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Chase / unfair consumer practices

1 NJ, United States

I am a very responsible person with a good credit rating. Never in my life have I felt so unvalued as a customer, as I have in dealing with this bank. They are utterly ridiculous. They have claimed they did not get payments, or received them and posted to my account 1 hour past the due date. They are in essence scamming the consumer's, and we are helpless to do anything about it. I recently received a letter from them saying they closed an account of mine (which had been paid off and had a zero balance) because they claimed I had too much outstanding debt. Since when do we as consumers need to explain to a credit card company why we needed to make a purchase?

We all have choices. The only way we can fight back is to close their cards, and never use theirs again. That will be the ultimate message that we are the little people who pay their big salary's. It's no wonder they are able to buy out failing company's. We are footing the bill with the interest rate scams they are inflicting on us. This is an example of greed, and customer service at its worst. Not to mention, a credit card company who is taking advantage of the average consumer during hard economic times.

The bigger you are, the harder you fall.


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