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Chase Home Mortgage / collecting escrow, not paying bills

1 TX, United States

Chase Home Finance. Let's face it, none of us get to choose our Mortgagee - they get sold so often, you end up with what you get. In my case this was Chase, unfortunately. At some point in the past 6 months, they just stopped paying the insurance (for which they are collecting via Escrow). Several calls to them gives me the run-around. In summary, yes, they are collecting insurance into escrow. And no, they are not paying insurance. My question is why??

They were kind enough to suggest I should be happy and consider this "an interest free loan". Excuse me, I'm the one giving them cash up front for bills they are not paying!

I eventually had to pay for the insurance to get my house back into the safety zone, since it had been cancelled. All the while, I'm still paying Chase for the insurance as well.

I requested escrow be released and to pay taxes and insurance myself, so I don't have to pay for these things twice. They denied my request. So, I'm basically getting robbed every month by Chase Home Finance, and there's nothing I can do about it.

Stay away - if you can.


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