I bought a ticket on cheapoair and paid with paypal funds. They did a pre-authorizaion for the amount (Approx 1000 usd - with over 5000 usd funds int he account). More than enough. Then they cannot fetch/claim the payment saying "credit card declined". They wanted my creditcard details too. No way. If I pay with paypal funds there is no creditcard involved. The biggests bull#### they gave me ever and I called in total for 3-4 hours with paypal and cheapoair. Paypal clearly told me (And also cheapoair in a conference call) that the problem is with cheapoair and they simply need to complete the transaction. Nothing was declined from my end nor paypal.

So if you need an airline ticket; don't use cheapoair as you'll get into trouble and spend lots of time.

Cheapoair tries to blame all on me and not admitting their mistake.In the meantime booked the tickets (Also through paypal) through another ota and got e-tickets after 8!! Minutes.

Jan 22, 2017

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