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[Resolved] Cheapoair / fraudulent charges/poor customer service

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I booked a flight from Orlando to Ottawa, Canada for a great price through only to be called four days later that my flight was not available. The gentleman that called me couldn't speak a word of english and there was horrible language barrier. They basically told me that WestJet couldn't honor their price and they wanted to charge me an additional $500 for tickets. I contacted West Jet and they informed me that Cheapoair never contacted them regarding the tickets and that they have several difficulties with these websites. The take screen shots of the airlines pricing and attempt to purchase them not keeping current with up to date pricing. What they do is cancel you but still charge you the non refundable $100 booking fee. It's nothing but a scam and fraud. They have the worst customer service I have ever encountered. I'll be booking direct throught the airlines from now on. I want everyone to know of the horrible service CheapOAir provides to its customers.

  • Resolution statement

    Customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the complainant have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and it's services are concerned.

  • CheapOair Customer Care's Response, Jan 16, 2009

    To the above complaint. I am terribly sorry for the service you have described above, if you could contact me I would be glad to look into what transpired with your transaction. We have the abilty to review our calls, for they are taped. There are times that the website does not update as quickly as the flights are being sold. We rely on 3rd party software and feed to display fares on over 300 Airlines, 75, 000 Hotels, and 35 Car Rental cos., We use best industry practices to display fares based on the most current data supplied by the GDS's - Global Distribution Systems. The Airlines load their fares on ATPCO, from where the GDS's access these fares and supply to us and other Online Travel Agencies. There is approximately 10-15% chance of the fare not being available which is Industry standard, all major Online agencies have the same policy. This is also due to cached data and not real time data provided to us by the GDS's. We make best efforts to minimize these by reducing our SOLD OUT issues but we are totally dependent on 3rd parties for this information. We regret this and apologize for the in-convenience".


  • CheapOair Customer Care's Response, Jan 16, 2009

    Jennifer, we have had problems in the past with West jet not updating their availability with our website. All the pricing and flights come from the airlines, not If you were to go to the corner travel agent, she doesn't say okay the price will be $$ she has to charge you what the airline has published.

    Threrefore if the quoted fare has not been updated by the airline, we do not know that the fare is soldout until we send your flight request to them for approval, however, this is not the case with all airlines. More of the low budget carriers. We will offer you the next lowest fare that is available, and will contact you for apporval. I do apologize that the agent was adament about charging the cancel fee, this is the standard cancel charge, however, in your case this should never of been charged to you. If you had been charged for the cancellation of something beyond your control, please contact me, and I will make the adjustment.

    Since your posting we have worked out the technical issues with West Jet, and the pricing should be updated now in a timely manner!


  • CheapOair Customer Care's Response, Jan 20, 2009

    No contact from the above complaint. Apparently the explanation resolved her concern. We do take each concern serious and would like the opportunity to assist all our customers whom have made a complaint.

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  • Ha
      10th of Jan, 2009
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    FRAUDULENT COMPANY. Reps tell you 2, 3, 4 different prices. Tell you that the prices online that you see arent available (!!), charge up your card, one lady told me DOUBLE what the 1st rep told me. Absolute LIES, then they charge you $50 to cancel.

    Below is transcript of my HORRIBLE experience:

    1st rep: “Yes I can give you that for $1228 for two people” Takes my payment info, address, phone number, puts me on hold to give me booking number. NEVER COMES BACK. I waited 45 minutes because she did have my credit card info…. Hung up and called again.

    2nd rep: “Hmmm I don’t see any booking… Are you sure you initiated it?”
    Me: “Yes, she took all my info, here are the flight times, here is all the info…”
    2nd rep: “well I don’t see it”
    Me: “let me call my credit card company before this goes any further.”

    3rd rep: “Hm, I see no info, or reservation. I can make you one though. Okay it comes to $1200. A PIECE”
    3rd rep: “Are you sure? All that is available is that price… Our website does not update like our real time computers here.. So that is the price, I’m sure.”
    Me: “Isn’t that fraud? You’re advertising flights that arent not available. And now you’re trying to charge me double, when I’m on the website right now and oh look, it went down $100, the fare is now $1194 for TWO people.”
    3rd rep: “You can book that online, but it will not go through.”
    Me: “yeah right” and I booked it (yes, I know I should have walked away right here
    Everything good, got reservation number, I called Jamaica Air and everything is good, I’m on for the flights.

    Email from Cheapoair: “The fare you requested is not available, we can give it to you for $1332 now”

    4th rep: “There will be a cancel fee of $25
    Me: “No, there wont, I’m not paying sh**t. You will cancel my order right now, for free. I’m sure there are ten other orders to cancel so yall can make $250 from ten other people, but not from me. Cancel it now.”
    4th rep: “I can’t do that”
    Me: Do it
    4th rep: “Let me talk to my manager…….. okay it is cancelled for no fee”


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