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I had bought a ticket for myself, daughter and son to fly to Morocco from Rome. Everything was fine until 1 week before my flight, they sent an email stating the air lines has changed the time and dates. So I called them to check the times and dates. They gave me the changes of the dates after being on hold for 30 mins. My departure date was a big change, instead of 2 hour lay over I had to wait 26 hours. So they did give me an opition to have a refund. I had explained my account was closed so a refund was not opition unless someother way could be worked out. Again, after being on hold for 30 mins. was hung up on twice, I was told, could reschedule the flight a different date but would have to wait to talk with the air lines, they would call me back the next day. The day of my orginal date I called the air lines to find out what is going on since I had not heard from Cheapoair. Well the air lines still had my reservation and could board if I wanted since Cheapoair never cancled the reservation. The air lines told me they would probably give me the run around but demmand to get a different flight, and they would work out some kind of refund if that was my discussion but Cheapoair would have to do the change. I talked to 4 people, got told why did I closed my account if I haven't flied yet. I told her how dare she, and wanted to talk to someone else, she told me no! I told her she was very unprofessonial and who dare she. She called me the B word. I finnally talked to someone in the buisness department and that lady won't even let me talk, she just kept on talking about no refund just through orginal bank, and the credit would go through even if closed, I would have to get the money through the bank. She won't even let me talk or explain about the opition of rebooking. I placed the phone down, went to the bathroom and she was still talking!! I will never get my money back, I am not going anywhere, the only thing I got was sore ears from being on hold every time I called. Big ripoff company, don't use!!!


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      Dec 26, 2009

    This is nearly an identical situation we are going through with my husband. They called him 24 hours before his scheduled departure time and said the flight had been cancelled. The only options they gave him were a refund through the mail, 8-12 weeks, or a change that required THREE nights sleeping in airport terminals and cutting TWO days off his trip.
    Also watch out. This company bills separately for each carrier so you must claim your baggage between flights and pay each time for checking your baggage. My husband has so far paid $150 in baggage fees and he hasn't even come home yet. Of course they don't tell you these things until you are 1000 miles from home and don't have any other options. The airlines can do nothing for you because Cheapoair is in charge.
    Customer service...EXACTLY the same situation. People who refuse to quit talking over the customer and refuse to let you speak to a supervisor. They don't return calls, they will put you on hold for 30-45 minutes and the call will be "accidently" disconnected.

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