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I went to the Chase Bank in Riverdale, GA earlier in attempt to open a 2nd checking account since I already had one plus a savings account. I wanted a 2nd one for my own personal reasons but I only got the 3rd degree about it. The banker, a woman whose last name was Guerrero, I don't remember her first name, kept asking me what it was for and saying her manager didn't see the purpose of opening up another checking account like they were my parents or something. I didn't get why I had to tell them my personal business. I mean was trying to open an additional account and therefore giving them more business and I get interrogated about it like a criminal. You would think I was trying to get a million dollar loan or something. It made me feel incredibily uncomfortable like I was doing something wrong when I was merely just trying to open an addtional account. I mean seriously I have opened more then one checking account at other banks without them attempting to get into my personal business and countining to ask why and what I was going to use my account for (which was none of her business) instead of just opening the account. It's not right and as a customer I shouldn't have felt that way. After my pending transactions clear up I will be closing my account and going to another bank.

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  • Po
      Oct 01, 2010

    They should have just said "no" instead of asking you specifics, though I think it's required to ask why in case you're looking for a business account or something.

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  • Wh
      Oct 02, 2010

    Did you have a coupon for 100.00? If you did they probably figured you were just opening it for the money.

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