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I've had my mortgage thru Chase for many many years. Due to the economy, I applied for a "Loan Modification" Program thru Chase which made it easier for me to afford my mortgage payment monthly. July, August and September are temporary payments until my paperwork in approved, etc. The rep at the time worked this out with me on the phone, asked me for my checking acct number and routing number for my bank (I do not bank with Chase) and my mortgage payment will be taken automatically the 1st of each of these months which I verbally agreed to. However, Chase debited my checking account TWICE for July and now i have to PROVE to them that they did.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Brick, NJI can't tell you the number of times I've been transferred and disconnected, never mind the reps that are non-english speaking and are incompetent. I obtained "proof" from my bank, typed up a letter and faxed that over to the fax number(s) that were provided to me and have yet to be credited back or heard a word. I went into a new Chase Branch today and the Branch Manager there even got nowhere after being on the phone for at least 35 minutes. We're talking over $1000 of my money that Chase should not have nor were authorized to debit this twice. I pray to God that come August, this same "mistake" doesn't happen again or unfortunately, I'll have to incurr another expense and hire an attorney.

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  • Jm
      Jan 21, 2010

    Completely agree. Since going into short sale with Chase in second position, they have consistently violated the fair debt collection act leaving a consistent 3 messages per day at work and home numbers. The first mortgage holder was notified as per law and desisted in the daily calls. Chase refuses to do so, even though they have the sale paperwork.

    They purchased the mortgage and unrequested by me. When the loan was set up, it was through two independent loan brokers with reasonable terms. Chase "purchased" the paper and everything has been nasty and harassing ever since. And screw any trolls on this list who state what right so and so has to reclaim "their" property. When legal due process has been followed by a homeowner, Chase Mortgage Bank has to legally follow suit. They are lawbreakers.

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  • Pa
      May 29, 2010

    well - its time to try suing

    I have to give you an earful of what really happens from my standpoint.

    I filed with Chase in July 2009 - not long after I was laid off. I had been in my home 3 years at that point - bought just as the market was at it's highest in 2006. I bought at 6.5% and had a bit more than 5 % down. The house had declined in value some (not like the person above) from about 264 to i was only negative equity about 8.5k.

    I had my personal banker at Chase help me with all the paperwork - it took us hours and I was appreciative. About a month or so later - I received the terms - and the four trail payment dates (the first of Sept, Oct, Nov and Dec). I made each payment on time - or a day or two ahead.

    Within a few weeks - as the person above described - I kept getting phone messages and mail that material was not sent in properly - although it was certified by the personal banker. I did the paperwork all over again - plus added all the material they asked for (they not only wanted the 4506T but then asked for me and my wifes entire tax return (which was over 70 pages). I faxed that all in the first week of November (we filed our taxes on Oct 15). It cost me 1 dollar per page - so the entire form was about 90 dollars.

    I received calls at both my residence and cell phone daily (usually two calls a day - some days just one) during the rest of november and december - putting me on hold - as they then got back on the line - to tell me everything was "just perfect" - and I should hear something soon.

    Between Christmas and New Years - I had called several times to see if I could get an answer - as the trial period was ending. They had no info.

    Finally - 2 days before the New Year - I receive a phone call that says all of my information is now "outdated" - and i need to send it in again. As my wife was self employed - i needed to also have a CPA send in a certified P&L statement. In the meantime - keep making the trial payments. No problem.

    I sent in all the info again. More money to fax.

    Soon i received the daily calls again - for a few days all was ok. Then - someone comes back and says - "you need to sign your hardship affidavit form" - - to which i reply - "there's no place for a signature" - which he then said - "you're underwriter - kristina gordon - requests it - even tho there is no place for it."

    I then FAX ANOTHER copy in again. However, I just signed the paper i faxed in about a week earlier. Apparently - that was wrong. I received a call Jan 19 - ish to tell me that the form i signed and faxed and the date that i signed and dated were not matched. I was told "I need to download a clean copy and then re-write it - and make sure I sign it and make sure the fax date and the signature on my hardship letter matched."


    So i re-wrote the entire hardship letter - four pages front and back - and re-faxed it. More money for the accountant. This time - I went back to Chase - who offered to go through the materials and fax it themselves - which they did. Certified.

    In the meantime - at the end of Jan - I go back to my personal banker and tell her the story. The manager comes in and listens. I tell him i hear of stories about Chase giving people the runaround - as I had researched - and he says (I swear) - in a mumbled tone "I would get a lawyer if i were you."

    I came out to the car and told my wife - we decided that would be overkill - and it's all just a formality.

    In the meantime - I keep making the payments - and I received my two daily calls telling me all was just fine. At the end of Feb - I was told the underwriter had reviewed and written the information - and that the material had gone to a supervisor - and I would get my offer soon.

    OH BOY.

    After March 1st - I was called - expecting the usual chit chat - only to be informed my information was now outdated - and I needed to send it all in again. Plus a new P& was tax season - and I had to pay an accountant to do that. And re-fax. Hundreds more spent.

    I went to Chase - sat down with the manager who told me to get the lawyer - - I was pretty upset - - and I asked him flat out - "am i being taken?" He assured me no - this time - and said if i was patient - it would all work out in my favor.

    By April the first - all the info was back in - and accounted for. I received sporadic calls this time - about every 3 days - - but each person assured me that all was good. I exasperatedly told that people on the phone that "last Feb the underwriter was finished - and an offer was forthcoming - why was it taking so long?". Never got a straight answer. Just a few days ago - i was called - and he said again - "you are perfect - and an offer will be made within two weeks." HOWEVER, I received a letter today stating that I was denied because "repeated requests for proper documentation were not met".

    Ridiculous. I never missed a payment - even tho it started in September - and now its a day before June - in fact I was early. I sent in HUNDREDS of pages of documentation - alot of the work performed and proofed by Chase bankers - got yanked around by stupid requests (sign the back even tho there is no place for it - etc) only to be denied. I made it my business to make sure i answered every call - sometimes they came within minutes of each other (on each phone) for months - and this is what i get?

    So - now i have this lovely paper trail - an electronic list of each call i received from chase - and now it's time to do exactly what the chase manager suggested. I am getting a lawyer - and I am suing. This process is NOT for the workers. It is NOT to help Americans out. It's to string us along until they have a reason (valid 0r make believe) to not adjust the mortgages - keep the money they've been given - and take our properties.

    I tried to call today - when i received the letter - but the offices are all closed til Tuesday for the holiday. Oh well - I guess I will just use this time to document all this crap and get everything ready for the lawyer. I will go to chase tuesday and pull all my accounts.

    And yes - the last phone call to tell me "everything was perfect" came after the date the letter was stamped and mailed.

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