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Chase Home Mortgage / incompetence

1 Richmond, United States Review updated:

I am a realtor. I was contacted by a couple who had a variable loan on a home financed by Chase. The husband had become disabled and their house had become uninhabitable. It had TONS of city violations on it and it is in horrible condition. The amount they owed was more than the house was worth. I put it on the market and got a couple of short sale offers. This was in June 2008. I spent hours and hours working on paperwork only to find that each of the 14 times (yes, I have proof) that I faxed Chase, they denied they ever got it or would give me a COMPLETELY different place to fax it to. They would also ask for an additional piece of information. Three faxes ago, I faxed 64 pages! I had to stand at the fax machine and fax it in two parts as the memory would not accomodate that. Each time I called, I was given the run around or they told me that I needed to call another number. I called one day four times and was put on hold for 45 minutes each time and then hung up on! DELIBERATELY. I would hear them pick up and then CLICK! They finally sent someone out to do a BPO. I arranged to get them in and again called for WEEKS afterward. When I finally got thru to the assigned negotiator, he told me that I would have to wait for another week for them to do a internal revalue. I called him back and he told me that they were rejecting the cash offer contracts that I submitted and countered with an amount that was not only ridiculous, it was higher by $20, 000 than what homes were selling for in that area! So now, after more than 5 months of work at MY expense, Chase is going to allow it to go into foreclosure. It will be assigned to another real estate agent who will spend months just like I did trying to get offers only to find out that they will get less than the offers I currently have in hand. It will cost Chase (and their investors) more money and they will end up with an offer no more than the current ones I submitted as the house is a train wreck! I will bet the investors in Chase would feel real good about their investment if they knew that Chase was sitting on homes that could have been sold except for the fact that thay have disorganized, unprofessional and people handling their affairs. NEVER AGAIN will I attempt to involve myself in a short sale if Chase is involved NOR will I ever take out a loan from Chase NOR recommend them.

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      15th of Jan, 2011
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    The quickest way to get anywhere with Chase Home Finance is to contact Jamie Dimon at the JP Morgan Chase Corporate Office in NYC. Send CC's to all Board Members.

  • Ba
      22nd of Feb, 2011
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    I am a realtor has well, and I will be posting my full complaint, in just a few minutes. Its unreal what they are doing over there! to the credit witch more info for Jamie Dimon would be great!

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      19th of Jul, 2011
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    Chase Bank does not care one bit about their customers, the American people, the families they are affecting or the overall economy. The rest of the world could burn as long as they get their bonuses.
    After paying my 15 year jumbo mortgage down by more than $200, 000 in 7 years my business slowed to the point that I had to decide whether to skip a mortgage payment or feed my family. I chose to feed them. I sent faxes, letters and I spoke with Chase numerous times. I explained I am not showing enough income to qualify for a modification right now, but all they keep saying is apply for a modification. These drones have not minds and no brains. They continue to send paperwork about a modification.
    Nothing they do is for the consumer, it is all about what will be the most profitable for them. People that bought no income verification with no money down that are under-water in the value are being given a free ride because they can not foreclose and make money. I have equity in my home and I miss a payment and they are on me like flies on %$#@ and then when I hit 60 days down they start the foreclosure threats. NJ is a judicial foreclosure state ###s, it takes an average of 944 days to foreclose (second worst only to NY at 966 days) so by the time you get this property it will be full of mold, rat infested and falling down.

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