend my $150 on a rental car. Thanks, cheapoair.

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  • Ro
      Jun 10, 2012
    Cheapoair - avoid dealing with this ppl
    United States

    Was something like price line or orbitz. i was sending my 18 year old daughter home. from atlanta ga to daytonia beach florida. i called to confirm an, of couse it was daytonia beach. when we got to the air line" jetair". they didnt even go to daytona florida!!! they had my baby schedualed to go to daton, ohio. and, i called an confirmed!!! and, it said datona fla. i called several times even talked to the supervisor. they switched it after they got my card num. we were 2 an a half hrs from home. not even a comp. room io had to pay another place to get her home. i was hung up on several times.

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  • Re
      Oct 06, 2012

    i booked a flight at 7:15 pm on 10/4 for a 7:25 am flight out of O'Hare which is 2 1/2 hours away from where i live for 263, I went to bed so that i could get ready for a busy following day finalizing my trip. When I woke up the following day I had an email that was sent at 10:02 stating that my price couldn't be secured its actually 441.00 for the ticket and I could cancel if I would like, of course I cancelled, I have to wait 7-14 days for my refund for a price that was never correct to begin with. I don't understand how dealing with this site is supposed to make things easier for the customer when things like this happen, I'll never recommend cheap o air I think it's ridiculous and the customer service rep didn't offer me anything for my inconvenience when your company made a big mistake. After this happened I read some reviews and I see that this is a frequent occurrence when dealing with this company, people have also mentioned having difficulty getting your company to refund the charge, although my entire experience is identical to other travelers I certainly hope that the part where it takes 4-5 weeks to get refunded will not be my experience.

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  • Li
      Oct 19, 2013

    When booking CheapOAir it is common practice that as soon as you click proceed to purchase their ultra cheap flights a message pops up saying oh so sorry those have just sold out but we can offer the same to you for more money. Had the same thing happen when I tried to book with them on the phone. I said that price is way too high, much higher than the price quoted on the web, and the operator INSTANTLY dropped the fare down again. Tricky !

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